Friday Favorites: Top 5

I haven’t shared a top 5 favorites in a while, so I thought I would do one today.  I have a few new things that I want to share with you that I have recently purchased or watched during the quarantine.  We will call this the Top 5 Quarantine Edition! LOL! A couple of these are new additions to our house as we continue to make improvements and upgrades. Overall all, it is just a few new things I am loving right now. Check them all out. 

Wink Kangaroo Convertible Backpack

I just recently ordered this convertible backpack after looking at several different options.  I really wanted a backpack that could also be used as a crossbody bag.  For this reason, I didn’t want it to be very large.  This one was the perfect size for me. It isn’t too big but will easily hold all of the items I need.  It comes in a variety of colors.  The one I purchased is Yellow Brown.  I feel like it is well made and looks great.  I am extremely happy with the quality.  I can’t wait to use it more to see how it stands up to the test of time, but I am loving it so far. 

Walker Edison Furniture Co. Farmhouse Entryway Table

I found this table on Amazon when I was looking for something to fit in this space next to the stairs in my entryway.  It is the perfect fit for the space and the exact look that I was going for.  As you can see it works great in that space.  Now all I need is to add a lamp and a few nick knacks to make the area complete.  

Home Sign

A friend of mine has a sign like this, and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it at her house. I wanted one for myself to hang in my new house above the sofa.   I had planned to make it myself, but as we all know the best laid plans often never happen.  I finally just decided to purchase one.  Otherwise, who knows when I would have gotten around to it? Anyway, I looked at a few on Amazon, but I didn’t really love those and the majority of them were done vertically instead of horizontally like I wanted.  I ended up finding this one on Etsy and went with it. I was able to choose the color stain I wanted, as well as, the color for the lettering.  The only part that I don’t love about it is the way the wreath is attached.  I had asked that it be removable because I have plans to change it out periodically. While it is removable, I would have preferred that it not have been screwed into the board at the top and bottom.  I wish it was more like a hook so it could easily be interchanged.  This way just makes it a little more difficult. I want to be able to use a Christmas wreath during the holidays and maybe a cotton wreath in the fall. It will still work for what I want. I just would have preferred it to be hung differently.  I purchased mine about a month ago from Small Craft Advisory Co. on Etsy, but I don’t see it listed any longer in that shop. You may be able to contact the shop owner to see if she can create another one or check out this listing from a different shop that is similar.

Sweet Magnolias

This is a Netflix Original series.  There is only one season available now, but I just heard that it has been renewed for a second season.  It is a super cute show about 3 friends who lift each other up as they juggle relationships, families, and careers in the small, southern town of Serenity.  It is definitely a chick flick type of show. It mixes heartfelt drama with a bit of humor, and I just thought it was great. I am definitely looking forward to season 2. 

Pixie by Petra Correction Concentrate Brightening Peach

This is a new brand of products I decided to try out. I am always looking for affordable solutions that work to share with all of you. I just started using this product a couple of months ago, and I really like it.  It is a color correcting concentrate to help erase dark spots around your eyes.  I use it in the corner of my eye, underneath my eye, and on my eyelid to even out the skin tone in preparation for the rest of my makeup.  It may seem like it isn’t much for your money as it comes in a very small container.  However, a little goes a long way, so it really does last a long time. I apply it using a brush and am happy with the results.

And…that’s a wrap on this TOP 5 Quarantine edition of my top 5 favorites!


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