Hair Talk, AGAIN!

Has it occurred to anyone besides me the unfairness of men’s hair vs women’s in the midst of this pandemic?  My husband was able to order a hair clipper (or whatever the proper term for them is) not long into the shutdown.  He then had me watch YouTube videos on how to use them and eventually insisted that I cut his hair.  As I mentioned before, I was a nervous wreck the first time, but I did it. It turned out alright, I guess.  I have since cut his hair a second time, which was a little easier but still not something I was comfortable with.  Fortunately, the worst-case scenario if I screw it up is that he can buzz his hair and move on. I have seen so many photos of men who have done just that to get through the last few months.  While it may not be the most ideal hair cut to shave most of it or all of it off, this is an option that is acceptable for men.  

Women on the other hand are not as simple when it comes to hair. I would never dream of having my husband cut my hair like I did for him no matter how many YouTube videos he watched!   Most of us would never even imagine cutting all of our hair off or giving ourselves a buzz cut. That is just not acceptable for most women. For women with cancer, losing their hair is one of the hardest parts of chemo.  That is because hair for women is a part of our identity.  It is sad that society puts so much weight into hair, but it is an unfortunate part of our reality as women.  Our hair and how it looks tells a lot about us.  It often gives people their first real impression of who we are. No matter what your hair says about you normally, it is likely screaming right now to have something done to it. We have all be stuck in the same boat with not being able to go to a salon for months, and I know many who are looking forward to that changing soon.

Color is another difference in both men and women when it comes to hair.  No one really thinks much of men going grey.  That is accepted and often considered a source of attraction and maturity.  On the other hand, as soon as a woman starts to go grey, she starts freaking out because grey hair is viewed as a sign of aging in women.  Consequently, it is something most of us try to hide. It is certainly a double standard, but it is reality. Some women are comfortable with coloring their own hair at home, butI don’t think I could ever attempt to do it myself. I would likely screw it up and ruin my hair.  

Most women that I know obsess over their hair and finding the color and style that best suits them.  Not being able to get our hair done has been one of the hardest parts of the pandemic shut down for many of us, including me.  I am one of those people that always has to have perfectly styled hair.  It is just my nature and a part of who I am.  As someone who prefers to have my hair cut every 4 weeks and colored every 8 weeks, not having anything done to my hair in over 13 weeks is making me crazy.  I am way overdue for a cut, and there is more grey hair showing than I care to admit.   I have shared many times before that I have extremely thick hair that grows crazy fast, which is why I prefer to not push it past 8 weeks between cuts. My hair is currently so big that it looks like a bush! Even my husband commented on how big it was the other night.  It’s not frizz. It’s just really big and poofy because it is so thick.  I need it thinned out even more than I need the length cut.  On the days like today when I wash and dry my hair, it is massive! I have to flat iron it as much as possible. I swear it grows throughout the day too.  I will flatten it in the mornings and then by the afternoon, it is massive again!  I watch all these hair videos that pop up in my social media all the time, and the person doing the demonstration is always talking about ways to get more volume to your hair.  I sit there in disbelief hoping someone will one day do a tutorial on how to get rid of volume. The point is, I NEED to get my hair done soon! 

Our governor had started with phase 1 of reopening the state for everyone except for those of us in the northern tip of the state back on May 15.  Our numbers here had not supported the reopening then.  This week the governor officially announced that we could begin phase 1 here starting tomorrow.  Following that announcement, I got the best call yesterday! It was from my hair stylist letting me know that they would be opening back up tomorrow with restrictions.  While some may think that I shouldn’t, I went ahead and scheduled an appointment.  Her first available appointment wasn’t for a couple of weeks, which is evidence that others have been scheduling them too.  Yes, I know that getting my hair done is a risk, but it is one I am willing to take at this point.  I have faith in the precautions that they are taking, and we will all be wearing masks.  We can’t all live inside in fear forever, and we have to get back to normal at some point.  For the most part, we will continue to stay home for now, but I think we will start to venture out little by little. This will be my first dip into the world again, and I cannot wait!  


The Hair Saga Continues…

If you have been following me for a while now, you know about the saga that is my hair.  I have super thick, very straight hair that has been a source of angst for most of my life…from the days when my mom and grandmother made me get perms as a child that looked like a bush on my head to my recent allergic reactions to hair dye. It is just a disaster.  About a year and half ago I began trying to stretch out the time between washing my hair.  Because my hair is so thick, it takes me forever to dry it with a hair dryer, and I absolutely hated having to do it every day.  My hair definitely isn’t the type that can air dry either.  Anyway, I have friends that can go for a week without washing their hair with it still looking great, so I figured I could probably train my hair to go a little longer.  Plus, I know that it is healthier for my hair to not wash and dry it every day like I have done for the majority of my life.  Anyway, I eased into it by starting out trying to wash it every other day.  It took a while to get used to it and for my hair to adjust.  I wasn’t sure at first that I was going to be able to stand it.  There were a lot of hat days in the beginning. My hair seemed to be in a state of shock, and it did not like the fact that I wasn’t washing it daily. I was determined, though, and kept at it.  I found a great dry shampoo that I love (read more about it here) and was eventually able to spread it out to 2 days between washes after a few months.  I was never able to go any longer than 2 days without it looking too flat and gross.  I was totally ok with that because I was at least not having to dry it every single day.  It is amazing how much time I saved both in the shower and getting ready in the mornings.  It was definitely a win for me.  I honestly now think my hair looks best on the day after washing it because sleeping on it flattens it out a bit and it doesn’t look as full, thick, and wiry as it does on the days I wash it.  My hair even felt softer when I was not blasting it with all that heat every day. 

Overall, I would say that my journey to less washes has been a success…until now.  For some reason in the last month or so, my hair has decided that it doesn’t like me not washing it every day.  It has developed a mind of its own and has started doing crazy things.  It is suddenly oilier and more resistant to the dry shampoo.  It has started flipping out in random spots that I cannot for the life of me get to flip the right way. Some days I even look like I stuck my finger in an electric socket between the short new hairs sticking straight up all around my face and the static electricity.  Other days it looks like I glued all my hair down to my head. My hair is a hot mess, and I can’t stand it. I don’t know if it is hormone related or what, but I don’t like it. I am beginning to think that I am going to have to go back to washing it every day again. I tried going back to just washing it every other day instead of going 2 days between washes, but that doesn’t seem to be helping either.  I have even suddenly noticed more grey hair too! I know that has nothing to do with how often I wash it, but it just adds to the disaster that is my hair right now.  The worst part, though, is that it doesn’t even look good on the days that I wash it anymore either.  What is going on? Do I need to switch up my shampoos? Am I starting menopause? I’ve heard of hair loss during menopause, but does it make your hair go wacko too? Am I going to be forced to wear a hat every single day of the week for the foreseeable future? I sure hope this is a very short phase that my hair is going through and that it will go back to normal soon.  Otherwise, I might be forced to shave it all off and start over!  

Anchored and Rambling,

A Little Me Time

I will admit that I woke up a little cranky today.  I haven’t been sleeping well the past couple of nights, and lack of sleep always makes me out of sorts.  I have been having some issues with my back.  I don’t know what I have done to it, but it really hurts.  It started a few weeks ago and was really bad for a couple of days and then seemed to get better.  Then it started hurting again earlier this week.  I can’t seem to find a position at night that doesn’t hurt, so I just toss and turn trying to get comfortable all night.  Anyway, I woke up already cranky and with a slight headache to a whole lot of banging and scraping noises outside.  One of my neighbors is apparently getting a new roof.  It literally sounds like they are in my backyard. That’s how loud it is.  All of the banging, of course, was not helping my head or my mood.  Needless to say, my day did not start out the best today.  Things quickly turned around, though, because I had a much needed hair appointment this morning.  I feel like I talk about my hair a lot. Sorry about that! There is just nothing better than spending a couple of hours at a salon with someone playing with your hair.  I swear, I wish I could afford someone to come to my house and wash my hair every day.  The way they massage your head as they wash your hair is the absolute best.  Now, that is one thing that will help my headaches! It is also so relaxing to me to have someone else dry my hair.  I absolutely hate drying my own hair because it takes FOREVER! I sure do love it when someone else does it, though.  The hum of the hair dryer mixed with the warmth and someone else brushing and running their fingers through my hair can totally put me to sleep.  Maybe I am weird, but I would bet that many of you ladies enjoy that too. It is like a little escape that is all about me, and I only get it every couple of months.  Of course, it sure isn’t a cheap escape, but I think it is worth every penny.  I always come out looking and feeling better about myself and totally relaxed.  How is it that they can get my hair to shine and feel so silky smooth and I can’t? I wish I could have more moments of me time like when I get my hair done.  That feeling of utter relaxation is so addicting, and I crave it all the time.  If only there were some other way to get it without the expense and there was enough time for it.  

Getting your hair done is just the best, isn’t it? It totally turned my mood around today. I even stopped by Dunkin Donuts next door when I was done to treat myself to a hot chocolate.  I don’t drink coffee so hot chocolate is all I ever get there or Starbucks.  It has been so cold the last two days that I needed something to warm me up.  It definitely hit the spot.  Now I am back home and the banging is still going on, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering me quite as much as it did earlier.  It is certainly back to reality, though.  My little escape is over, and it is back to business.  As soon as I am done typing this, I have to figure out how to pack for the Bahamas and Christmas all at once. I really don’t know where to start. It has to pretty much all get done today and tomorrow since our weekend is full of competitions.  Tomorrow will actually be my last post for a couple of weeks.  I am taking some time to travel, spend with my family, and enjoy the little moments.  Maybe I will get to squeeze a little more me time in there too somewhere. Wouldn’t that be nice? I will be back to posting again in the new year.  

I want to wish you all the most blessed Christmas and a wonderful start to the new year.  May you all share tons of love and laughter with your friends and family. Thank you for being a part of my life this past year.  It truly means the world to me.  


Starting Over, AGAIN!

This morning I went to a new hair salon to see a new stylist.  This is the third one that I have gone to since moving here a little over a year ago.  The first place I tried here ended up being a disaster as it turned out that I was allergic to something they use there that we could never figure out.  It was happening when I got color and when I didn’t get color. Then it happened when she didn’t use any product at all.  It was so bizarre. You can read more about it here.  After going there several times (I really did like her.) and having an allergic reaction every single time, I decided I needed to just go somewhere else since we couldn’t pin point what I was allergic to.  The second place I tried was ok.  I didn’t have an allergic reaction there, but I just didn’t love my stylist or the salon.  I really had a hard time understanding her as English was her second language.  Plus, I just didn’t love the atmosphere of the salon or how she cut my hair. One time I was there, they had not turned on the air conditioning all day, and it was boiling hot in there.  They finally turned it on, but it was already late afternoon in the heat of the day so it didn’t really make a difference.  I gave the girl the benefit of the doubt and went there a couple of times, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  It wasn’t a positive experience for me. Needless to say, I have delayed getting my hair done because I have been nervous to try someone else since I still don’t know what I am allergic too.  It’s also really hard to trust someone that you know nothing about to not screw up your hair.   I am in a Facebook group for the community we live in, and people are always asking for recommendations in there.  I have seen several posts of people asking for stylists and have just been watching them for a while.  I noticed that this one girl’s name kept coming up.  People were raving about her.  She works at a brand new salon that just opened back in the spring.  Of course, I Facebook and Instagram stalked her to check out some of her work and was impressed, but I was still hesitant. I got to the point that I couldn’t stand my hair anymore, so I decided to go ahead and book an appointment with her. 

I headed there this morning with a little bit of nervousness just not knowing what to expect, but I really needed a haircut and needed to get rid of some of the grey.  I had to do it.  I will start by telling you that it was a great experience, and I will be going back to her.  She made me feel super comfortable right off the bat, and she really listened to my hair struggles.  Of course, the salon was nice as it is brand new.  Since this was my first time there, I only did a single color on the roots to cover the grey.  Next time we will likely play more with highlights and/or lowlights now that I know that I like her.  The grey is gone, which is really what I care about, though. So far, I’m not reacting to anything, and I really don’t think I will since I have used Redkin products many times before with no problems.  She did an amazing job with the cut, too. I will say that I was a little conservative in how much I told her to cut just to be sure I like what she did.  My hair is super thick and has a mind of its own, so you have to really understand hair to cut mine.  Next time, I will definitely go shorter. (Sorry husband!)  My hair feels lighter and more airy and the back actually has shape to it now.  I really couldn’t be happier.  I think I have finally found the right person in the right salon! It has been a long, hard road to this happiness! Who knew that getting your hair done could be so stressful and traumatic?!?!?  I am just so happy to have had a positive experience, no reaction, and a great haircut! 

It really is hard to move to a new place and start all over with new people.  Finding doctors, dentists, hair stylist and more is nerve wracking.  I always find those for the girls right off the bat because they are the most important. It tends to take me longer to find people for myself.  I really like to do my research before I try someone new no matter what the profession is. I go on recommendations by trusted people, but sometimes that takes time because you don’t know a lot of people that you trust yet.  I finally went to a doctor on a recommendation from a new friend a few months after we moved, and I really liked her a lot.  I recently learned that she left the practice after having a bad car accident, and I now have to start all over again. I have no idea who to go to now. I guess I will have to stalk the community Facebook group again to find someone.  Hey, it worked for the stylist!  It is just so hard to find someone you like and can trust.  That really is one of the toughest things about moving.  It will take some time for me to work up the courage to find someone new, but I know it will happen eventually just like it did today with the stylist. I just have to be patient and do my research. 


Haircuts are for the Birds!

Both of my daughters have really long hair, and I can’t stand it. It isn’t because I don’t like long hair.  Instead it is because neither of them takes good care of their hair, it always looks like a stringy mess, and I’m the one who has to deal with it for competitions. My oldest pretty much keeps hers in a ponytail 90% of the time anyway, so what is the point of having it so long? My youngest daughter’s hair is so bad that you can barely get a brush through it most days.  I swear I will fight through brushing it to get through all the tangles only to have it a tangled mess again within 5 minutes.   It drives me nuts. Neither of them like getting their hair cut either and actually only get their hair cut about twice a year when I have to force them to go. Today was one of those days.  You would have thought that I was making the lady shave my youngest daughter’s head by the way she was acting. She did not want anything cut from her hair.  She won’t listen to anything I have to say about how your hair needs to be cut to remain healthy and for it to grow.  The stylist even tried telling her the same thing, but my daughter wasn’t having any of it. Thankfully, my oldest has learned to just accept it and allow hers to be trimmed.  That’s the thing, too. I was only forcing them to have a trim.  It wasn’t like they were cutting 6 inches of their hair off.  I think both of them ended up getting about 2 inches cut off.  You honestly can’t even tell that they even got a haircut, but my youngest was furious.  She was texting me the entire time that her hair was being cut saying that it was too short now. As we walked to the car afterward, she said it was too much and that her hair was now ugly.   Her friend that was with us told her that you couldn’t even tell that she got it cut. My child just fussed at her friend saying that she was only saying that because I told her to, which I did not do. You really can’t tell.  Her hair is still ridiculously long, and I will still have to fight the tangles.  

Why do simple things like a haircut have to be so difficult? Where did I go wrong with that? I sure wish I knew the answer.  I think they must have gotten it from their father. I seem to remember stories of him refusing to get his hair cut as a child and pictures of him with longer hair. LOL! We all know that it didn’t come from me because I have shared the horrible pictures of me with the short, permed hair forced on me as a child!!!  I still have nightmares about it. Ha ha! At least I am not forcing them to get a perm! No matter where it came from or wherever we went wrong, my kids have to get their hair trimmed every now and then.  It is just a fact of life.  I feel like it will continue to be a fight, at least with the youngest, for years to come.  Maybe one day we will see eye to eye, but I doubt it! Until then, I will continue to drag the youngest kicking and screaming to the salon, and I will continue to pull half of her hair out trying to detangle it every day. Someone please tell me that I am not alone in this and that it is worth the fight! I may loose my mind!  


Friday Favorites: Dry Shampoo

I have mentioned several times now that this year has been about new discoveries, changes in my life, and trying new things.  Sometimes that means breaking old habits and forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone.  I know this may seem trivial but it is a big thing for me.  Since the day I was old enough and responsible enough to shower and wash my own hair, I have washed and blow-dried it every single day.  I think there are only a handful of days that I haven’t washed my hair over my life, and that is because I was either super sick and unable to get out of the bed or something was going on where I couldn’t. I’m not kidding! I used to believe that I couldn’t go a day without washing, drying, and styling my hair. Even if I was going to wear a hat for hat day at school or something, I still got up, washed, dried, and styled my hair.  If I knew I was going to the beach or pool, I still got up early washed, dried, and styled my hair. I am serious.  It’s crazy, I know, but that’s been the norm for me my whole life…me trying to be perfect. I have read all the articles and heard all the studies about how bad it is for your hair to wash it everyday.  I know that it strips your hair of its natural oils and nutrients.   I’ve known this for years, but it didn’t matter to me.  In some ways I was jealous of my friends that went days without washing their hair and their hair still looked great.  My hair always looked like a flat, oily blob when I woke up in the mornings. When I wash and dry my hair, it takes me anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to get ready in the mornings.  That always meant that I had to get up super early for work.  I had those friends that just rolled out of bed and came to work looking great.  I didn’t believe that I could do that.  I really didn’t.

JPEG image-F64327BA10AB-1
The area right at my temples gets the most oily.

About 2 months ago, I suddenly got the itch to see what would happen if I didn’t wash my hair every day.  I knew that it would take some time for my hair to adjust to not being shampooed everyday, but I was finally willing to give it a try.  I decided to start small and see if I could stand washing my hair every other day.  The first day that I got up and didn’t wash it, was really hard.  My hair was disgusting, and it made me feel disgusting even though I had showered.  The second time was a little better, but I still felt like my hair was oozing grease.  Disgusting, I know.  After a week, I increased it to going 2 days without washing it.  Again, that first time was horrible.  Finally, I decided that I would go get some dry shampoo and see if that helped manage the oil. I did a little research and decided to try one kind that was recommended by several fellow bloggers.  Well, I got up the next morning determined to use the dry shampoo and expecting it to just miraculously soak up all the oil in my hair. I shook up the bottle really well as the directions said and sprayed it at my roots.  That was a disaster.  I am sure many of you that have used dry shampoos can guess what happened.  You see, I have brown hair.  The dry shampoo came out as a white powder that made my brown hair look grey.  I tried rubbing it in and it really didn’t go away.  I tried the other side of my hair thinking maybe I just held it too close to my head and used too much.  Nope! It did they same thing.  Now I HAD to wash my hair to get the white powder out of it.  There was no way I was going anywhere looking like that. I went back to the store and tried a different brand. Same thing…it left a visible white powder on my hair. Now what was I going to do? I was determined to be able to go 3-4 days without washing my hair but I couldn’t stand the oily mess that my hair was in when I woke up each morning.

JPEG image-9B4CCB1997D9-1

I don’t know if any of you have seen the millions of videos on Facebook lately by a company called L’ange. There are all these different bloggers and direct sales people promoting L’ange products and doing demonstrations using their styling tools to curl their hair.  If you are like me, you have watched too many to count.  I don’t know why I am fascinated with them, but I am. Anyway, in the videos they all talk about how amazing the L’ange Dejavu Dry Shampoo is and how it doesn’t leave a white powdery film like most dry shampoos do.  Well, after seeing and hearing this from several videos, I was sold. At this point, I would try anything! I decided to order some.  You guys, this stuff is amazing.  Not only does it spray clear, it actually really works and doesn’t have that strong powder smell to it like the other ones I had tried.  I am now obsessed with it.   It took me a while to get there but I now can go 3-4 days without washing my hair and I am totally okay with it. I really didn’t think I would ever be able to say that. Those first few times were really hard for me but I am proud of myself for sticking with it. My hair has finally gotten into a groove and actually looks just as good on day 3 as it did on day 1.  My hair has adjusted and is producing less oil than when I started, but I still need the dry shampoo by two. It’s a miracle, really.  I never believed I could do it.  I cannot tell you how much time it saves me not washing and drying my hair every day or how much I am kicking myself for not doing this years ago.  It has been so freeing.  Plus, the days that I do wash my hair are like heaven.  I enjoy it so much and my hair looks amazing! I highly recommend that you try to spread out the days between washes using the L’ange Dry Shampoo. It was life changing for me!

JPEG image-E4757102BF1E-1
Use code ONLY9 to get all products for $9 (only a limited time). 

L’ange is currently having a HUGE holiday sale, and all hair products are available for only $9 with the code ONLY9. If you are interested in any of their other products, I recommend the Rival Heat Shield to protect your hair when you blow dry it and style it with hot tools.  I also recommend the Sea + Salt Texturizing Spray, the Marula Oil Hydrating Mist, and the Satin Nectar Nourishing Gloss.  I own and love all of those products.  I have honestly heard great things about all of their products including all of their shampoos and conditioners, but I haven’t tried them yet.   In addition, I highly recommend their curling wands and flat irons, which are also on sale at a huge discount right now.  You can get either of them in titanium for harder to curl or thick hair, or you can get them in ceramic for easy to curl or thinner hair.  I have the 25 mm Titanium Lustre wand and the Titanium Le Reve flat iron. There are similar ones for an even lower price that will work just as well.  My next purchase will likely be one the of the blow dryers.  This is not a paid advertisement.  I really do own and love all of these products.  Now is the time to get the tools and products if you are interested.  I don’t know how long this crazy sale will last.   I paid full price for my wand before the sale, so trust me, you want to get these things while on sale. Think of it as an early Christmas present to yourself.  If you have friends or family that you need Christmas presents for, these products would make a great gift as well.  Go check it out here.

JPEG image-98B3A775A793-1
This is day 3 of not washing my hair, and it still looks great thanks to Lange’ Dry Shampoo!



I Think I’m Going Bald!

Thank You

I have officially been writing this blog for one month and I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I love putting together outfits to show you, exploring new ways to organize, sharing my favorite things, and most importantly sharing my triumphs and struggles.  I don’t think that I have ever been so real and open with anyone like this.  It is very therapeutic and eye opening at the same time. Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting me, and thank you for not judging my flaws.  I feel truly blessed. If you like what you are reading, please share it with your friends. It would mean the world to me.

Now on to today’s topic…my hair…AGAIN! Sorry you guys but I am having so many hair issues lately.  As you know we recently moved to a new area where I pretty much know no one, so I didn’t really have anyone to ask about salons and such in the area.  I did my own research online and found a few place by driving around town.  I picked this one salon that is not too far from my house that looked really nice online. I had already stalked them on Instagram to see some of their work and I was impressed.  Yes, I am pretty picky when it comes to who does my hair.  Ok, I’m pretty picky about everything.  I know! It’s one of my faults. I can’t help it. Anyway, I called and made an appointment.  The appointment was around 8 weeks ago.  I went in and the inside of the salon was nice, clean, and seemed pretty cool. I got a good vibe.  Good start! Then I met with the girl that was doing my hair and we talked a good bit about my hair, what I liked about it, what I didn’t like about it, and what I wanted done. I had some streaky blond highlights in my hair that I was tired of and wanted toned down, and I had some grey that I wanted to cover up.  Yes, I am old enough to have grey hair.  Shocking, I know! Unfortunately, more and more are popping up and I can’t stand it. Thankfully most of it is in the under layers of my hair so most people don’t notice it unless I have my hair pulled back which isn’t often.  It’s enough, though, that it bothers me every time I see it while drying and styling my hair.  Back to the point, the stylist recommended a toner versus doing my roots since (in her opinion) I didn’t really have that much grey. The toner would cover the grey and would tone down my highlights.   I was totally cool with that as my previous hairdresser had done that before as well. So far so good, right? Well, she proceeded to apply the toner while we chatted a little more. Then we let it sit and then rinsed it out…the normal steps of doing my hair.  When she rinsed and washed my hair, I was put in a reclining seat with my legs up and the chair actually massaged my back the entire time she was rinsing, washing, and massaging my head.  It was fabulous! Getting my hair done is always a relaxing experience for me, but this was even more amazing.  Then she proceeded to cut my hair.  If you all remember, I have super thick hair, so cutting my hair is not an easy or fast job.  Anyway, up until this point I was very pleased with the salon and my stylist.  I was actually very happy until she started telling me that she wasn’t feeling well and that she thought she either had food poisoning from some lettuce she ate or a stomach bug. Now, if you know me, you know that I am a germ-a-phobe (however you spell it).  She’s all up in my head and face, and I’m trying not to breathe because no one has time for a stomach bug and, well, GROSS! That was a little off-putting, but she honestly did a great job with the color and cut of my hair, and I loved the experience otherwise. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and went ahead that day and booked another appointment for 8 weeks later.

Everything is good, right? WRONG! No, I didn’t get the stomach bug or whatever was going on with her, thankfully.  Instead, I was up all night scratching my head.  It was so bad! My head was super itchy.  By the next morning my scalp and neck were so red and puffy.  I believe that I had an allergic reaction to something that was used on my hair but I honestly really don’t know.  Was it the shampoo? Was it the toner? Was it anything else that she put in my hair? Was it totally unrelated? I don’t know! It didn’t look like hives like I normally get with allergic reactions. It was just super red and puffy.  I am allergic to penicillin, magnesium, band-aids (or really any adhesive bandage), and a couple other medicines. I highly doubt that any of those things would be in the products used on my hair.  This has never happened before.  I was popping the Benadryl like candy.  Thankfully the redness went away after a couple of days, but I continued to be itchy for about a week.  You guys, I even checked myself for lice (which totally creeps me out, by the way) because that’s how itchy it was.

It has been 8 weeks since that appointment.  My next appointment is scheduled for tonight. Remember, I scheduled before I left the last appointment? Well, now I have the dilemma of whether or not to go back.  I desperately need a haircut! My hair grows so fast. I was not really impressed with any of the other salons nearby from my search, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they aren’t good ones.  I am torn with what to do.  Maybe it was a fluke and totally not related to the salon.  Ugh! I don’t know.  Maybe I will go and give it one more shot and see what happens.  I NEED a haircut.

Now, on to the next hair issue I am having.  I think in my other hair post (you should check it out for a good laugh if you haven’t) I mentioned that my hair falls out in handfuls on a daily basis.  There is always hair all over the floor in my bathroom and gobs of it in the shower.  That is totally the norm. You could never tell where the hair was coming from.  I have so much hair that loosing it has never been an issue until now.  If I thought that my hair was coming out in handfuls before, now it is coming out in gallons.  I don’t know what is going on, but I am now getting bad bald spots on both sides of my forehead at the temples.  There could be more bald spots but that’s all I can see.  This happened to me after having both of my girls, and I’ve been told that was normal due to hormones.  The hair does seem to be growing back because I have all these short baby hairs sticking up everywhere but it is still coming out in gobs.  I do have a thyroid issue, which I think could be the culprit along with some other symptoms that aren’t hair related that I am having.  I had half of my thyroid removed 20 years ago and take thyroid mediation daily so my dose could need adjusting.  I have made an appointment with my doctor to get it checked but in the meantime, my hair is a mess.  My bangs cover the one side, but it is starting to get noticeable on the other side.  I look like I have a receding hair line.  Oh and the new hair that is growing in is making me look like I stuck my finger in an electric socket! It’s so bad. I really hope that it is as simple as changing my medication.

JPEG image-B59835A6E199-1

Maybe I can get some matching hair clip-ons like this Snapchat filter to cover up the bald spots! Do you think that would work? Haha!

On top of all that, I am having dry flakey skin right in my hair line just around my face. It looks like I have dandruff because it is all flaking off into my hair.  People keep telling me that I have food in my hair! It’s so embarrassing. From what I have read this can also be a sign of my thyroid levels being off. I couldn’t get in to see my doctor for a couple of weeks so I am just going to have to deal with it in the meantime, I guess.  To sum it all up for you, I desperately need a hair cut, I may or may not be allergic to the hair products that will be used on my head tonight, I am going bald, and I have lovely white flakes all in my hair.  I am a hot mess for sure! Oh and I forgot that I am also turning grey! AHHH! Can someone please tell me that this is all normal and that it will all go away very soon?

Anchored and Balding,


Hair like a Chameleon

I thought I would just continue with the theme of the past two days of reminiscing while looking through old pictures.  I thought it was only fitting to reminisce about the many stages of my hair.  You guys!!!! Seriously, my hair has changed so many times that it’s like a chameleon.  I’m not kidding! I would say that the first 10 or so years of my life, my hair can be blamed on my mother and my grandmother (I love them, but it’s true), and then the rest is totally on me! What were any of us thinking??? Just wait…it’s traumatizing to see!

Let me first begin by telling you about the natural tendencies of my hair.  I have crazy thick hair.  It’s so thick that whenever I make an appointment to get my hair done, they automatically know to add extra time to my appointment because it takes double the time to do my hair than a normal person, and that includes just getting a normal hair cut.  To get my hair highlighted, cut, washed, and blow dried, it takes between 3.5 and 4 hours. People always tell me that they are envious of my hair.  Well, I would gladly give them some. You could literally make a fur blanket for your dog with all of the hair that is on the floor when I get my hair cut.  Let’s not forget the amount of hair that sheds from my head on a daily basis too.  If you saw the hair in the shower and on my bathroom floor everyday, you would think I was totally balding. Nope! I’m not! I have to vacuum my bathroom floor every 2 days.  We even got a small Shark vac to keep in the bathroom just for my hair. It’s insane! I have so much hair that I have to get my hair cut and thinned every 8 weeks and that is stretching it.  I would prefer to go every 4 weeks, but that just gets expensive and time consuming. It grows insanely fast.  In addition to the thickness, my hair is straight as a board.  There is absolutely no body or curl anywhere on my head.  My hair doesn’t hold curl well either unless I use a lot of product on it.  I do easily get volume in my hair because it is so thick but no curl.  Even though my hair is straight as can be, I have to straighten it everyday just to tame it down.  My hair is big in all its thickness.

savingPNG 8

As a young little girl (toddler age), my mom thought it would be great for me to have a bowl hair cut. Really??? I look like a boy.  I don’t know if people confused me for a male at that age or not, but my kids look at pictures of me at that time and think it’s hilarious that I look like a boy.  Maybe it was on trend in those days, but I don’t recall ever seeing pictures of my friends as toddlers with bowl cuts.  Hmmmm….

savingPNG 7 copy

My mom finally decided to let my hair grow so I at least started looking like a girl.  In came the part down the middle. I think she got that from her hair from the 70’s because she had long hair back then with a part down the middle.  My hair does not naturally part down the middle so unless you used those adorable <eye roll> plastic barrettes, the hair wasn’t staying parted down the middle. Oh and we needed the barrettes to hold back the bangs may or may not have been growing out. I’m not sure what was going on.

savingPNG 7

The bangs did not end up going away, and I started preschool with long, straight hair and bangs. I have to say this look was one of my better looks as a child.  It’s actually probably my favorite of the many hairstyles that I had when I was younger. In fact, this is the only hairstyle that I liked until maybe high school. I have no idea why it ever got changed!  Oh wait….yes I do.  My mom! (I love you mom!)

savingPNG 6

From the cute, long, straight hairstyle came the mullet.  You thought that it was mostly guys that had the mullet in the 80’s like Billy Ray Cyrus with his “Achy, Breaky, Heart”, but that’s not true because I had one too!  No lie! The bangs somehow got further and further back on my head and this beautiful style was born. We had a little bit of the feathering from the 70’s with the bangs and the full-blown mullet from the 80’s. Why???? I think I was a cute kid, but the hair just ruins the cute face, doesn’t it?

savingPNG 2 copy 2

savingPNG 5

I know you are dying laughing right now! Who wouldn’t be after seeing the pics above? Enter the wonderful idea from my mom and grandmother to PERM my hair!!! I can’t even! A person with as thick of hair as me should NEVER get a perm! I repeat, NEVER! I look like I had a giant bush on my head.  How anyone ever thought this looked good is baffling to me.  Just look at it! There are no words.  This look continued year after year with perm after perm. Not only did they do this to me, but they also did the exact same thing to my sister.  She has thick hair as well but not as thick as mine, and she actually has some natural curl to her hair.  We were bush twins! IT. WAS. SO. BAAAAAD!!! My uncle got married sometime during those years and my sister and I were junior bridesmaids in the wedding. We had to get fresh perms for the wedding so the curls were “just right.”  Then we had to wear LARGE, green, tulle bows in our hair.  It was like we had Christmas trees on our heads. All we needed were some hooks and ornaments to complete the look!  I couldn’t find a picture of that to show it to you in all its glory, but boy was it a sight!

savingPNG 3

By the time I got to middle school, I was the one wanting a perm. I mean that’s what I knew and the wave perm was popular at that time.  It wasn’t the big bush on top of my head anymore, but it was big.  Oh and let’s not forget the curled back bangs. Weren’t they nice? The higher the better, right? UGH!!!

savingPNG 9 copy

Thankfully, by the end of middle school we had all come to our senses and stopped the perms! Praise the Lord!!! I will NEVER get another one!  I was finally letting my hair be its natural self, sort of. I still had the curled bangs but they were at least being curled down and not up anymore.  I still curled my hair under with a curling iron. I just couldn’t give it up completely, but you can see the improvements are coming.

savingPNG 8 copy

High school came and went with long straight hair that I still curled under and still curled those bangs every day.  A very special man, who I miss dearly, that started cutting my hair at that time called it a “turd curl!” He was right! I curled those bangs as tight as I could and they looked like a curled up turd on my forehead!  I don’t know why but I did it. I guess I thought it looked good. On fancy occasions I would roll my mop of hair with hot curlers, and I would French braid it myself when I was cheering.  That was a lot of hair to curl and a lot of hair to braid.

savingPNG 5 copy

I just had to throw this lovely Glamour Shot in there so you could see how much and how big my hair was when it was curled back in those high school days.  So much hair!!!


The summer before I went to college I had finally decided to grow out the bangs.  My hair was still long but I was now curling it out instead of under. Once my bangs were all grown out, I decided I was tired of all of that hair and I chopped it off.  It has since stayed varying lengths of short from super short to just above my shoulders. I did grow it out long one more time for my wedding, but shortly after that, I cut it all off again.

savingPNG 10

Fast forward to present day. I am not sure if I will ever go back to really long hair again.  With the thickness, it is just so much hair.  My husband really would like for me to have long hair again, but I just can’t stand it.  I did decide to go back to bangs about 8 years ago, but there is no more turd curl and no more curling iron.  I do use a flat iron to make it a little flatter and not so poofy, but that’s it. I know I will never perm my hair again, but I have recently experimented with a curling wand to get some beachy waves when it was a little longer.  It kind of brought back memories of the nightmare hair. Haha! I don’t know if I will do it again or not, though.  What do you think?

savingPNG 2 copy 3

I hope you have enjoyed a good laugh at my expense.  Unfortunately, I am stuck with those pictures and memories for the rest of my life! My kids sure do enjoy looking at them.  My youngest even called my mom the other night asking her what she did to me and why.  Thankfully we have learned from it and my hair is no longer as large as a bush!

Anchored down by hair,