My Life in Music

I was challenged by one of my friends in one of those Facebook challenge things to post 20 albums that have affected my life or have shaped my taste in music.  I don’t often participate in these kinds of things, but this one got me thinking back over my life.  Instead of posting album covers for the next 20 days on my personal Facebook page, I thought I would share them all here.  As I look back over my life, there are so many songs that come to mind that I loved or that remind me of a specific time in my life.  As you will see from the list below, my taste in music is kind of all over the place.  Being from the south, I grew up on country music as that was what my parents always listened to.  There was a time in my youth, though, that I tried to rebel against their taste in music and listened to more pop music. I even tried to say that I hated country music and would die when my parents would put it on in the car.  However, if you were to ask me today what my favorite genre of music is, it would most definitely be country mixed in with a little contemporary Christian music.  

When I met my husband, I was pretty much back to being a country girl, but he had the total opposite taste in music than I did.  He has opened my eyes to a lot of music over the years that I may have never listened to if it hadn’t been for his influence. However, I will also say that a large majority of the music he listens to, I really hate. The rap, alternative, and heavy metal music, as well as some of the newer pop music that he loves gives me a headache or gets on my nervous tremendously.  On the flip side, he can’t stand to listen to what he calls my “Jesus music.” He is much more a traditional hymn kind of guy.  While he did turn me on to some of my now favorite bands like Sister Hazel and Counting Crows, I was able to turn him into a country music fan.  When we were dating and first married, he used to love playing this game with me where he would say that he would give me a dollar if I could tell him who was singing a particular song on the radio.  Of course, I very rarely got it right since I didn’t grow up listening to the same music.  However, it definitely made me more aware of songs and artists in ways I had never thought of before.  I used to just like songs and not really care, or sometimes even know, who sang it.  That wasn’t as important to me as it was to him.  Now I do pay more attention to particular artists and styles of music.  I would say that we have complimented each other musically pretty well over the years.  

I am not going to give you a reason why I have chosen each of the albums below other than to just simply say that they all remind me of a specific time in my life that was important to me and who I am.  I know that some of these may surprise you and some may not.  Some may even date me, but that is ok.  I actually thought it would be hard to find 20, but I ended up with more than that and am going with 22. It was really cool to think back about some of the songs from these albums and what was going on in my life when I was listening to them on repeat. I do think this is a good representation of where I came from and where I am now, though. Here are the 22 albums that have played throughout my life.


The Power of Music

I was watching this video on Facebook this morning, and it was different people who were sharing about a song that changed their lives.  Many of them had been struggling or going through something very difficult and the moment they heard a particular song, they felt a sense of peace and knew things were going to be ok.  Some shared that the song inspired them to step out and do something new.  There was one guy who got very emotional as he was talking about a time in his life where things just didn’t seem to be going well. He was in a dead-end job that he hated, and he was just miserable. Then one day he heard the Garth Brooks song, “The River”, and it inspired him to quit his job and chase after a dream he had.  His life was forever changed because of that one song.  There was another girl who shared that she had been contemplating suicide and a song came on the radio that caused her to pause for a second and it kept her from going through with it.  It’s crazy to think that a simple song can have that much power. 

It got me thinking about songs in general and what power they really can hold.  People have been dedicating songs to loved ones for years.  Most couples have a song that they call “our song”, and it represents their love for each other. It is often played at their wedding.  Schools all have an alma mater that holds sentimental value to the students that go there.  All countries have their own national anthems.  There are those songs that make you happy and want to get up and dance, and there are those songs that make you cry.  They can make you cry because they mean something to you or touch your heart, or they can make you cry because they are sad.  Songs tend to evoke some kind of reaction from us whether good or bad.   While I cannot pinpoint a specific song that was life changing for me like the people in the video, I do know that many songs have moved me over the years or have been a source of comfort or inspiration.  There are songs that remind me of my childhood like, “Hey Mickey” by Toni Basil. Anything by Shania Twain or the song “Wide Open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks makes me think of college.  There are even songs that remind me of a particular person.  Just about any song by Hank Williams, Jr. reminds me of one of my friends from college. Songs by New Kids on The Block helped to bond me with some incredible ladies that mean the world to me. Some songs just make me smile, and some songs have brought me to tears.   I have recently shared with you how I am not sure I will ever be able to sing a hymn and not be brought to tears because they remind me of my grandmother.  That is a whole genre of music that moves me, not just one song. Music is so powerful. 

I remember when my oldest was a baby, and my husband used to sing this song by the Counting Crows called “Round Here” all the time.  One day we were in the car and my daughter was crying really hard and I couldn’t soothe her.  That song came on the radio and within just a couple of notes into the song, she suddenly stopped crying.  At the time, we didn’t really think much of it.  Then it happened another time with the same song.  She instantly stopped crying.  By this time, we started to think there was something to it.  The next time we were in the car and she was crying we decided to test our theory that the song was making her stop. We had a CD with the song on it and played it. She immediately stopped crying. From then on, whenever she would cry, we would play that song.  I swear it worked every time.  We were even in the car with friends one time and she was crying.  We were laughing and said, “Watch this.” We turned on the song and it worked as usual. They were totally shocked at how instantly the crying stopped.  We really believe that she associated that song with her dad singing it to her.  Something about it brought her comfort.  It was the craziest thing.  

Music is woven into so many parts of our lives, and it can make us feel so many things.  I guess I have never really thought about that before, but it is true.  Can you imagine a world with no music? Yes, we all like different styles of music and there is such a range of artists and genres, but that doesn’t really matter.  No matter the artist or song, music has a way of moving us.   It is actually kind of cool to think back over the songs that have been part of my life.  I could probably make a timeline of my life just with songs. It might take me a long time to complete it, but it would be pretty neat to listen to my life in songs. What would the soundtrack of your life sound like?