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It is quite the gloomy day here this morning.  We woke up to a cloudy sky and rain this morning.  It has been unusually warm over the past few days.  In fact, we have had a relatively warm winter despite the early predictions of lots of snow from all the meteorologist this year.  Looking outside, I feel like it should be cold out there, but it really isn’t that cold.  I don’t know about you, but gloomy, rainy days really hinder my motivation.  I don’t know why.  It’s not like I am planning to be outside or that I can’t do my job in this kind of weather.  I’m inside all day so it really shouldn’t make a difference what the weather is outside, but it does.  For some reason it puts me in a lazy mood. Some people will say that rainy weather puts them in a sad or bad mood.  It doesn’t do that for me. It just makes me lazy.  I want to do nothing other than curl up under a blanket and read a book with a warm cup of hot chocolate.  Of course, I have too much to do to actually take advantage of that feeling, but it doesn’t keep me from strongly desiring it.  

It is really interesting to me how much the weather outside can affect your mood, especially for me.  I am not an outdoorsy person at all.  In fact, I could go as far as saying that I really have no desire to hang outside ever.  I am totally a homebody and prefer to be inside hands down over being outside no matter what the weather or what season it is. I love fall and all the gorgeous colors and the cool crisp air, but I don’t want to be outside in it for any length of time.  I am perfectly fine enjoying the colors from inside my car or my house. I also love watching snow falling in the winter, but I have no desire to be outside in it.  In contrast, I despise the heat of the summer.  I would rather be freezing cold than burning hot any day of the week, which is why I am not a huge beach person.  Because of my preference of being indoors, it is so crazy to me that the weather can change how I am feeling.  

My husband talks about living in Florida when we retire. He mainly likes the idea of no sales tax, but he likes the weather too.  I however have told him that there is no way I want to live in Florida.  It is way too hot for me.  I cannot handle hot weather at Christmas either.  That just doesn’t work for me.  Whenever I tell my husband that I don’t want to live in Florida because of the heat, he suggests that we live there in the fall and winter when it isn’t as hot and that we live someone further north during the spring and summer.  I am not a fan of that plan either.  Plus, I really enjoy the changing of the seasons. I need 4 seasons in my life.  Fall is my absolute favorite and there is no real fall in Florida. Why would I want to live there in the fall and winter when there really is no true fall or winter there?  I honestly prefer living where we are now where there really are 4 distinct seasons and where there isn’t unbearable heat all summer long. My husband also really loves the state of Washington.  I have never been there myself, but I know that I couldn’t live there either because of all the rain.  I would feel like a lazy bum all the time.  The point is, the weather and seasons affect my mood, and I need to live in a place that offers the least amount of unlikeable weather for me.  I have to be immersed in weather that makes me feel productive and sparks happy emotions for the majority of the year. Of course, I know that there is no perfect place that has my ideal weather 24/7, by why not live where it is ideal at least 80% off the time?  

Here is the barometer for my mood…

I would love to know how the weather and seasons affect your mood and if that has an impact on where you live.

Anchored and Feeling Lazy,

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