A “She Shed” on Wheels


I posted this not so great picture of me in the car last night on my personal Facebook page with the following caption, “I really should tally up the number of hours per week I spend just sitting in my car.  I’m always just sitting and waiting on one kid or the other. It’s really sad! If only I could turn my car into a luxurious ‘she shed,’ it would be much more bearable. “ It is totally true.  I swear I spend more time just sitting and waiting in my car than anything else in a day. People always talk about the number of hours spent in the car driving their kids to and fro.  While I do a lot of that too, I think I spend more time just sitting in park.  I have to get in my middle schooler’s school carpool line at least 30 minutes before school gets out just to get somewhere in the front of the line.  Why do I need to be in the front you may ask? Well, I do that so that I can quickly get out and get to my high schooler’s carpool line at least 30 minutes before school gets out for her to also be near the front of that line. If you are counting, that is at least an hour just sitting in carpool lines.  I have to be in the front of the second line, so that I can quickly get out of the parking lot to get her to gymnastics on time with no time to spare whatsoever.  I’m not kidding when I say people start getting in these dumb lines up to an hour before school gets out.  It’s insane.  It forces me to play along and be one of those dummies too.  Otherwise, I get stuck in the back of the line, which takes at least 30 minutes longer to get through making her late for practice. It is so crazy. 

I then spend on average anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour at night waiting on one of them to get out of gymnastics or cheer practice.  My OCD self always has to get there 15 minutes early and then they are inevitably late getting out so I just sit and wait some more.  Sometimes, like last night, I sit there for an hour because it is only an hour-long class.  With the crazy traffic around here, it is not worth fighting my way back home only to turn right around and fight it on the way back.  I just sit and wait.  I HATE sitting in either hot, smelly gym watching them practice.  I would much rather stay in the parking lot in my car than sit in there.   It is just a never ending cycle of me sitting in the car.  

I do really wish I could somehow turn my car into a “she shed” like Sheryl had before hers burned down. Ha ha! If I could figure out how to do it and have a enough space to park it at school and both of their gyms, I think I really would.  It could be one of those tiny houses on wheels.  Wouldn’t that be nice? Maybe then I could actually get something done while I wait.  Maybe I am on to something! Maybe I should invent the miniature “she shed” on wheels! Ha ha! My kids would be mortified and likely refuse to ride in it.  I would love to see their faces if I ever pulled up in one.  A girl can dream, right? 


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