Fashion Finds: Purses

I think that we have established by now that I love purses and bags of all kids.    I love them in all shapes and sizes.  I just can’t seem to resist them. I am automatically drawn to them when I walk into stores.  I have even been referred to as a bag lady before because I just love bags.  Yes, I will splurge on a good bag, but I also love that I can find affordable ones that are just as cute.  It has been a while since I have done a post with some of the cute purses out there, so I thought I would do one today.  These finds are all so good, and I would love to have any of them for myself.  In fact, I just might already own one or two of them.  <wink, wink>  

Baguette Crossbody Bag (Target)

Bueno Mini Crossbody Bag (Target)

Bolo Tote (Target)

Kate Spade Patterson Drive Crossbody (Amazon)

Hobo Bag (Amazon)

Saddle Purse (Amazon)

Rabia Bag (Trades of Hope)

Merit Tote (Trades of Hope)

Kindred Tote (Trades of Hope)

Dana Buchman Kellen Crossbody (Kohl’s)

Dana Buchman Satchel (Kohl’s)

Vince Camuto Lalla Satchel (TJ Maxx)

Zac Posen Belay Hobo (TJ Maxx)

O Bag Italy (TJ Maxx)

Seriously, how cute are all of these? They are just so fun. Happy shopping!


*This post contains commissioned links. Should you choose to purchase items using these links, I may earn a small commission.

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