Friday Favorites: Brows

If you are anywhere near my age, you grew up plucking your eyebrows.  Some of us may have plucked some areas a little too much and are now suffering the consequences.  Whether you are a plucker, waxer, threader, or whatever other on-trend thing, we all have one thing in common…none of us wants big bushy eyebrows with stray hairs sticking every which way.  Right? I know thicker eyebrows are in and many influencers have these big drawn on brows.  I am not into that personally but to each their own.  What I am into is having tame, nicely shaped brows.  My brows are fairly thin these days but I still need something to help keep them clean looking and shaped the way I want them.  Well, a few months ago I saw an infomercial about Flawless Brows on TV.  I am sure you have all seen it and probably didn’t pay much attention or was skeptical like me.  I just happened to be strolling the aisles of Target one day and saw a display of Flawless Brows on the end of one of the rows.  Normally I wouldn’t give anything that said “As Seen on TV” any thought, but this little tool intrigued me. I picked it up, read the back of it, and decided to give it a try. It was only $20, and I figured that wouldn’t break the bank. I purchased the Finishing Touch Flawless Brow in Rose Gold. I wanted it for the little hairs that grow out of place that are too short to pluck.  I am not a fan of waxing and am too chicken to try anything else.  Anyway, I came home and tried out this little tool, and I was instantly hooked.  It works so well! It is painless, very easy to control, and glides smoothly over the unwanted hair. I don’t worry about catching hairs that I don’t want removed at all either.  It takes care of all the areas that I wanted it to and leaves me with nicely shaped brows.  It has a built-in light on it when you turn it on that is supposed to help you see the finest hairs, but I don’t really think that it does anything.  You don’t really need it, though, in my opinion.  I definitely recommend this product. It is affordable and easy to use.  Most of all, it works. I was pleasantly surprised and am very happy with this purchase. I may even look into some of their other hair removal products and give them a try.  They have several including one for facial hair that will remove peach fuzz and one for your legs that is a little more expensive. 

Now, I mentioned that I may or may not have plucked my brows a little too much back in the day.  The ends of my brows are a little thin and need a little help.  I have tried many different brow products over the years from pencils to creams and finally found one that I really like.  I use a brow pomade from TARTE called Big Ego Frameworker Brow Pomade.  I use just a little bit of it with a brow brush to fill in the areas that are a little too thin. I use Medium Brown, but I believe it comes in 8 different shades.  You can easily find the one that matches your brows.  It is vegan, cruelty free and is waterproof and sweat proof.  I get mine at Ulta, but you can get it anywhere that TARTE products are sold. 

That’s a wrap on my two favorite brow products.  


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