Vest: An Accessory

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fall-tastic weekend.  It was absolutely gorgeous here.  Fall, my favorite time of year, is in full swing and the weather this weekend was just perfect. There was a cool fall breeze, lots of sunshine, and breathtaking colorful trees and brightly colored leaves swirling in the wind.  I knew that I missed fall when we were down in the south but I didn’t realize just how much I missed it until this weekend.  Of course, today, Monday of all days, it is gloomy and rainy outside.  Hopefully, it won’t last and the sun will be back soon.  My kids are out of school today so it seems like the perfect day to curl up and watch Hallmark Christmas movies or read a book.  Anyone else obsessed with Christmas movies?  They are my absolute favorite, and I love that they are already playing.  Of course, I could probably watch them year round.  So good!

Ok, enough about the weather and stuff. I’m sure you are getting tired of hearing me talk about the fall all the time, so let’s get on to the topic of today’s post.  One of the things that I love to wear in both the fall and winter are vests.  I want you to get it out of your head that vests are just something you wear to keep you warm.  I want you to look at them as an adorable accessory.  I love wearing vests as an accessory to my outfit versus just a cold weather item like a jacket. Of course, they will keep you warm depending on the thickness and type of vest, so if you’re in a warm area, you will want to avoid the thicker, puffy or fur-lined vests. I’ve worn vests for years, and I always had people asked me when I’m was inside at work if I was cold because I had a vest on.  My answer was always no, and they would give me a puzzled look.  You guys, vests don’t have to be taken off when you are inside unless you are super hot because they can be part of your outfit. I want you to get it out of your head that they come off inside because that’s what this post is all about. Yes, keeping you warm is a great purpose for them, but it’s not the only purpose of a vest nowadays.  Vests are being made to be more stylish so that you can look cute.

What I tried to do for you today is to show you different types of vests in different shapes and materials.  With each of us the vests I own, I have I shown you two different ways that you can wear it. Now the vests that I have to show you are ones that I’ve had for years and many are no longer available.  I have found you some more options that are similar. What I really want you to do with all of my fashion posts and photos is to get inspiration.  I will tell you that I do that all of the time.  I will see an outfit or item of clothing on Pinterest, Facebook, or on other blogs that I will either save to a Pinterest board or take a screen shot of; and then I will use them as inspiration for my own outfits. When I’m out shopping later, I can go back and look at it and use it to grow my own wardrobe.  I don’t want to necessarily copy somebody else’s look exactly. I want to make it my own and maybe add my own personality or colors so that I can achieve a similar look.  I will try to do another post to show you how I use other outfits as inspiration at another time. Just be open-minded and see how you can add these things into your own wardrobe.  I will tell you that 90% of what I will show you today are items that I already had in my closet.  It’s just all about using what you have and changing it up a little.  I am all about versatility and getting the most bang out of your buck.

The Thin Quilted Vest

This particular vest is very lightweight and one that is great for the fall when it’s not super cold or for my peeps down south where it never really gets cold.  This vest has a fitted shape to it, which will help define your figure and make you look slimmer. This is also a great vest to wear over bulkier clothes like sweaters.

savingPNG 19

Vest-Old Navy (similar), Plaid Button Up-Old Navy, Grey Sweater-Old Navy (similar), Jeans-TJ Maxx (Calvin Klein), Shoes-Famous Footwear (currently on sale)

savingPNG 20

Vest-Old Navy (similar), Plaid Button Up-Old Navy, Jeans-TJ Maxx (Calvin Klein), Shoes-Converse

The Puffer Vest

Here I have the exact same vest in two different colors.  These particular vests are more of a muted color and not shinny like some puffer vests can be.  Again, this is an example where you can use these outfits as inspiration and get vests in colors that you love, and you can decided if you like the shinier materials or not.  This type of vest is going to be pretty warm.  If you are in a warmer climate and like the look of this vest, I would recommend that you wear it with something lightweight underneath. I would not wear this type of vest with bulky sweaters. These vests are going to be thicker and more boxed shaped so, again, avoid wearing it with super bulky clothes underneath.

savingPNG 16

Vest-Old Navy (similar), Turtle Neck-Old Navy (similar-Target), Jeans-Target (similar), Leopard Belt-Target, Booties-Target (similar-Old Navy)

savingPNG 15

Vest-Old Navy (similar), Leggings-Lularoe (similar-Old Navy), Denim Dress-Target, Boots-Old (similar-Belk) (suede option-Old Navy)

savingPNG 13

Vest-Old Navy (similar-Amazon), Jeans-Walmart, Shirt-Old Navy, Scarf-Old Navy (similar-Amazon), Boots-Old (similar-Belk) (suede option-Old Navy)

savingPNG 14

Vest-Old Navy (similar-Amazon), Leggings-Lularoe (similar-Old Navy), Top-Target, Camo Shoes-Target

The Classic Herringbone Vest

This is probably one of my favorite and most versatile vests.  You can literally wear it with almost anything and still be cute.  This vest isn’t super lightweight or super heavy and is a great vest for most climates.  I love pairing this vest with a blanket scarf as well and wearing it both zipped and unzipped.

savingPNG 10

Vest-Amazon, Top-Old Navy (similar), Jeans-TJ Maxx (Calvin Klein), Booties-Target

savingPNG 2

Vest-Amazon, Jeans-TJ Maxx (Calvin Klein), Polka Dot Button Up-Old Navy (similar) (similar-Belk), Sweater-Old Navy (similar), Scarf-Target (similar-Amazon)

The Basic Black Vest

Now this particular vest is pretty warm because it has a furry lining inside. The one I have found for you that is similar does not have the furry lining but it does come in a variety of colors.  This vest is quilted and goes with many things.  It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what you pair it with.

savingPNG 17

Vest-Amazon (similar), Leopard Shirt-Target, Black Jeans-Old Navy, Black Flats-Payless

savingPNG 18

Vest-Amazon (similar), Chambray Top-J. Crew Factory (similar) (similar), Black Jeans-Old Navy, Leopard Belt-Target, Leopard Shoes-Target

The Short, Fitted Puffer Vest with Detachable Hood

This vest is similar to the two green and red puffer vests above in thickness and warmth.  The difference is that this one is more fitted than the other two and is a little shorter in length.  This particular vest also has a detachable hood with a faux fur trim.  I did not take any pictures with the hood because it somehow got lost in the move or is in a box I have yet to open, but the hood just adds another fun detail.

savingPNG 7

Vest-Old Navy (similar-lightweight-Amazon) (similar-heavyweight-Amazon), Top-Old Navy (similar), Jeans-Walmart, Shoes-Toms

savingPNG 8

Vest-Old Navy (similar-lightweight-Amazon) (similar-heavyweight-Amazon), Top-Old Navy (similar), Jeans-Walmart, Boots-Old (similar-Amazon)

The Soft Cotton Vest

Unfortunately, I have had this vest for a while and the company that I got it from went out of business, but I wanted to show it to you as an option for a more vibrant color and different material.  This vest is super soft, lightweight, and made from cotton so it has a different feel than the other vests.  A fleece vest would have a similar feel and look as this one.

savingPNG 6

Vest-Old (similar material-Amazon) (fleece option-Amazon), Top-Old Navy (similar), Jeans-Cabi (similar-Old Navy), Shoes-Converse

savingPNG 11

Vest-Old (similar material-Amazon) (fleece option-Amazon), Top-Belk (similar with reversed colors) (similar-Gap), Jeans-Cabi (similar-Old Navy), Shoes-Converse

As you can see, there are so many options of how you can wear a vest as an accessory and as a cold weather piece.  I hope you are inspired to add this fun item to your wardrobe to increase your coolness factor. It can totally be dressed up or dressed down.  You will be cute and cozy at the same time!



All About that Plaid, ‘Bout that Plaid

savingPNG 2

Fall is finally in full bloom up here where I live, and I couldn’t be happier! I think I have mentioned before how much I love fall.  I love the cool mornings.  I love that I have been able to turn on my gas logs to warm up in the afternoons. Fall has this smell about it too that just makes me feel all warm and cozy.  It makes me be in a better mood.  I don’t know how, but it does. We actually had to turn our heat on last night because we were under a frost warning! There is nothing better than climbing in a cold bed and covering up with a warm blanket to me. I know, I’m not normal! LOL!  Oh, and let’s not forget about the trees! They are so gorgeous! It’s my favorite part. I love it!

When I think of fall fashion, I think about jeans, boots, scarves, cardigans, sweaters, and PLAID. I think plaid has always been a part of my fall attire, and this year is no different.  The fall runways came with a lot of really bright colored plaids on a large scale, as well as, muted plaids and hounds tooth prints on men’s style blazers and pants. While looking at pictures from fashion shows is fun, you have to be realistic in how you can apply it to your own wardrobe.  Most of what you see on the runway is always a little outrages and not what the average person like you and I would wear, so how can you incorporate it into your own style? Well, there are tons of ways and I will show you a few.  You may automatically connect plaid with flannel, but adding plaid into your wardrobe does not mean that you have to add flannel. I know many of you also fear that plaid will make you look like a farmer. Ha ha! Plaid can be fashionable, I promise. You don’t have to wear the plaid flannel shirts and overalls!

**Just a forewarning, most of the pieces that I am showing you have been in my closet for a while.  I have tried to find similar options for you to choose from if you like the look, but I wanted to give you different options on how to style plaid.**

Plaid 1

Outfit #1

Now, I know what you are thinking.  This outfit could actually be considered a farmer’s outfit, and this shirt does have a flannel feel to it. However, it is super comfortable and cute. This is a very relaxed way to wear flannel.  This particular shirt is a tunic so it is a little longer in the back than the front to cover all of your business.  I have paired it with a pair of skinny jeans and slouchy boots. This is an outfit that is good for those lazy weekend days when you don’t have much going on, or when you have errands to run and you want to be comfortable. You could also pair this top with a pair of leggings for an even more comfortable outfit while still looking cute.  You could go with a range of plaid patterns and colors depending on your preference. Choosing a color other than the typical red plaid like mine can make it look a little less farmer-like.

Plaid 2

Outfit #2

I think I have mentioned before how much I love scarves.  I have an obscene number of them, including a variety of plaid ones. Scarves are not just for warmth to take on and take off when you go out in the cold.  Scarves are a great accessory that can add just a little interest to your outfit. (I’ll do a post on just scarves another day.) They can also add a pop of color to an otherwise boring outfit.  I think this plaid scarf is my favorite of all of my plaid ones, and it is super soft. This scarf is a blanket scarf, which means it is a giant square and gives you a fuller look.  I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this scarf from so I found you some similar ones. Really any plaid blanket scarf would work, though.  Here I have paired it with a simple t-shirt, jeans, and ankle booties. It adds just a little pizzazz to my outfit.

Plaid 3

Outfit #3

This outfit/look is one of my favorite ways to wear plaid.  I think of this as a fall preppy look.  I don’t know why, but it just feels a little preppy to me.  This is a basic plaid button down shirt.  I have rolled up the sleeves and left the bottom button unbuttoned and took the two ends of the shirt and made a knot.  You could also wear this tucked in for a similar look.  I don’t know about you (and this is probably showing my age); but when I was younger, I tucked everything in.  I mean everything! It was not cool to wear shirts un-tucked back then because you were considered a slob.   I think it was when I was in college that the whole un-tucked phase came where you never tucked things in and wore long, tunic-type shirts or long t-shirts.  That was hard to get used to for me.  Then came the half tucked look where you just tuck in a part of the front of the shirt. I still wear many shirts this way, and you could also do that with a button down shirt like this if you are into that look.  Here I have paired the plaid shirt it with a pair of jeans and my trusty Converse shoes for a casual look.

Plaid 4

Outfit #4

This look is a little more dressy than the previous ones.  This top has a silky feel to it and is very flowy.  I have paired it with a pair of black jeans and heeled ankle booties, but you could pair it with a nice pair of slacks and heels to make it a more professional look. It makes a great work outfit.

Plaid 5

Outfit #5

As I mentioned there were a lot of plaid men’s style blazers on the fall runway.  I don’t know about you, but I just don’t see myself wearing a men’s blazer in my everyday life.  Insert this little jacket.  This jacket has a similar effect as the men’s blazer, but it is more feminine and cute, or at least I think so. I got this at TJ Maxx the other day so you could possibly find it in your local store, but sadly I couldn’t find it online for you.  I found you some alternatives, though. This jacket has a little bit of a bell sleeve on the ends and is cropped to give it that feminine style.  This type of jacket can be dressed up or dressed down.  You could wear it with a black pencil skirt or nice slacks for work or with a pair of jeans for a more casual look.  The possibilities are endless.

Plaid 6

Outfit #6

This is my newest plaid addition to my wardrobe.  I got this off of Amazon.  I have always been a little afraid to order clothes from Amazon, but I took a chance on this dress.  This is my attempt to add in the bold colored plaid. I wouldn’t normally wear this bright of a color, but I wanted to give it a try.  I will say that this dress arrived and felt very stiff so I was thinking I wouldn’t like it.  However, after washing, it softened up a little. I have paired it with leggings because as you can see, it is way too short to wear without something underneath for this old girl.  I also added the belt to give my waist a little definition, and I think it turned out pretty cute.   Dresses are a good way to add a little plaid to your wardrobe whether it is a bold pattern like this or a more subdued, simple pattern.  I also really like the shirt dress look in plaid too which is another great option.

Plaid 7

Outfit #7

Finally, I have one more way to add plaid into your wardrobe with another scarf.  This one is for those of you that are hesitant towards plaid.  This scarf has a very subtle plaid pattern to it that is not as obvious and in your face as some others. This is a good way to ease yourself into wearing plaid.  It just brightens up this outfit.  This is a long rectangular scarf that I simply tied in a knot over a chambray shirt and colored denim pants.

I hope you can see a few different ways that you can add plaid into your wardrobe.  Don’t be afraid of it! You don’t have to buy flannel and you don’t have to look like a farmer! You can do it!