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As you all know, I am super passionate about my work with Trades of Hope.  Having a small part in making a difference in the world is something that brings me joy and is what I feel like God is calling me to do.  Through my work with Trades of Hope, I am helping to give women the opportunity to rise up out of extreme poverty and human trafficking all around the world.  Mamas are able to keep their babies, women are given dignified employment, and families lives are changed.  I feel truly blessed to be a part of something so incredible.  All these women want is a chance to better their lives, and they are getting it through the gorgeous products they create.  We just launched our Spring 2020 “Jewels of India” Collection last week, and our artisans and designers have again knocked it out of the park.  There are so many gorgeous pieces inspired by the rich architecture in India including the Taj Mahal and the Pink Palace in Jaipur. Each piece is on trend and could come right off the top runways. There are so many beautiful pieces in this collection, but I have chosen five of my favorites to share with you today.  

Ellora Necklace

I think I have worn this piece from the new collection the most.  It is so versatile.  It comes with two separate strands featuring a brass plated coin and a freshwater pearl. You can wear them together, separate, or paired with another necklace. They are also adjustable in length.  These beautiful necklaces are helping to keep women out of sweatshops in India.  By creating and selling these necklaces they are provided with a fair wage, access to healthcare, and education for their children. 

Bella Earrings

These gorgeous earrings are made by artisans in North Asia who are breaking free from brothels and sex trafficking.  They now have a dignified way to provide for their families. Through Fair-Trade, they are also learning how to overcome the trauma they have experienced and how to design and create beautiful jewelry.  Wicker is used to make the circle ring, while acetate is used to create the multi-toned half-moon studs.  

Amie Bracelet

I adore this dainty charm bracelet made by artisans in Haiti. It is made from plated brass and features their signature paper beads in the Pantone colors for spring.  The purchase of this bracelet not only allows mamas to keep their babies but also to provide for them and the rest of their family.  Seriously, how cute is this bracelet?

Jali Handbag

This is one of two handbags that were released in this collection and is the one that I am swooning over.  This genuine leather bag comes with a removable crossbody strap and features this intricate cut out design. It also features a divided cotton liner with a deep zippered pocket.  The Jali Handbag is created by artisans in India who are breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Flora Basket

I just had to throw in this unique addition to our home décor line.  This basket is handwoven using native grasses by members of the Batwa conservation refuges in Uganda. The purchase of this basket offers women a sustainable income to prevent starvation and keeps families together.  Check out this video to see how this basket is made.

There are many more gorgeous pieces that are a part of this new line, and I love them all.  It was so hard to narrow it down to my 5 favorites. We have many more pieces of jewelry, another handbag, a block printed wristlet, a scarf, and an adorable elephant handbag charm. Click here to see the entire life-changing collection. Be a part of making a difference. Choose to shop purposefully for the hottest, ethically made, fair trade accessories that show off the beauty of fighting poverty!


*This post contains commissioned links. Should you choose to purchase items using these links, I may earn a small commission. 

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