2020 Anchored Gift Guides

November is here and the holiday season has officially begun.  Whether you are gearing up for a great Thanksgiving or putting up your Christmas decorations, it is time to start thinking about gifts.  I always try to get all of my holiday shopping done in November so that I can enjoy all that December brings and not have to worry about facing the crowds.  This year I have compiled several different gift guides to help you with all your holiday shopping.  I tried to find items that are unique and thoughtful and that may not necessarily be on someone’s wish list.  There are pieces that are from small businesses, fair trade companies, companies that give back, as well as some things from your typical big box stores.  I don’t know about you, but I like options.  I will say that, although I tried to compile gift guides for the males in your life too, I am much better with gifts for females.  I think I get an A for effort at least.  I also did not separate the younger ages by gender because I thought that many gifts work work for either. I really put a lot of thought into these lists and truly hope that you find them useful. My goal was to hopefully make your holiday shopping a little easier. I do plan to share my personal Christmas wish list with you next week, which will feature many more articles of clothing and shoes that are not included in these lists. Stay tuned for that! Here you go! Happy shopping!

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