Goodbye Halloween! Hello Christmas Season!

I’m going as “Best Dressed” again!

Happy Halloween!!! I will admit that this isn’t one of my favorite days.  I guess I loved Halloween as a kid but not so much as an adult.  I don’t like scary stuff and I am not a huge candy person.  Let me make it clear, though. I will eat candy if it is there, but I don’t seek it out. As a teacher, this day was always insane and it was pointless to try to teach on Halloween or the day after it.  The kids were just crazy talking about their costumes and their anticipation of all the candy they were going to eat. Then the day after everyone is tired and coming off of a sugar high. I really feel for teachers today and tomorrow.  I totally agree with everyone that is pushing to have Halloween moved to the last Friday in October. That would make this day so much easier for everyone.  My husband will tell you that Halloween is his favorite because he loves all of the scary movies.  Sadly, we disagree on this topic.   I don’t even really decorate that much for Halloween. In fact this year, I had not decorated at all until Monday of this week when my youngest insisted on putting some pumpkins on the porch and a sign on the door.  There are people in our community that have gone all out with decorations, though. There is one house that even has a giant pirate ship in their yard. It is crazy! On top of it all, it is a very rainy and gloomy day here today.  I think it is going to be like this all day and night.  Trick or Treating is going to be miserable because everyone is going to be wet and cold.  I know that I sound like Scrooge right now, but I really don’t mean too. Halloween is just not my thing.  I do hope that everyone has a fun and safe night filled with laughs and tons of candy. I will just enjoy it from the comfort of my home passing out candy AND allergy friendly treats to all the kids in their cute costumes.

The only positive of Halloween to me is that the end of Halloween marks the beginning of the Christmas season.  I love the holiday season, especially Christmas.  The magic that is in the air as soon as November 1 hits is just so incredible to me.  It brings a change in everyone, and I love it.  The question then comes of when to put up Christmas decorations.  My family’s rule has always been to decorate the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving, but the older I get the more I want to decorate earlier.  My youngest keeps bringing up something she read or heard somewhere about how people who decorate early are happier.  It makes perfect sense to me.  I love Christmas decorations. I love seeing all the houses lit up each year and the beautiful trees in the windows.  Christmas decorations make me happy for sure, and I have a ton of them. I pretty much decorate every room on the main level of my house. I think part of the desire to decorate earlier comes with knowing that we spend much of December away from home, so we don’t get to fully enjoy our decorations.  December is when competition season starts for both of my girls and we are traveling most weekends.  In fact, we will even be spending time just before Christmas in the Bahamas this year for a gymnastics meet.  We also typically spend the week of Christmas in our hometown with family and not at home.  I think that since having kids, Santa has come to our house only once.  He usually comes to my parents’ house.  I wouldn’t want it any other way, but it does mean that we don’t get to enjoy our own decorations as much.  I wrote about this same topic last year of wanting to put my decorations up earlier but ended up not doing it.  We put them up right after Thanksgiving as usual.  This year, I really am seriously considering doing it earlier. I know my kids would love it. I just have to convince my husband.  I really can’t wait to get in the Christmas spirit. There really is nothing wrong with celebrating it as long as possible, right? Who is with me?

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