Do Dreams Have Meaning?

Do you have dreams? I’m not talking about the things you want for your life in the future.  I am talking about the real-life dreams while you are sleeping. I don’t have them every night, or at least, I don’t remember them every night if I do. It is just every now and then that I remember a dream vividly. When I do wake up remembering them, it is sometimes something really weird that doesn’t make any sense and has no relationship to anything I have seen or done in the days prior. Sometimes I am even conscious enough to know that it is a dream while I am dreaming it in those few moments before I wake up.  I can’t really explain it other than I feel like I am half awake and half asleep. I know it is a dream, but the dream keeps going in my head.  Does that even make sense? Am I crazy? I probably am, right?

I don’t think I really believe in the whole thing about dreams having some underlying meaning, but sometimes I wonder.  This topic came up today because I had a weird dream last night.  It involved snakes and alligators, more specifically a snake eating an alligator whole.  Now, I don’t know if that is even something that can really happen, but for some reason I dreamed about that last night. It was like I was observing this snake’s body take shape of the alligator as it swallowed it. It was so weird.  I have not watched or seen anything on TV about snakes or alligators nor have either come up in a conversation.  I dislike all animals and think of them as little as possible. It truly is so bizarre that I dreamed that last night.  It was also one of those dreams where I was aware that I was dreaming and was in that half-asleep, half-awake state. What does it all mean? Does it mean anything at all?

There are times that I dream things that are related to situations going on in my life, and those make sense to me.  I get why those things would come up in my subconsciousness in some form.  It is those times like last night when something comes out of nowhere that make me wonder if there is some underlying meaning or message to my dreams.  Again, I don’t think I really believe in the whole psychological aspect of dream decoding, but it does spark my curiosity. Just for fun, I googled the interpretations of dreams about snakes and alligators. Here is what one interpretation I found on Google says. Dreams about snakes typically symbolize fear or transformation.  They say it is a sign that you are afraid of something in your life or it’s a warning of changes that are coming.  Dreams about alligators typically symbolize a new beginning or changes coming as well, but it can also mean danger.  I couldn’t find an interpretation of what it meant when an alligator is eaten by a snake, though. Apparently, I’m the only one that has ever dreamed that. Ha ha! Maybe I am nuts! Anyway, I just have to improvise and try to put the meaning together myself.  My interpretation of the meaning of the two animals together in one dream is that I am fearful of some change (that could be dangerous) that is coming in my future. How did I do?  Do I really believe in any of this? The answer is no, but it is quite interesting.  I have no fears right now about anything nor do I know of any change or beginnings coming in my life.  Obviously, you could say that we have all gone through changes in the wake of this pandemic, but I don’t really see myself fearful of any of it.  If anything, I am more at the point of being annoyed with it all.  

What do you guys think? Do dreams really have an underlying meaning? Do you believe in any of it? I’ll be sure to update you all if my random interpretation of my dream turns out to be true.  I wouldn’t hold your breath, though!  


By the way, I also googled whether or not a snake can actually eat an alligator and found a disturbing video of that really happening on YouTube.  Apparently it really is a thing that can happen!

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