Can’t We All Stay Young?

I am well aware of the fact that I am getting older.  In fact, that has been made abundantly clear to me several times in recent weeks.  On the positive side of it all, I was recently told by two different people that I don’t look my age.  I am taking that to be a compliment.  One person found out that I had 12 and 16 year old daughters and exclaimed that information shocked her because I didn’t seem like I was old enough to have children those ages.  I told her it was good skincare. LOL! Anyway, maybe I don’t look my age, but I sure do feel every bit of it.  To prevent myself from boring you with my pity party over my aging body, I am just going to try to briefly list all of the things that have made me feel my age over the past few weeks.  

I’m a HISTORICAL doll!

Being the mom of two girls, we’ve had our share of American Girl Dolls and accessories over the years.  Well, in case you haven’t seen their newest HISTORICAL doll yet, let me enlighten you.  I am now a HISTORICAL doll!!! That’s right the newest American Girl Doll is an 80’s girl.  I’m not kidding when I say that this doll could have been created to be me in the 80’s! She comes complete with an acid was skirt, Walkman with a removable cassette tape, scrunchie with the side ponytail, plastic bangle bracelets, and a Lip Smacker! Her add on accessories include a fanny pack, PAC-MAN Arcade Game, Care Bear Pajamas, Care Bear sleeping bag, and a mini Care Bear! Oh and let’s not forget the PAC-MAN plastic lunch box that comes with a thermos  and Cheese Puffs! Wait….there’s more! You can even get the classic pink and teal Caboodle!!!  Seriously! I could go on and on about all of the other accessories that are ripped straight from my childhood, but I will spare you.  How can I possibly be old enough to be a HISTORICAL doll???

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My vision is failing me!

I went to the eye doctor yesterday for my yearly eye exam.  I have been wearing glasses since my first year of teaching when I realized I couldn’t read the board when I was standing in the back of my classroom.  Over the years my vision has slowly deteriorated, and my distance vision has gotten worse.  However, I have never had a problem seeing up close or reading.  Well, at my appointment yesterday it was made clear that has changed.   I am also now struggling to read and see up close.  That means that I had to order my first pair of progressive lenses yesterday.  I was so worried about having that bifocal line on my glasses that I was just going to suffer with my current glasses.  Thankfully, they explained to me that there is now a progressive lens that doesn’t have the line.   It’s just one more sign that I am getting older. 

The grays are taking over!

I have been coloring my roots for a couple of years now to cover up a little bit of grey that I had at my temples. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to bother me.   I really had so few of them that my stylist was using a very light grey coverage formula.  This last time I got my hair done, though, things had changed.  I was seeing more and more grey and it didn’t seem like the color was lasting long enough because I was noticing more and more LONG grey hairs.  My stylist told me that it was time to move me to FULL grey coverage with a stronger formula.  It really is depressing! 

I’m out of touch!

This is something that my kids have been telling me over and over again lately.  Apparently, I have lost my edge and am no longer with the trend of being the hip, cool mom.  I have reached the point where I can’t stand to listen to the same music as them, and I am constantly turning the volume down in the car as my oldest reaches to turn it back up.  According to both girls, I am clueless when it comes to what kids their age are doing and are interested in.  Everything they are into seems so dumb to me. Don’t even get me started on Tic Tok!!! On top of that, my youngest is frequently accusing me of embarrassing her, even when I am just standing there don’t nothing. I think the fact that I am breathing is embarrassing to her.   I feel like I have become my own mother.  You know that commercial where this guy is trying to help people not to become their parents?  I think I am at that point.  

I really am getting older and older each day.  It’s true.  I don’t want to admit it, but these things just keep reminding me. Plus, my aching body is further proof.  I truly have had a blessed life thus far. As my next birthday approaches, I hope that I have many more years to come.  I just pray that I continue to age gracefully AND that I keep getting those ageless comments every now and then to make me feel better about the process. Why can’t we just all stay young forever?

Anchored and Aging,

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