Style Trends: Animal Print

Last fall I did a post on the ever-popular animal print trend.  I am happy to report that this is a trend that is still going strong and can be seen all over this fall too.  One of the most popular is leopard print, but this season snakeskin print is making a strong showing as well.  I have also seen some giraffe and zebra prints floating around.  Now, I am not saying that you should go head to toe in animal print or that you should even mix animals into one outfit.  In fact, I would go as far as telling you not to do that. There are many different ways that you can follow this trend and add it to your wardrobe without looking like you stepped out of a safari.  Adding a pair of animal print shoes, a belt, earrings, bracelet, or scarf are all ways you can subtly be on trend. You can check out my previous animal post here for some looks that I put together with pieces I already had in my wardrobe last fall. Today I have scoured my favorite stores for some new animal print pieces that I think would make a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.


  1. Target-Tiger Dress
  2. Target-Leopard Dress (See it on me here.)
  3. Loft Outlet-Snake Dress
  4. Target-Snake Dress
  5. Loft Outlet-Leopard Dress
  6. Amazon-Leopard Dress


  1. Loft Outlet-Leopard Top
  2. Loft Outlet-Zebra T-Shirt
  3. Target-Zebra Sweater
  4. Target-Leopard Blouse
  5. Target-Leopard T-Shirt
  6. Amazon-Leopard Top


  1. Amazon-Leopard Maxi Skirt


  1. Loft Outlet-Snake Purse
  2. Target-Leopard Crossbody
  3. Target-Leopard Purse (This purse is on the pricier side, especially for Target. I couldn’t resist how adorable it is.)
  4. Target-Snake Purse
  5. Amazon-Leopard Tote  


  1. Loft Outlet- Snake Mules
  2. Target-Leopard Slip-Ons (See them on me here.)
  3. Target-Leopard Sneakers
  4. Target-Cheetah Wedges
  5. Target-Snake Wedges
  6. Amazon-Snake Bootie
  7. Amazon-Leopard Toms


  1. Loft Outlet-Leopard Scarf
  2. Loft Outlet-Snake Scarf
  3. Loft Outlet-Snow Leopard Earrings
  4. Loft Outlet-Snake Cuff
  5. Amazon-Leopard Belt
  6. Trades of Hope-Trove Cuff
  7. Trades of Hope-Trove Earrings
  8. Trades of Hope-Giraffe Handbag Charm
  9. Trades of Hope-Zebra Handbag Charm

I could keep going because there is just so much out there that I love, but I have to make myself stop. Some other pieces to look for are sweatshirts, utility jackets, denim animal print jackets, and more. If you go to any of your favorite online stores and type in “animal print” in the search box, you will find tons of cute things. Plus, you can find it in most stores as well. I don’t foresee this trend going away any time soon. Happy Shopping!


*This post contains commissioned links. Should you choose to purchase items through these links, I may earn a small commission.

Friday Favorites: TOH Fall 2019 Collection

I know that you are all probably getting tired of hearing about Trades of Hope these days, but it is such a huge part of my life now that it is hard to not write about it.  I promise this will be the last time for a little while.  We just launched our Fall 2019 line entitled Shades of the Savanna, and I have to share with you my favorite pieces from the line.  They are all so good, but I have managed to narrow it down to my favorites in each category.  This line was inspired by a visit to Africa by our founders and is comprised of elements that could be seen on a journey through the African Savanna.  Things like feathers, various stones, hammered metals, and leather are seen throughout the collection. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted by our artisan partners who are working to change their lives every day. These pieces give them hope and power to rise up and live a better life.

Earrings: Trove Earrings

I am totally obsessed with these earrings created by women in Asia who have been rescued from brothels and sex trafficking. They feature tan, brown, and black shades to mimic the pattern of a leopard or tortoise shell in this cool geometric shape. They are extremely lightweight and very much on trend right now. We even have a Trove Cuff that matches them perfectly. 

Bracelet: Sanctuary Bracelet

Women in Haiti create this bracelet with its vibrant colors. These women are now able to keep their own babies instead of dropping them at an orphanage because they had no means to care for them.  This bracelet is created with hand-rolled cereal box beads and hand-painted Haitian clay. This clay is the same clay that they have had to use to make cookies for their children because they didn’t have anything else to feed them. Through this sustainable business they are now able to provide real food for their families and provide for them in ways they never could before.

Necklace: Radiant Necklace Set

While this set is more on the expensive side of our products, it is absolutely gorgeous.  It features 3 separate necklaces of varying lengths that can be worn together or apart.  They feature hammered discs, labradorite stone, and a blue topaz crystal drop.  These necklaces are handcrafted by women in India rising up out of extreme poverty. 

Scarf: Patrika Scarf

This scarf is so unique and versatile.  It is created by women in India using a hand blocking method.  Wooded blocks are carved to created the desired design. Then using natural dyes, these women use the block to stamp the design onto the fabric. How cool is that? Each scarf has slight variations due to the hand blocking technique.  This scarf is large in size and can be worn as a vest, bathing suit cover-up, head wrap, or as a regular scarf. 

HandBag: Rabia Bag

Women in India who are escaping extreme poverty handcrafted this gorgeous genuine leather bag. It comes with a detachable crossbody strap. The inside is lined with a beautiful blue-stripped fabric. It features an interior slip pocket and a zipper pocket. This bag does not even look handmade, but it is.  It looks like any designer bag you would get at a department store, but this bag is handmade and sold through fair trade to empower these women out of poverty. It is so beautiful.  Check out these adorable giraffe and zebra handbag charms that you can add to this bag made by our artisans in Guatelmala.

Home Decor: Batwa Basket Set

These baskets are handcrafted by women from the Batwa Tribe in Uganda who have been forced out of their native land as a conservation effort to protect the mountain gorillas. These people are treated like animals. Their partnership with TOH has given them dignity and a means to survive. These women weave each basket by hand using tall grasses and natural materials as dyes.   It takes 2 weeks to complete one basket!   Aren’t they adorable?

To check out the entire Fall 2019 collection and more, you can visit my website.  These truly are some of my new favorite things and the stories behind them melt my heart.  Aren’t they all so great?


Hiding in Plain Sight

savingPNG 2 copy

Today’s fashion trend is one that wasn’t seen too much on the fall 2018 runways but is still one that is currently on trend. If you look at fashion influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and other bloggers, you will see a ton of it.  You can also find it anywhere from stores like Walmart to stores like Nordstrom. The trend for today is camouflage! It is a trend that I am kind of obsessed with.  Honestly, if you ask my kids, they would say that that I am a lot obsessed with it.  I can’t explain why I am so drawn to it but I am.  You would think that someone that doesn’t like the outdoors or nature and who loves fashion wouldn’t be caught dead in camo clothes, but I promise you that you can wear it and still look stylish and cute. When I walk in a store, I can’t help myself from looking for it, and I promise I am not looking in the sporting goods section for it either! I know most of you are thinking I’m crazy and that there is no way you would ever wear camouflage.  I promise it isn’t the camo overalls or camo thermal underwear type of camouflage that my dad wears when he goes hunting!  There are stylish ways to add something a little different to your wardrobe. It is also a great neutral that can go with lots of things.  Trust me on this one!

savingPNG 7

Outfit #1

This is the very first piece of camo that I bought a couple of years ago.  It was before the trend really exploded.  Hey, I was being fashion forward! LOL! When I wore these pants for the first time, my husband looked at me like I was crazy and asked me if I was going hunting.  Of course I rolled my eyes and smacked him on the arm.  What does he know about fashion? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! He has worn a uniform for 80% of his entire life!!! Side note, never take fashion advice from your husband unless he is the metrosexual type that is into fashion! Mine certainly isn’t, but I love him anyway.  Moving on…I then wore these pants in front of my mom and sister, and they had a similar reaction.  Again, I was ahead of the trend, and I really loved these pants and still do.   I continued to wear them and started getting compliments on them and people were starting to ask where I got them because they wanted them.  Fast forward a couple of years and camo is now cool and in style. I still get compliments on these pants and my husband still asks if I am going hunting every time I wear camo. My favorite way to wear these pants is with a different black top that I haven’t been able to find since our move (tears) and my favorite black heel booties.  I didn’t do a picture that way since I couldn’t find my usual top, but I did want to show you how you could dress them down or dress them up a little more for work. Yes, I have worn these to work many times.

savingPNG 6

Outfit #2

For the second outfit with the same pants, I wanted to add something that would be appropriate for the work setting.  Now, as you can see, this denim shirt is a little large on me.  While I don’t like the look of it on me this big, it makes me happy to see it on me because it is a testament to the weight I have lost over the past 8 months.  Go me! Although it is too big on me, I wanted you to get the idea of how denim could be paired with it. Now, I get to go shopping for a smaller one! <wink>

savingPNG 4.PNG

savingPNG 2.PNG

Outfit #3

These shoes are the newest addition to my wardrobe, and they are now competing with my camo pants as my favorite camo piece.  These are the same shoes as the leopard shoes that I shared last week.  They are so comfortable, affordable, and adorable! I will tell you that these shoes have been so popular that a lot of stores are sold out, and they are often sold out online.  Don’t fret! They do come back in stock.  They were sold out when I first tried to buy them, but I was patient and got them last week! I was soooo excited! Tip: They usually come back in stock first thing in the morning and are sold out by the afternoon.  Just keep checking back.  These shoes are a great way to ease your way into the camo trend. They are subtle and just add a little bit of character to your outfit.

savingPNG 5.PNG

Outfit #4

This is another camo piece that I went on a hunt for.  I saw it at American Eagle and wanted it, but they didn’t have it in my size so I went home and tried to order it online. It was sold out there too.  Are you seeing a pattern? Everyone wants camo! Anyway, I kept checking online to see if they restocked but they never did. Then, I finally went to a different AE (I went to several) and found it! I was so happy! It is so soft and comfy and I love the vintage wash of it. Unfortunately, unless you are lucky enough to find one left in the store, this one is no longer available. However, I have found some similar alternatives for you, though.

savingPNG 3.PNG

Outfit #5

This utility jacket is another new piece for me, and I am in love with it for fall.  It has a hood, a draw string to cinch the waist a little, and is just super cute.  You can pair it with so many things. Here I just have a simple white tee and black jeans. You can pair it with grey, black, green, and brown.  You can dress it up with a cute pair of booties, flats, or even heels; or you can dress it down with some tall boots or converse. There are so many possibilities.

savingPNG 8.PNG

Outfit #6

I love a good pair of leggings (another one of my obsessions), and these camo leggings are no exception. They are high waisted so they keep all of your junk contained. Let’s be honest, most of us need to keep our junk contained! (#truth) If you are shorter, they may be long on you but you can roll them for a cute look as well (see below). They even have a secret key pocket inside. I don’t know of anyone that would actually stick their keys in there (uncomfortable??), but it is there if you need it. I have them paired with a Lularoe Irma tunic but any tunic will work. This is just my opinion, but I believe if you are going to wear leggings, you need to cover your backside. This shirt is a high/low hem where it is longer in the back and perfect for wearing with leggings.  I have found some cute options for you in both short and long sleeve.

savingPNG 9.PNG

Outfit #7

This outfit is the same as above with just a slight variation to dress it down.  I rolled the bottom of the legs and added a pair of Converse shoes.  I am wearing these today rolled up but with a black, long sleeve shirt. Cute and comfy!

Since I am literally obsessed with camo, I have done some searches to find some more cute options for you.  They are not only adorable, but they are also affordable.  You can find some other options that are more expensive at places like Nordstrom that are really cute as well. However, I am all about affordable options. If you have a little more cash to spend, go check those out too. You might find something you love. Otherwise, click on the links below for all the camo you could ever want.  There are even some cute colored options if you aren’t a fan of the shades of green and browns.

Photos curtesy of Target

Target-all camo

Old Navy
Photos curtesy of Old Navy

Old Navy-all camo

American Eagle
Photos curtesy of American Eagle

American Eagle-They have a ton of camo for every sports team you can think of so there is a lot to go through.  I just picked a few of my non-sports related favorites for you.

Photos curtesy of Walmart

Walmart-If you do a search on camo at Walmart, you are going to find the kind of camo that you would wear to go hunting.  That is NOT the camo that you want if you are trying to be on trend.  If you are a country girl who likes going hunting and fishing and wants to wear that, though, go for it. Here are a few cute pieces that I like.

Photo curtesy of Express

Express-I think this might be my next camo purchase.  I absolutely LOVE this sweatshirt. It is currently on sale so grab it quick!

I hope you can see how camo can me added to your wardrobe to give you a little bit of edge and style. Maybe you will become obsessed like me! We can hide in plain sight together. <wink, wink>  Check out my Pinterest board for some more inspiration. Let me see what you’ve got!

Anchored in Style,