2020 Anchored Gift Guides

November is here and the holiday season has officially begun.  Whether you are gearing up for a great Thanksgiving or putting up your Christmas decorations, it is time to start thinking about gifts.  I always try to get all of my holiday shopping done in November so that I can enjoy all that December brings and not have to worry about facing the crowds.  This year I have compiled several different gift guides to help you with all your holiday shopping.  I tried to find items that are unique and thoughtful and that may not necessarily be on someone’s wish list.  There are pieces that are from small businesses, fair trade companies, companies that give back, as well as some things from your typical big box stores.  I don’t know about you, but I like options.  I will say that, although I tried to compile gift guides for the males in your life too, I am much better with gifts for females.  I think I get an A for effort at least.  I also did not separate the younger ages by gender because I thought that many gifts work work for either. I really put a lot of thought into these lists and truly hope that you find them useful. My goal was to hopefully make your holiday shopping a little easier. I do plan to share my personal Christmas wish list with you next week, which will feature many more articles of clothing and shoes that are not included in these lists. Stay tuned for that! Here you go! Happy shopping!

Anchored in the Giving Spirit,

**This post contains commissioned links. Should you choose to purchase items using these links, I may earn a small commission.

Friday Favorites: TOH Winter 2019

Trades of Hope came out with a Winter Look Book at the beginning of this month featuring 12 new pieces that are all about the holidays.  Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite pieces from the line. The pieces in this collection range from our very first beanie to some really amazing ornaments.  There is sure to be something that everyone loves.  I am obsessed with all of it, so it was hard to narrow it down to just 5 of my favorites. I really wanted to feature the whole line, but that would make this post go on and on forever.  What makes it even more incredible is that every single piece helps to empower women (and some men) around the world out of poverty and human trafficking.  

1. Stars of Haiti

My heart aches for the mamas in Haiti that have to leave their babies at orphanages because they cannot provide for them.  They actually love their children and want to keep them.  Trades of Hope’s partnership with artisan groups in Haiti allow them to do just that.  By providing these women with a sustainable business, they are able to not only keep and provide for their children but are also able to send them to school and get them medical care.  We are helping to break the cycle of poverty there.  I love the pieces that come from the artisans in Haiti because they have found a way to take the discarded and turn it into treasures.  These star ornaments are no different.  They are made from recycled cereal boxes.  These ornaments come in a set of 3.  You can adorn your tree with them or give them as gifts.  

2. Adventure Begins Journal

I am not typically someone who journals, but this journal may make me start.  It is made by our artisans in India, the home to ¼ of the world’s poorest families.  It is very difficult for women there to find jobs and are left living in the slums and unable to provide for their families.  Our artisans in India are given a sustainable job and are able to use their income to rise up out extreme poverty.  This journal is made from genuine leather and features 90 pages of lined, handmade paper.  I can tell you that the pictures do not do it justice.  It would make a great gift for anyone this holiday season. 

3. Farmhouse Star

I am completely obsessed with this star and am ready to ditch my usual angel on the top of my tree for this star this year.  It is made from whitewashed iron.  If you are into the farmhouse chic style, this is totally your jam. Our artisans in India also make this piece. Most of the poor in India lack education, which makes getting one of the scarce jobs even more difficult.  Through their partnership with TOH, these artisans are able to provide education for their children to break the cycle of poverty.  

4. Snow Top Beanie & Himalayan Mittens

These two pieces are sold separately, but I couldn’t choose just one.  I thought that they worked so well together so I might as well group them into one.  Haha! Both pieces are hand-knit by our artisans in Nepal.  First up is this adorable black and white beanie that is hand-knit with 100% wool.  It is lined with fleece inside and is sure to keep you warm this winter.  Next up are thes fun colored wool mittens that come in two sizes (S/M and L/XL). They are also lined with fleece and are super warm. Women in Nepal are often socially marginalized and discriminated against. By purchasing this beanie or mittens, you are helping them provide food, clothing, shelter, and education for their families.  These two pieces would make great stocking stuffers for anyone on your list. 

5. Sincerity Blanket

It is no secret that I was in love when our first throw was released in the spring and this one is just as amazing as it.  This new blanket features a black and off-white diamond pattern.  It is made from blended cotton and is handspun by our artisans in India.  It even gets softer with each wash.  It truly is gorgeous.  Sales of this blanket help to provide education for families and empowers these women to become the heroes of their own stories.  

How amazing are all of these? The stories behind them just make them that much more special.  We have several other ornament sets that are just as amazing as the Stars of Haiti including a set of puppies, mittens, and some gorgeous ones made from Capiz shells in the Philippines.  We even have a cool nativity made in Peru.  You can view them all here. Why not give the gift that keeps on giving this season?


A Confusion of Holidays

I hope that everyone had a fabulous 3-day weekend.  My family and I made the long drive to our hometown for the weekend to visit family. That is the longest drive ever! Technically, it should take us about 8 hours, but it ended up being about an 11-hour drive both ways.  Being in the car for that long even with a few short breaks is miserable! I know many of you used this long weekend to kick off summer.  I saw pictures of pool parties, boat rides, and barbeques all over my Facebook and Instagram feeds. Many people associate the beginning of summer with Memorial Day because that is around the time that many schools get out for the summer break and pools open and such.  While I agree that it marks the beginning of summer, I would have to also remind everyone about the true meaning and reason behind Memorial Day. While I am doing that, I might as well go ahead and make a distinction between Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, and Independence Day.  As a military wife, I feel that it is important to note the differences in what these 3 holidays represent.  Yes, they are all times when we feel patriotic and grateful for our country, our freedoms, and our military; but each day is meant to represent something different.  I will admit that when I was younger, I didn’t really fully understand the difference.

Memorial Day is the one day a year that we set aside to honor all of the men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  These are the mean and women that lost their lives while fighting for our freedom and safety.  Many people confuse this and think it is also a day to celebrate our military members and thank them for their service, but that is not what this day represents. That is an important distinction to note.  It is not about those who have served or who are currently serving. It is about remembering and honoring those that died while serving in the US Armed Forces. I would guess that most of you know of someone that has lost their life while protecting our country and our rights. It may be a distant relative or a grandparent you never met who died in battle years ago, or it could be a brother or friend who has lost their life in recent years in the war against terror.  Whoever it may be, we have likely all been touched by the life lost.  Memorial Day is the day to honor those people, to pray for their families that miss them deeply, to reflect on their lives and the sacrifice they made, and to just simply remember them.  Memorial Day was initially called Decoration Day in the south and was set aside as a day to decorate the graves of those who had died.  The hope was that America would be full of flowers and flags on this day. Many people still visit the graves of those that lost their lives on this day and decorate their grave. 

Veterans’ Day, on the other hand, is the time when you honor the men and women who have served in one branch of the military. This includes those who have served in the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Marines.  It doesn’t matter how long or short they served.  If they only spent one day as a member of our armed forces, we should honor them for committing to serve and protect our freedom. By signing that paper and taking that oath, no matter what branch, they committed themselves to possibly pay that ultimate price.  They are the ones that were willing to die for our country.  Because of that, we honor them on Veterans’ Day. 

Now you may be thinking, what about those that are currently serving.   I assure you those people have a special day as well.  It is a much smaller holiday and one that isn’t characterized by a day off of work or parties and is one that many forget or don’t even know about.  Armed Forces Day is the day set aside to honor those that are actively serving in the US military. It also occurs in May and is typically the third Saturday in the month. While this holiday is not observed or recognized like it should be, it is important that we have a day to thank those men and women who are actively out there fighting for us. We, as a country, should make this a more prominent holiday! May is also considered Military Appreciation month and includes Memorial Day (honoring those who have died), Armed Forces Day (honoring those who currently serve), and Military Spouse Appreciation Day (honoring the spouses of those who serve).  Through all of these holidays, we honor every member who has served, is serving, supports someone who serves, and those who died serving.  

Moving on to Independence Day…this day is not about our military at all.  This is the day that we celebrate the Declaration of Independence.  It is the day that we celebrate America.  It is the day we commemorate the proclamation of our independence from Great Britain back in 1776.  This day is also spent much like Memorial Day with pool parties and barbeques.  It is the day when we see glorious firework displays. It is the day we celebrate our freedom and our love for our great country.  

As a military spouse, I personally feel like we should celebrate our military every day.  These men and women sacrifice so much to serve our country. They spend years apart from their loved ones and put their lives in danger over and over again all to keep us safe and secure in our little homes.  However, I do think it is important to know the significance of each of the holidays so you know who and what to honor on those days.  When you are out swimming or cooking on the grill, take a moment to remember or thank those who made it possible for you to have that party.  Say a little prayer for all of the service members alive or dead and their families. Remember, reflect, and rejoice. Remember those we have lost. Reflect on those who are committed to fighting for us. Rejoice in those that came home to be with their loved ones.


Holiday Overload

Hello everyone! I have missed you all.  It is funny how writing has become such a big part of my daily routine. Having that routine disrupted for a few days really made me realize how much I enjoy writing. I took a few days off for traveling and spending time with family and friends and am now ready to jump back in. If you saw my Instagram stories over the past few days, you saw that I was pretty busy and didn’t have much time to write or post. I really wanted to unplug and be in the moment so I chose to not write while we were away.  On top of that, I couldn’t have even if I wanted to. There is no Internet service out in the sticks where our family lives!!! I’m not kidding.  I couldn’t even send a text most of the time! Anyway, after the 9-hour trip in the car yesterday, I think that I am on holiday overload (which is a lot like sensory overload) and just need the day today to chill now that we are back home. I’m exhausted!  I’ll start thinking about taking all of our decorations down tomorrow.  Today I will just rest.

My holiday began in the early morning hours last Friday with a 9-hour car ride south.  It was a miserable, rainy, and extremely foggy drive jammed in the car with 2 excited kids and a dog.  I thought that my knee was going to break off of my leg by the last couple of hours of the trip due to being stuck in the same position for so long pressed against the pedal.  Because of the rain, I wasn’t able to put the car on cruise control much so that I could change positions.  Thankfully the traffic wasn’t bad so it didn’t prolong my misery even longer. We arrived at my parents’ house just before 5:00 PM. Thankfully we had a pretty easy going night of Hallmark movies and went off to bed at a decent hour since all of the fun was to begin the next day.

Saturday brought with it the arrival of my sister, brother-in-law, and my two sweet nephews. We ran for a quick lunch with them and my parents at a local restaurant before we had to head to my husband’s dad’s house for the first of our Christmas celebrations.  This year, to make things easier for everyone, we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for an early dinner before heading back to the house for presents.  I have to say that it was nice not having to worry about cooking or bringing anything and it was great not having to clean it all up afterwards.  The only negative was that having 13 people sitting at one long table in a restaurant made it more difficult to talk to everyone.  I barely spoke to the people at the opposite end of the table. I guess the other negative was that since we are from such a tiny little town, we had to all drive about 30 minutes to get there and then back.  Despite attempting to go for an early dinner so we could get back for presents, it ended up taking longer than planned after we waited a bit to be seated, ordered and ate our food, and drove back.  When we got back to the house we arranged furniture and began setting up for our annual family photo.  It is not easy corralling that many people into one photo.  This year my two sister-in-laws decided that it would be fun if we all took one of the photos wearing red noses.  Some of even had blinking noses.  It was funny for some and others were party poopers! LOL! It’s always fun watching my husband try to figure out how to set the timer on the camera and run to take his place each time before the picture takes.  Opening presents brought lots of laughs, as everything that my youngest got seemed to revolve around “poop.” She has this weird fascination with the “poop” emoji.  I don’t understand it. I scored a gift certificate to my favorite Lularoe shop, which I am very excited about! The night ran long and it was nearly 11:00 by the time we got back to my parents’ house for bed. 

On Sunday, we woke up and headed to church.  I held my 11 month old nephew for the whole service so it was hard to focus on the sermon. He is too stinking cute and I loved every minute of it. After church we made a quick change of clothes and headed to my grandparents’ house, which is about 20 minutes away for a late lunch with them and my uncle and his family. We had an abundance of food that I ate way too much of, my favorite being my grandmother’s cheese ball and her peanut butter pie.  Yum! I really should make the cheese ball more often because I love it so much. I wish I would have grabbed some to bring home with me. After lunch, there was more present opening and time spent with family.  I really hated to leave since we don’t get to see them nearly as much now that we live so far away.  Those times together are so precious to me. From there we headed back to my parents’ house for Christmas celebration number 3. We had a few quick bites of pizza for dinner despite none of us being very hungry and then exchanged presents with my parents and sister’s family.  I love watching my nephews open their gifts from me.  The excitement on their faces is just so precious and warms my heart. I am also in a competition with myself to always give them the best gifts, the ones that they will love the most. I will say that so far, my record is near perfect! 

Monday, Christmas Eve, we again got up early and got ready to head to my other grandmother’s house. She lives about an hour away.  There we had a late lunch with my dad’s 3 sisters and all of my cousins and their children. I believe that my grandmother has 4 children, 10 grandchildren who are all married except 1 (another one is engaged and will be married soon), and now 15 great-grandchildren. I could have miscounted, though.  Not all of them were there, but the majority of them were. It was definitely a very full house with every single chair occupied as we all ate lunch.  Again, we all stuffed ourselves with way too much food, my favorites being my grandmother’s dressing and pound cake, my aunt’s potato salad, and my other aunt’s chocolate chip cookies. It was all so good! I am pretty sure that I have gained at least 5 pounds this week if not more.  Thankfully I am back to my normal diet today! Lunch was followed by more presents.  Then came my kids’ favorite activity of all.  My uncle always brings his horses with him and the kids enjoy taking turns riding them in the field behind my grandmother’s house.  It is always the highlight of the holidays for them.  From what I heard, both of my girls were riding the horse without a lead.  I’m glad I wasn’t out there to watch when that was happening because it scares me.  Last year, my oldest fell off the horse when it abruptly stopped galloping and her body didn’t stop with it. She was totally fine, but it always scares me. I know that they are in good hands, though, with my uncle and cousin watching over them.  We literally had to pry them away from the horses to head back home to get to bed for Santa’s arrival. When we got home, the girls got busy making Gingerbread houses.  They had a blast, but it was another late night for us! If you are counting, that was celebration number 4!

Christmas day came with a surprisingly slow start.  I was shocked that my kids did not wake up early and everyone slept in.  We actually had to wake them up about 8:30 so we could get the day started. Of course, once they were awake, the excitement filled the air as they ran to see what Santa had delivered. My youngest has wanted a swing in her room forever and finally got one that came with a stand so we don’t have to hang it from the ceiling.  It is ginormous but she absolutely loves it. My oldest got the Apple AirPods that she has wanted forever. Overall, I think they were very satisfied with what they received for Christmas.  They certainly weren’t lacking for presents this year. I will tell you that of all the gifts that I received over the past few days, none of them mean more to me than the ones that my youngest gave me last night.  She had made gifts for my husband and me out of Popsicle sticks, but my absolute favorite was this necklace she made me. She had gotten this jewelry making kit from her Secret Santa through cheer. Instead of making something for herself, she made the necklace for me. As you know, we have a tumultuous relationship so this is extra special for me. I will cherish it always. 

We had a great time with all of our family and friends over the last few days.  I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything else.  Time with our family is so precious to us especially now that we won’t see everyone as often.  I can tell you that my heart is full and overflowing with love and joy. That is what Christmas is all about. The gift God gave us and the love and joy we receive from others is all I need. I hope that you all had an amazing time with your friends and family for the holiday and are gearing up for a joyous New Year in a few short days.


Holiday Dresses Under $50

I cannot believe that Christmas is only two weeks away.  The time is flying by.  I think it is going fast for us because we have been so busy.  Between both girls, we had 3 competitions last week, and we have two more this week and a chorus performance.  Being busy seems to always make the time go faster.  I wish it would slow down.  I wish we could take the time to enjoy it all more.

I don’t know about you, but in the past I have always had a Christmas party or two to attend throughout the holiday season, either through my job, my husband’s job, or just with friends. I think it is always fun to dress up for a holiday party.  Whenever I have to attend one, I always end up standing in my closet staring at my dresses wondering what in the world I am going to wear.  I often find that I have more summer/spring type dresses than fall/winter dresses.  I guess I don’t really wear a lot of dresses in the winter because it is too cold. When I think about the kind of dress I want for the holidays, I always think of jewel-toned colors like emerald, sapphire, ruby, and amethyst.  I also think about sparkly silver and gold as great options for a holiday dress, especially for a New Year’s Eve party. I always have a picture in my head of what I want to wear, and that picture is never in my closet. I find myself in the dilemma of what to wear each year.  I certainly don’t want to wear the same dress that I wore to the holiday party the year before, but I don’t want to go out and spend a ton of money on a dress that I am probably not going to wear very often.  If you find yourself in the same dilemma with a party to attend and nothing to wear, you are in luck.  I have done all of the work for you.  I have found some really cute dress options for you all that won’t break the bank. In fact, every dress that I have found for you is under $50.  Some of the dresses are a little more formal than others because I wanted to give you a variety depending on the type of party you are attending.  Many of the dressed can be dressed up with a statement necklace and heels or dressed down with flats and a scarf. Most of these dresses also come in a variety of colors so click the link to see all of your options. If you aren’t big into colors, you can never go wrong with the perfect little black dress.  If you are wondering what you are going to wear to an upcoming holiday party, check out these adorable dresses.

The first three dresses are all Jennifer Lopez dresses from Kohl’s that are so cute. The first two are a more trendy style, while the third one is a more classic style.  I think the third dress is probably my favorite of all the ones I found.  It is very elegant. All three of these dresses come in other colors as well.

  1. Dolman Ribbed Sweater Dress
  2. Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress
  3. Boucle Sheath Dress

The next options all come from Target.  They range in style and color.  I even threw in a few patterned ones that I think are adorable. There are some that are a little more formal than others as well.  There are just so many options.  Find one that fits your individual style. Don’t forget to click the link to see all of the color options for each dress.

The first three dresses are a little more formal than the others and would make great Christmas or New Year’s dresses.

  1. Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Lace Dress
  2. Long Sleeve Tie Wrap Dress
  3. Elegant Lace Dress

The next three are patterned dresses that add a little bit of a fun touch to the dress.  I especially love the plaid one.  I think it would be so cute with a statement necklace or a red scarf.  I know that they leopard dress isn’t your typical holiday dress, but I couldn’t resist because it is so cute. I thought it was a fun option for a New Year’s party.

  1. Leopard Shift Dress
  2. Plaid Bell Sleeve Sweater Dress
  3. Floral Bell Sleeve Dress

Up next are three dresses that are a little bit longer in length and so pretty. I love the color of the second dress.  It is a very classic style but the color just pumps it up a little more.  I will add that the third dress also comes in a gorgeous yellow and black floral print that I absolutely love. I just didn’t think it was holiday appropriate, but you should definitely check it out. It is beautiful.

  1. Ruffle Sleeve Wrap Dress
  2. Bubble Sleeve Tie Dress
  3. Bell Sleeve Dress

The last three Target dresses are just fun.  They have a little detail to them that just adds a bit of character to the dress.  They are so adorable.

  1. Bow Detail Dress
  2. Leather Hem Ruffle Dress
  3. Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Our final set of dresses come from Old Navy. They also come is a variety of styles and colors and many of them are currently on sale.

The first three dresses have polka-dots. I absolutely love polka-dots and these three dresses are so adorable.  I especially love the teal one.  So cute! If you are not in to polka dots but love the style, all of these dresses come in solid colors or other patterns as well.

  1. Crepe Shift Dress
  2. Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress
  3. Fit and Flare Crepe Dress

The final dressed range from more casual to a little more dressy. I especially like the velvet one.  It think it is so fun.  They did have it in a green color that would have been even more perfect for the holidays, but it sold out. I also really love the classic look of the fifth dress.

  1. Ruffle Trim Ponte-Knit Dress
  2. Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress
  3. Fit and Flare Dress
  4. Velvet Swing Dress
  5. Ruffle Sleeve Ponte Sheath Dress
  6. Textured Marled Sheath Dress

I hope that you see one or even two of these dresses that you like that you can wear to an upcoming holiday party, and I hope that you can enjoy yourself at the party knowing that you look amazing in your new dress! Go out there and rock it!



Family Traditions

savingPNG 10

Family traditions are the things that you remember as you get older.  I imagine sitting in my rocker in my old age reminiscing about all the traditions our family has lived out over the years. To me family traditions aren’t about the actual act of the tradition.  It is more about the experience and time spent together.  It’s really about the memories made. Our memories help to shape us. My family traditions are not going to be the exact same as anyone else’s traditions.  They are what make us unique.  They are what bring us together. They are what bond us as a family unit. Nothing brings a flood of memories of family traditions like the holidays.  Caroline Kennedy once said, “It’s true, Christmas can feel like a lot of work, particularly for mothers. But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you’ll find you’ve created family traditions and lasting memories. Those memories, good and bad, are really what help to keep a family together over the long haul.” I believe that is so true. Our memories keep us together. They are like the superglue that bond us together. I agree that mothers tend to stress over making the holidays perfect for their kids.  We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make it the most magical time of the year for our kids.  I know I do.  We stress over getting the perfect gifts, the food we are going to eat, the cool experiences we are going to have, and so much more. We have to remember that it is about the memories made and not so much about having the perfect Christmas. We have to remember to pay attention to even the little joys of the season because in the long run, those will be the memories that you cherish.

Over the last week with Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, and decorating for Christmas, I have thought a lot about family traditions. I have reminisced about the traditions that my family had when I was a kid and how some of those traditions have evolved into the traditions that I do with my family now.  Those are the important parts of the holidays.  I can assure you that I can’t remember what I got for Christmas 10 years ago, but I certainly remember sitting on my grandmother’s lap on Christmas Eve as she pretended to be Mrs. Claus, like she does every year, telling everyone how proud she was of me, how much I meant to her, and how I am always the angel at the top of her tree. I can’t tell you what we ate for Christmas lunch 15 years ago, but I can remember standing around in my Nanny’s kitchen watching her cook like we always do and teasing her about burning the bread while she tried shooing us all out, but we all stayed there together anyway.  It was more about the time together than the food we ate.  I can’t tell you what Santa brought my kids for Christmas 5 years ago, but I can remember how they paced the hallway waiting for me to get the camera set up and the joy on their faces as they rushed into the room when I said go. As I sat on the floor this past Sunday night handing my kids each of the ornaments we own one by one to put on the tree, I reminisced about each of them.  You see, the ornaments on my tree aren’t fancy.  Some are down right tacky, but I don’t care. Each one of them holds a memory. Some are ornaments from my childhood and my husband’s childhood including ones that we handmade years and years ago. My husband has this dove he cut out of Styrofoam with his childhood name written with pencil in his handwriting across the back. I have one that is a little plastic cup where I glued construction paper inside of it to make the manger with baby Jesus inside.  Many are ones that my children have made including a paintbrush and candy canes made from craft pipe cleaners.  I especially love the ones with their little faces on them.  One my family’s traditions began on our honeymoon all those years ago.  Every time we go on vacation or travel somewhere, we get an ornament to remind us of that trip.  My kids are in on the tradition too and love picking out the ornament each time we go somewhere. We have so many from our trips to Disney, that we now have a small tree that is just dedicated to Disney ornaments.  We have ornaments from Hawaii, Boston, New York, Scotland, and more. Every single year when we decorate the tree, we remember those trips and we even talk about them when those ornaments come out of the box.  My sister began a tradition when my oldest was born of giving them each an ornament for Christmas, and I now do the same with my nephews.  Those also add more memories to our tree. While these are all family traditions, it isn’t about the tradition. It is about the memories that these traditions evoke. Who knew when we began the ornament tradition almost 19 years ago that something so small would hold so many memories? It truly warms my heart to look at my tree all lit up.

Just remember, especially through this holiday season, that you need to cherish each other and the time spent making memories with each other.  That is my goal for this holiday season.  It’s not about the presents received.  It’s not about what you do. It’s about the people you share it all with. It’s about the memories that you make through the traditions you uphold.  I am certainly guilty of over buying for my kids because I want them to have it all.  I am guilty of trying to make it magical and stressing out when it doesn’t go the way I had planned in my head. The holidays have often brought me stress because I am trying to make everyone else happy. I loose sight of what the holidays are all about and I forget to live in the moment.   My goal for this year is to not get stressed. My goal is to continue those family traditions that are special to me but to be totally present in all the little moments because those are the moments that will create memories that will last a lifetime. I encourage you to start those family traditions that will bring you joy for years to come and to be totally present in the moment.  By doing that, you will create memories for you and your children that will never be forgotten. What greater gift can you give yourself and your children than happy memories that will continue to give to you and them for the rest of your life? There is nothing that holds more value than memories of time spent together.

Disney 2016

Anchored in Family Traditions and Memories,