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Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and #wearblueday.  Today I am wearing blue to bring awareness to this horrific crime.  Many think this is a “foreign country” problem and often picture women crammed together into a shipping container in some far-off land.  Yes, it is a global issue, but it is also a “backyard” issue.  Human trafficking happens right here in the US every single day.  It happens way more than you think.  It is happening in your cities and your towns.  You just aren’t aware of it.  Most people turn a blind eye to it not recognizing the signs because they choose to believe that it isn’t possible.  To learn more about human trafficking, the DHS Blue Campaign, #WearBlueDay, and what you can do to help end it, visit

In honor of this day, I am bringing you some fair trade pieces that are helping to fight against human trafficking in Nepal.  One of my favorite fair trade companies is Elegantees.  They provide women in Nepal with job opportunities to help prevent them from being trafficked and provide a place of refuge for those who have been rescued.  Poverty is the number one factor in trafficking especially in countries like Nepal where the poverty rate is extremely high. This company was created as a way to make a difference.  Keep in mind that fair trade pieces are often considered expensive, and they should be.  This is different from many factories who can offer cheap clothing because they operate sweatshops.  Fair trade companies do not use sweatshops and give their employees a safe environment to work in and offer them a fair and living wage.  That means they are paid enough not just for basic needs but also enough for things like education, healthcare, and more. Wouldn’t you rather pay a little more knowing that the person who created your clothes was given all that and more? I know I would!

ERRAND Tee Shirt Dress (available in Teal, Dark Olive, and Black)/MARKET Tie-Dye Jumpsuit (available in Indigo and Olive)/GETAWAY Dress (available in Charcoal and Heather Grey)

SUBURB Sweatshirt (available in Heather Grey and Charcoal)/SELA Rib Knit Top (available in Dark Wine, Black, and Hunter Green)/CARRIE Cheetah Print Pencil Skirt (available in Black/Grey and Brown/Tan)

V-NECK Long Sleeve Tee (available in Heather Grey and Olive)/LENOX Dolman Top (available in Army Green and Marsala)/COMFORT Cowl Top (available in Rose Pink, Light Heather, and Black)/WEEKEND Hoodie (available in Speckled White and Dark Grey)

Shop to make a difference! Buy better and help stop trafficking! See something, say something!


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