Fashion Finds: Grace & Lace

I have shared many times about my passion for buying better and supporting small businesses.  I want to support companies that are doing good things and are making a difference in the world.  I recently came across a company that was once featured on the popular TV show,Shark Tank, called Grace & Lace.  You may have seen it advertised in your Facebook feed as it has popped up a few times in mine.  I decided to check out their website because there were some cute things that caught my eye.  Upon further digging, I discovered that this is a company that is doing some incredible things.  They partner with Angel House which is a company that builds homes for abandoned children.  A portion of every sale through Grace & Lace is given to Angel House to build orphanages in India. As of 2019 Grace & Lace has built 12 orphanages housing over 600 children, become the directors of a school in India that houses over 400 male orphans, opened their first Freedom Home which has saved 65 girls from trafficking, and so much more. The work they are able to do from the sale of their beautiful pieces is incredible. This is a company that I can get behind and will gladly give my business.  While you may view some items as higher priced than many of the things that I normally share on here, I feel that the benefit of what your purchase is doing, far outweighs the few extra dollars.  You can read more about the good this company is doing here

Check out some of the pieces that I am loving from their current collection. Keep in mind that they are a small business and many sizes and prints sell out quickly.  If you see something you love, grab it right away!

Distressed Super Stretch Zip Up Midi Shorts/Girlfriend Button Fly Shorts/Patch Pocket Waist Shaper Shorts/Off-White Distressed Ankle Length Jeggings

Super Stretch Step Hem Skirt/Striped Midi Dress

Button Up Cami/Tiered Mesh Tank/Perfect V-Neck Tee/Button Up Crepe Sleeveless Top/Twisted Neck Work Top/Summer Ditzy Floral Top

Vintage Floral Duster

Indian Summer Clutches

Happy shopping!


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