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I am doing my monthly book club review a week early this month because of the holiday next week.  If you were reading along with me and haven’t finished yet, stop reading this post and come back when you are done. For November I chose Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris.  This was a new author to me and one that I had heard about as someone I might like. This novel was definitely a psychological thriller that did grab my attention pretty quickly.  It was a fast read, and I finished it in just a few days.  If I had the time, I likely could have finished it in one long sitting because I didn’t want to put it down.   I feel like I have said this a lot about the past few books I have chosen, but I have mixed feelings about this book as well.  I don’t know what it is lately, but I have been disappointed in the ending of several books.  Some have said that they were surprised by the ending of this book, but I wasn’t.  I thought it was very predictable and didn’t give me that shocked feeling that I had hoped for.  I was left thinking, “That’s it?” with this one. Maybe I watch too many crime shows and all the thrillers are becoming predictable to me, or maybe I should have been a detective or possibly even an author.  My husband always says that I have a good sense for these things because I often predict what is going to happen when we are watching a show or movie before he picks up on it, and I am usually right.  I don’t know if that is necessarily a good skill to have, though, because it often leaves me disappointed like it did with this book.   What I will tell you is to not let my review or feelings about this book keep you from reading it if you haven’t already simply because I think most people will really like it if they are into psychological thrillers.  I think I will give it 4.5 out of 5 stars even with my disappointment because it really was a captivating read. I did like it despite my disappointment at the end. 

This story is about a woman named Grace, who is the primary caregiver for her sister, Millie, who has Down Syndrome.  Millie is currently living in a care facility where she goes to school.  However, once she turns 18, she can no longer live at the facility and will come to live with Grace.  Grace loves her sister so much that her life practically revolves around Mille.  About a year or so before Millie’s 18th birthday, the two sisters were in the park one afternoon for their usual Sunday excursion when they were approached by a man named Jack.  He was very kind to them and even danced with Millie through the park that day.  This act of kindness towards Millie led Grace to begin having feelings towards Jack fairly quickly, and the two began dating right away.  Jack was a well-respected lawyer for women who had been victims of domestic abuse and had never lost a case. To Grace and Millie, Jack seemed like the perfect guy.  They had a beautiful, whirlwind courtship, and before long Jack and Grace were engaged to be married.  As a wedding gift to Grace, Jack promised to find her the perfect house. Their plan was to move into the house and then have Millie move in not long after her birthday.  To all their friends and Grace’s family, Grace and Jack appeared to have the perfect house, perfect marriage, and perfect life. However, appearances can be deceiving.  When you hear that things are too good to be true, that was the case in this situation.  In reality as soon as their wedding ceremony was over, Jack had changed, and Grace instantly became his prisoner.    No one knew this as they visited the house because Jack and Grace put on a good show and hosted beautiful dinner parties.  No one suspected anything was not as it seemed. The one thing that I was surprised by, and you will likely be too, was the reason behind why Grace became a prisoner.  That was something that I did not see coming that was revealed early on.  You will quickly learn that Jack is a very sick and sadistic human being, Millies is much more perceptive than you would think, and everyone’s fate lies very heavily on Grace’s strength and willpower. 

I do recommend Behind Closed Doors if you haven’t read it, and I will likely read other books by B.A. Paris in the future.  I believe that my disappointment in it is just my own personal issue because it really is a good book that will captivate you.   I am starting to think that my disappointment in the ending of several books like this one is just because I didn’t want them to end or I am just being super picky. Who knows? What I do know, though, that it won’t stop me from doing one thing that I really love…reading!   

My pick for December is a New York Times Best Seller and A Read with Jenna Today Show Book Club Pick called White Ivy by Susie Yang. It is a story of a young woman and her crush on a former classmate who comes from a privileged political family, which is the total opposite of her upbringing as an immigrant from China.  It revolves around her love for him and is mixed with lies, deceit, obsession, and family ties. Here is what Apple Books had to say about it. 

“A female antihero can be mighty hard to resist—and the deliciously evil Ivy Lin is one of the best we’ve read lately. Debut author Susie Yang’s unapologetic protagonist is a Chinese immigrant whose grandmother taught her how to steal when she was little. As a Harvard undergrad, Ivy also became an expert liar, and post graduation, she’s ready to focus her skills on the thing she covets the most: handsome Gideon Speyer and his politically connected family’s rich, privileged lifestyle. White Ivy is a tense thriller that literally made us grip our phone with sweaty palms. While Ivy proves there’s nothing she won’t do to fit in with New England’s Waspy elite, Yang colors in the lines of her ruthless and charismatic lead with pitch-perfect cynicism. Like a thoroughly modern updating of Patricia Highsmith’s Tom Ripley, Ivy is an awful person who does awful things. But Ivy’s actions also reflect the heartlessness of her marks—and we’re here for it.”

Will you come along and read with me?

Anchored in a Good Book,

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