Friday Favorites: Sunscreen and Sunless Tanner

Summer is right around the corner. My kids have two weeks left of school and many others are already out for summer vacation.  With summer vacation comes time at the pool, the beach, and lots of other outdoor fun. Time outside means exposure to the sun and its harmful rays. If you know me, you know that I am a fanatic about sunscreen. I am a very “moley” person. I have moles everywhere and lots of them. I have had the unfortunate pleasure of having multiple moles that have had to be removed for being severely atypical. That is super close to cancer. Because of this, I am a crazy person when it comes to sun exposure.  I lather myself and everyone in my family with sunscreen multiple times when we are out in the sun.  I even wear hats when I am in the sun for prolonged periods of time. I also wear sunscreen on my face every single day whether I am going to be out in the sun or not.  Everyone needs to wear sunscreen, but the key is reapplying it.  You can’t just put it on once and expect it to work all day long. I personally reapply every hour. My philosophy is better safe than sorry!  I also would never recommend a spray sunscreen.  You can never get good coverage with a spray. I guarantee that you will miss spots and then you will have a weird tan.  

I have tried multiple brands of sunscreen over the years.  Most sunscreens are thick, difficult to rub in, smell bad, and leave you feeling sticky.  It has taken years to find a sunscreen that I really love, but I finally found it a couple of years ago.  I promise you that I am not saying this just because I am a consultant.  It really is that good!  My favorite sunscreen is Rodan + Fields Essentials Sunscreen SPF 30.  I am not kidding you when I say that it is the best sunscreen that I have ever used.  It is thin, smells good, and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on your skin.  I would even go as far as saying it leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed, not sticky and gross. It applies evenly and it actually works.  I am obsessed with this sunscreen.  I will forever use it as long as I am going out in the sun. I think I probably have about 5 bottles of it in my house right now because I don’t want to run out!  I love it! R+F also has a Lip Shield that protects your lips from the sun. It smells like lemons! I am not especially attached to the lip shield, but I think it is important to remember to protect your lips with some form of SPF made for lips.

Now, you may be thinking that my crazy obsession with sunscreen leaves me pasty white all the time, and you would be correct.  I am paler than pale for the majority of the year.  I will say that I still get a golden complexion in the summer without getting burned using the R+F sunscreen. I prefer not to get even that from the sun though because I am so afraid of the sun’s rays.  Anyway, I have a solution for the pasty white skin too. I do not, and will not, ever recommend a tanning bed because I believe it is just as bad as regular sun exposure if not worse.  I also personally won’t do a spray tan.  I don’t have anything against them, but I just know that it is not for me.  I will tell you that I have tried a million sunless tanners.  I can’t stand 90% of them because of the smell.  I have mentioned before that smells trigger my migraines, and most sunless tanners have triggered them with their strong smells.  Let’s not even mention all the ones I have tried over the years that leave streaks or turn you orange.  There is another win with Rodan + Fields!  Their Essentials Foaming Sunless Tanner is the best one I have ever tried.  It does have a smell to it, but it isn’t super strong and to me smells more citrus than chemical and does not trigger migraines for me.  It is easy to apply and does not leave streaks.  It also has never turned me orange.  It works great. Whenever I have applied it, I get people commenting on my nice tan. They often ask if I have been to the beach. It gives you an even, glowing complexion, and you start to have that warm glow within an hour of application.  It does not leave a sticky feel either, and it lasts for about a week.  You can control how dark you want to be as well by applying one or two layers. It truly is the best and I use it year round.  I’m obsessed! 

In summary, avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. Protect your skin and lips by using sunscreen whenever you are outside. Reapply often.  Find safer ways to get that sun-kissed glow without exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, and enjoy your summer without a painful sunburn!

Anchored and Protected,

Friday Favorites: Bright Eye Complex

I am getting a late start to this post today because we closed on our new house this morning!!! I couldn’t be any more excited except maybe the day we actually move. It is so awesome! We also have ANOTHER snow day today with more snow.  It has been lightly snowing since about 6:00 this morning. My kids really NEED to go back to school! They are driving me nuts! 

Moving on to the topic of today….another one of my favorite things. You know the thin, fragile layer of skin under your eyes? It is often the very first place to show signs of stress and fatigue.  That along with dehydrated skin causes our eyes to develop dark circles, puffiness, and dullness. Never fret! I have the solution! If you are a mom like me, you need this product in your life. I am talking about Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex.  This stuff is amazing! It is a very lightweight gel-cream.  You actually really don’t feel it once you apply it because it’s so light.  It is designed to visibly improve the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and dullness.  It hydrates the skin, diffuses discoloration, and minimizes puffiness using R+F’s own 3D3P Molecular Matrix, caffeine, and phytonutrients.  Basically, it makes your tired eyes look rested and refreshed. Your skin needs hydrated skin, and hydrated skin looks and behaves younger. Don’t we all wish we looked bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning? I know I do! 

The results really speak for themselves. I use this product daily to keep me from looking as tired as a feel, and it really works. Based on a 4-week consumer study, 87% of participants saw a visible improvement in dark under-eye circles, and 91% of participants saw a visible improvement in under-eye puffiness.   

I have super sensitive eyes. Just about everything causes my eyes to get irritated, or I get these little allergy bumps as my doctor called them all under my eye lids. Bright Eye Complex does not cause any irritation for me, which makes it even more awesome.  I have never had any issues with it, and I use it daily.  It is definitely a product that I will likely use forever to keep me looking young and well rested, even when I am neither! 


Friday Favorites: Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

Prior to about 3 years ago, I had never exfoliated my skin.  I honestly never thought about it or thought that it was something I should do. I have since learned that our skin is constantly shedding skin cells. New skin cells push the old skin cells to the surface.  Those dead cells can cause your skin to appear dull, can clog your pores, and can mix with your makeup. As we age, the rate at which our body naturally sheds those dead cells decreases. That is why we need to do something to help get rid of those dead cells.  I mean, who wants dry, flakey, dead skin that looks and behaves older than you are? Not me! Did you know that if you don’t exfoliate your skin at least once a week, you reduce the effectiveness of any creams or serums that you use? Those products will only be absorbed by the top layer of dead skin and not get to the new skin cells where you want it. Exfoliating your skin is key to younger looking skin.  When you exfoliate your skin, you are removing dead skin cells and allowing healthy, new cells to take their place.  In addition to speeding up cell renewal and enhancing cell turnover, it also diminishes your pore size and increases blood circulation. It helps you to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

One of my all-time favorite Rodan + Fields products, and probably the one that got me hooked on R+F, is the Enhancements Micro-dermabrasion Paste.  You really have to try this stuff.  It not only smells amazing, but it also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, renewed, and refreshed after just one use. This oil-free salt and sugar blend gently exfoliates dead skin cells to provide even-looking skin tone and smooth skin texture. It is packed with vitamins C and E, both of which nourish and brighten skin. It just enhances your skin’s overall radiance. I cannot even begin to describe to you how awesome this stuff makes your skin feel.

Another great thing about the Enhancements Microdermabrasion Paste is that it’s not just for your face. It is even gentle enough to use on your lips. I love to use it on my dry, cracking heels in the summer to have my feet looking perfect for flip-flop and sandal weather. You can even use it on your husband’s scratchy elbows! It is also great to use in conjunction with sunless tanners.  It allows you to get a more even and longer-lasting, healthy glow without being baked in the sun. You can even pair it with R+F’s Active Hydration Body Replenish for super soft skin. I have also seen where people have used this paste to enhance the color of their tattoos. It’s amazing.

One jar of the paste will last 6-12 months depending on how often you use it and how many people in your house are using it.  I personally only use it once a week and look forward to that day all week. You can use it up to 3 times a week.  I highly recommend this product to anyone (except those with very sensitive skin, irritation, or redness).  Once you use it one, you will want to use it every day.  That’s how good it makes your skin feel.


Friday Favorites: Body Replenish

Active Hydration Body Replenish Application

For the last three years we lived in sunny South Georgia where winter didn’t really exist.  It very rarely got cold, and we only ran our heat a handful of times each year.  Now we are back up north where winter has come early and our heat has been running daily for weeks.  My skin definitely has to readapt to the cold weather outside and dry heat in my house. A couple of weeks ago, I insisted that my husband go buy some humidifiers for the house because my skin and sinuses did not like me. My skin was getting all dry, itchy, and wrinkly. Well, the humidifiers helped but they certainly didn’t cure my dry skin.  Then I remembered one of the best products on the planet…Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Body Replenish.  This stuff is like crack in a tub! I am not kidding.  It can take dry, wrinkly skin and turn it into smooth, hydrated skin in a matter of minutes.  Did you know that providing hydration for your skin can help maintain your skin’s elasticity and prevent and improve the appearance of wrinkles? Not only does hydrated skin feel better, but it looks better too. Hydrated skin is plumper, more supple, helps address surface dullness, and can fight oil and acne. What? Can one product really do all that? You bet! Even a little hydration can go a long way to improve the overall health and appearance of both the body and skin. The results are visible.

Active Hydration Body Replenish- Water Droplets copy

Active Hydration Body Replenish is a game-changer. It’s not just another lotion and here’s why:

What is is?

It’s an ultra-hydrating, fast-absorbing daily body cream that combines Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid formulated especially for the skin from the neck down.  The additional benefits of Jojoba, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter help lock in hydration while conditioning the skin for lasting benifits. It features R+F’s own proprietary 3D3P Molecular Matrix technology (basically the doctors created their own molecule to add hydration in a different way so it delivers 30% Glycerin).

What does it do?

It leaves skin feeling immediately hydrated and helps keep it glowing by correcting and preventing dehydration that can lead to premature signs of aging.  Dehydrated skin not only looks older but also behaves older.  If skin is behaving older, it is aging faster. Who wants that? Not me! Active Hydration Body Replenish instantly makes your skin feel softer and smoother and gives you younger-looking and younger-acting skin.

How does it work?

It continuously draws in moisture from the air and locks it in place, restoring your skin to its optimal hydration level. It also adjusts to your skin’s needs-delivering hydration to areas that need it most and leaves your skin feeling softer, smoother, more nourished and hydrated all day. Active Hydration Body Replenish raises your skin’s hydration level 200%. That is unheard of! There is not another product out there like this one.  I can assure you.

Active Hydration Body Replenish Participant

What does the research say?

A clinical study revealed that Active Hydration Body Replenish MORE than DOUBLES your skin’s hydration level in just 4 weeks! The study also found…

  • 100% of participants had improved overall healthy skin appearance
  • 100% of participants had improvement in visual skin texture
  • 97% of participants had improvement in skin radiance
  • 94% of participants had improvement in the look of crepiness
  • 90% of participants noticed instantly softer skin
  • 89% of participants reported that their skin felt immediately nourished

What do the people say? featured Active Hydration Body Replenish is an article entitled “The Best New Beauty Products of 2018,” praising the product’s ability to “hydrate skin after just one use” with “magic ingredients [of] Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin that both draw in moisture from the atmosphere and lock it onto skin.” praised it as the “best new skincare” in August of 2018, one that is just as “hydrating (and luxurios) as its predecessor.”

Beauty go-to Birdie gave a glowing review or our “science-backed products full of ingredients that’s actually deliver,” especially Body Replenish which “absorbs so quickly and keeps skin hydrated for hours on end.”

Active Hydration Body Replenish Open

Trust me when I say that you want this product.  It will be an answer to your skin’s prayers! I especially love it for my dry, cracked heels, my legs, and my chest. Honestly, I practically bathe in the stuff when I get out of the shower. It’s that good. We currently have an awesome gift set available while supplies last that includes Active Hydration Body Replenish and our Microdermabrasion Paste (which is also one of my favorites) and a FREE Foaming Sunless Tanner. You can check out all of these products and more here.

Anchored and Hydrated,


Friday Favorites: Lash Boost

JPEG image-99682BE460A9-1

Before we get into my favorite thing for today, I wanted to give a little update on the saga that is my hair.  I did end up going to my appointment last night, and it went well.  I discussed all of my issues with my stylist.  She agreed that the hair loss could be related to my thyroid and, in fact, brought it up before I did without knowing my history. She said it could also be hormone related or just a normal shedding cycle because it is definitely growing back. As far as the allergic reaction, she felt like it wouldn’t have been the shampoo or products used on my hair. She said if it were anything, it was likely from the toner but that she had never heard of anyone having a reaction like that before and even asked other stylists in the salon who said the same.  So…we didn’t do any color, but that was the plan anyway for that appointment. She just washed, cut, and dried my hair. I am happy to report that I had no reaction last night or this morning so it wasn’t the shampoo or conditioner.  I have also decided to give the color one more try in December.  If I react then, I will have to go to a new salon. I am happy for now at least with my hair situation! Now on to today’s favorite thing…


Today’s favorite is another awesome Rodan + Fields product.  It is right up there at the top of my favorites with our newest product Radiant Defense.  Lash Boost was launched to customers two years ago today, and it has taken the world by storm.   I am personally obsessed with this product and have had great success in my own personal results. I promise you that I will never recommend a product that I don’t personally use and love! I LOVE this product!

Lash Boost - E News #1.jpg copy

Did you know that as you age, your lashes become shorter and thinner? As we age our skin’s ability to retain moisture becomes decreased.  This can lead to lower hormone levels. When specific hormone levels decrease, it can cause your follicles to be under stimulated which in turn slows the growth of new hair.  This includes not only the hair on your head, but also your lashes and brows. Our eyes are often the first things that people notice and our eyes are a sign of our youth. We don’t want tired sad looking eyes, right? Fifty percent of women surveyed said that mascara was the one make-up product that couldn’t live without. I know that is true for me. It is because we want our lashes to appear fuller, longer, and darker so that we look awake and young.

Lash Boost - E News #2.jpg copy

Lash Boost is a nightly eyelash conditioning serum used to enhance the natural appearance of your lashes in as little as 4 weeks with maximum results seen in 8 weeks. This product can give you fuller-looking, longer-looking, and darker-looking lashes. What the what? You guys, this product works! It uses R+F’s multi-med therapy to moisturize, nourish, and protect your lashes. First, it moisturizes the eyelashes, promoting flexibility and resilience.  Then, it provides nutrition to the lashes through 3 different amino acids peptides. Finally, it protects your lashes from breakage and brittleness with Biotin and Keratin. That’s not all, you can also get these same benefits on your eyebrows! How many of you around my age have plucked your eyebrows so much that they are now a thin, barley-there strip of hair? I am sure many of you are raising your hand right now.  I know I am a culprit of too much plucking.  Did you also know that thick, bushier brows are now in? Yep! You can get fuller-looking brows with this product too.

InStyle - Lash Boost copy

Now if that wasn’t enough, here is what sets Lash Boost apart. It is ophthalmologist tested, and there is no prescription needed. It has demonstrated to be gentle and safe for everyday use. I will say that I have super sensitive eyes and I have had trouble with my eyes for years with various products.  This product does not irritate my eyes at all. It is a single tube application like mascara. Just one swipe across your upper lash line at night on a clean face is all you need.  Your lashes will begin to transform while you are sleeping. In an 8 week consumer study, 90% of subjects noticed an improvement in the appearance of full lashes, 85% noticed and improvement in the appearance of long lashes, and 63% noticed and improvement in the appearance of darker lashes. I personally have seen a huge improvement in longer-looking lashes and fuller-looking brows. My lashes have never been more longer-looking than they are now. I have to be careful now when I first put mascara on because my lashes often brush up against my glasses and leave streaks of mascara all over them if they aren’t dry. That’s a problem that I will gladly deal with! It is also hard for me to get a picture of my lashes with my eyes open so you can see just how long-looking they are because I have deep set eyes but I promise you there is a significant change from before I started using Lash Boost to now.  Check out these results below including my own personal results.

If this product interests you or you have any questions, feel free to ask, or check it out here on my website.  All Rodan + Fields products come with a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t see the results you are looking for, you can return it for a full refund.  What do you have to loose? NOTHING! What do you have to gain? Gorgeous looking lashes that are 100% natural and 100% yours! Um….yes, please!



Friday Favorites-Radiant Defense


It is my favorite day for blogging! On Fridays I am going to share with you something that is a favorite thing in my life. Those things could include things like books, songs, make-up products, planners, kitchen items, TV shows, movies, food, skincare products, and more.  The possibilities are endless.  There are just so many things that I love that I want to share with you, so lets get going!

savingPNG 2

One thing I am loving right now as I am typing is the soundtrack to the The Greatest Showman. Oh my! If you haven’t seen the movie, you need to.  The music is amazing! I find it super inspirational.  I don’t think I could even choose just one song from the soundtrack as my favorite.  I really love them all. I was definitely late to the game on this one and only watched this movie a few weeks ago.  I am so sad that I waited because I missed out on the opportunity to see it in theaters. I immediately bought the whole soundtrack after I watched it. If you aren’t into musicals, you may not like it, but I highly recommend it! It is a story about P.T. Barnum staring Hugh Jackman, Zac Effron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, and many more talented individuals.  The story shows the struggles of coming from nothing and chasing big dreams at all costs.  It is how a young man created the huge sensation of the world famous circus. It is so good! I can’t wait to watch it again!

IMG_0033 copy

I am an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields (R+F).  If you don’t know what R+F is, let me give you a brief rundown.  Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the creators of Proactiv Solution, launched a skincare company 10 years ago with a mission to create life-changing skincare solutions for all skin types. R+F is currently the #1 skincare brand in North America and within 10 years has grown into a 1 billion dollar brand with launches in Canada and Australia and more countries in the works. Long story short, these 2 powerful women have created clinically-proven, dermatology-inspired products that work.  They truly have created life-changing skin care giving women (and men) everywhere confidence to go out and face the world.  Now, I promise I am not always going to feature R+F products on here, but they are some of my favorite things so they will make an appearance from time to time like today.

IMG_0083 copy

One of my most favorite things right now is R+F’s newest product that launched to all customers 4 days ago.  It is our new Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid.  I have been waiting for this product since I joined R+F two and a half years ago.  This is not a foundation.  It is not a BB cream.  It is not a CC cream.  It is not make-up. Then what is it, you ask? It is a Derma-cosmetic! What in the world does that mean? It is a dermatology-inspired skincare product, which means that it not only perfects your skin, it also protects your skin while giving you a radiant, healthy looking complexion. It color corrects by instantly blurring imperfections. It is non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores), non-acnegenic (won’t cause you to breakout), oil free, and provides all-day tinted coverage. The best part it that it also provides 3 layers of defense.  It is proven to defend against environmental aggressors (think pollution, daily stress), provide barrier defense (repairs your skins moisture barrier), and provide photo defense (protects against sun damage caused by UVA and UVB rays and disperses infrared rays). What? Is it possible to use a product that not only perfects my skin but that also benefits my skin at the same time? YES!!! This product is amazing! It feels so light-weight on your skin and it is designed to be buildable.  You can choose the amount of coverage you want from light to heavier and you can choose to apply it either with your fingers or the cool brush R+F has available. I prefer the brush but I have friends that prefer to use their fingers.

IMG_0082 copy

Radiant Defense comes in 6 flexible, buildable shades that allow you to customize it to your skin color and tone.  Shades range from shell to espresso.  To figure out what shade you are, you can visit my website and take or upload a picture of yourself in our cool digital shade finder.  Click the link above and scroll down until you see “Find Your Shade.” Be sure that the picture you are using is taken without make up and in natural light.  Then “try on” each shade to figure out which one is best for you. It’s super easy! My shade is sand, and I can’t even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with this product.  I love the feel of it on my skin, the radiant glow it gives me, and the way may skin looks and feels since I started using this product 3 weeks ago.  It is amazing! Check out some of the before and afters below.

Radiant Defense - Sand copyIMG_0386

If you have any questions about Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid, need help finding your shade, or want to learn more about other products R+F has to offer, let me know. I am happy to help.  These are a few of my favorite things!