Fashion Finds: Swimsuits

I know that the summer months are still up in the air across the country.  We don’t know if we will get to take our summer vacations, go to the pool or beach, or what those hot summer days will look like this year.  At this point, many have already canceled their vacations and are proclaiming that summer is canceled.  I am still holding out hope…hope that life will begin to look more normal little by little.  I know that some states have already begun to do a phased opening, and some have already opened beaches back up.  I don’t think we are close to that yet where I live, but my hope remains.  That is why I have decided to go ahead with my planned post of sharing some adorable bathing suits I have found for you.  Last year I discovered a company called Cupshe, and I purchased my first bathing suit from them.  I loved it so much that I may never buy a suit from anywhere else again.  Not only do they offer affordable suits that fit great, but they are also adorable and come in every style you can imagine.  They even have styles for all body types and sizes (XS-Plus).  I recommend that you follow the size chart and go with your measurements. That worked great for me last year, and my suit fit perfectly.  I am still trying to narrow it down to which one I want to order for this year because I am still holding out a speck of hope that my annual girls’ beach trip isn’t going to get canceled. I know I am likely delusional, but I have to still have faith.   

One-Piece Suits:

Miss U Palms and Stripes One-Piece/Colorblocked Open Back One-Piece/Floral Print Ruffled Plunging Neck One-Piece/Retro Polka Dot and Stripe Halter/Red Off-the-Shoulder Ruffles One-Piece/Blue Leafy Plunging One-Piece/Blue and Stripe One-Piece/Blue Floral Strappy One-Piece/Black and White Stripe V-Neck


Blue Crush Tie-Dye Bikini/Miss the Past One Shoulder Bikini/Blue Gingham Ruffled Bikini/Neon Palm Print Bikini/Hit Summer Stripe Bikini/Teal Stripe and Leaves Print Bikini/Yellow Ruffle with Striped Bottom Bikini/Orange and Blue Triangle Bikini/Green and Navy Scalloped Bikini/Blue and Floral Lace-up Bikini

High-Waisted Bikinis:

Navy and Orange Abstract Floral Print Bikini/Red and Blue Striped High Waisted Bikini/Orange Floral High-Waisted Bikini/Pink and Striped High-Waisted Bikini/Ruffled Bandeau Bikini with High-Waisted Bottom/Black and White Windowpane Plaid High-Waisted Bikini/Smocked Green and Monstera High-Waisted Bikini/Purple Leafy Print High-Waisted Bikini/Purple Floral High-Waisted Bikini/Stripes on Stripes High-Waisted Bikini

Aren’t these all so cute? Can you see why I’m having a hard time choosing? They have so many more super cute ones on the website too. I had a hard time narrowing it down to these to show you. Happy shopping!


Fashion Finds: Cupshe

This past weekend my family and I went to a water park.  As I was walking around, I was doing a lot of people watching.  I was checking out other women’s swimsuits. There were some that I thought were super cute and others not so much.  I actually got several comments on the swimsuit that I was wearing. One time I was in the bathroom washing my hands and a lady told me how cute it was and asked where I got it from. She then proceeded to tell me how difficult it had been for her to find a suit that she thought was cute, that fit her body type, and that didn’t break the bank.  I could sympathize with her because I have spent many days myself, trying on suit after suit trying to find one that made me comfortable.  Throughout most of my life I wore two-piece swimsuits, specifically bikinis.  Then after I had my second daughter, I no longer felt comfortable in a bikini so I moved to tankinis.  I am have a very long torso and have never thought that I looked good in a one piece swimsuit.  They just don’t fit me right.  The problem for me was finding a tankini that I actually liked and that didn’t make me feel like an old lady or that had a top that wasn’t so flowy that I felt like I looked like I was still pregnant.  Anyway, that is what I have worn for the past several years and I needed something new and fresh that made me feel good.   

Over the past year and a half or so, I have lost weight and started feeling better about my body.  I started seeing these ads for these super cute swimsuits throughout my Facebook and Instagram feeds from a company called Cupshe.  Many of them were the high-waisted bikinis. It is so funny to me that this trend from the 70’s is back.  Anyway, I was very intrigued by this style of suit and thought maybe it was the solution to my swimsuit woes.  While I was super hesitant to purchase a swimsuit from an ad on social media without even seeing it in person and trying it on, I decided to go for it.  The price was good and there were really good reviews, so what did I really have to loose?  Plus, I had seen a few other bloggers post about swimsuits from this same company. The problem then became which one to choose.  There are tons of them and they are all adorable.  I finally decided on one and then started to get cold feet again. Who really buys a swimsuit they haven’t tried on? Am I too old to wear a suit like that? What size do I even get? These were the thoughts running through my head trying to talk me out of the purchase.  This was all just before my annual girls’ trip to the beach so I had to make a decision because I needed a new swimsuit.  I finally decided to pull the trigger and go for it.  I actually ended up purchasing it from Amazon instead of the Cupshe website directly because I needed the prime shipping.  I needed it fast.  I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived.  It fit perfectly, and it is definitely a good quality suit.  To top it all off, it is so cute! I am in love with it and will definitely purchase swimsuits from them again.  I will spare you the picture of me in the suit, but you can see the one that I chose below. Unfortunately it is no longer available on the Cupshe site, but you can still snag it on Amazon.

I have gone through the numerous suits that they have in stock right now and have chosen some of my favorites in different styles.  It was really hard to narrow it down to just a few! I highly recommend their suits. They are so adorable and they are super affordable.  I recommend that you use the size chart that is on the Cupshe website for each suit to determine the best size for you. If you are between sizes, I would size up.  That is what I did, and it is a perfect fit. I have also included the links to the Cupshe site as well as Amazon (if available) in case you are in a hurry like me. They are having a sale on the Cupshe site right now with some suits up to 70% off. You could also get 15% off an order of $75+ by entering your email to subscribe.

Standard Bikini:

  1. Blue Crush Tie Dye (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  2. Out of the Ordinary Stripes (Cupshe)
  3. Cherry Blossom Double Knot (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  4. Essential Striped Triangle (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  5. Del Mar (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  6. Honey Girl Striped (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  7. Miss the Past One Shoulder (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  8. Matcha Ice Cream Halter (Cupshe) (Amazon)

High-Waisted Bikini:

  1. Lingering Charm Halter (Amazon)
  2. Pink Floral and Green Striped (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  3. Plum and Floral Reversible Bottoms (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  4. Teal and Palm Print (Cupshe)
  5. Teal Floral Scalloped (Cupshe)
  6. Summer Dream Blue Wrap Floral (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  7. Bloom in the Dream Halter (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  8. Simple Truth Lace Up (Cupshe)


  1. Lemon Print Peplum (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  2. Blue and Floral (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  3. Pink and Striped Peplum (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  4. Exquisite Taste Embroidery (Cupshe)
  5. Music City Print (Cupshe)
  6. Wherever I Go Solid (Cupshe)

One Piece:

  1. Blue Polka Dots and Stripes (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  2. Lovely Girl Cross (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  3. Keeping You Accompanied (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  4. Pink Floral Belted (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  5. Enjoy It One Shoulder (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  6. Yellow V-Neck Striped (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  7. Royal Elegance (Cupshe) (Amazon)
  8. Simple Living Stripe (Cupshe) (Amazon)

How cute are all of these? You can see why it was hard for me to choose just one to buy or just a few as favorites.  Did you notice a trend in my picks? I like stripes, polka dots, all shades of blue, and halter tops! Sorry! That’s just what I am drawn too. I did try to pick a few different styles, too, though. Happy Shopping!


*This post contains commissioned links. Should you choose to purchase items through these links, I may earn a small commission.