You Are Going to Miss This

I cannot believe that August has arrived.  This summer is totally flying by.  Some of you are starting school this week or next, and some of you still have a few weeks left like us.  Time really does fly by.  Sometimes I regret not savoring every day.  It is always that thought of hurry up and get through today or this thing or the next thing.  We often do not take the time to just be present in the moment.  We don’t take the time to enjoy every second.  I know that this is especially true for me.  My whole life has been a big rush. Every day is a rush to get to the next.

“I can’t wait until I grow up and am an adult so I can do whatever I want.”

Now I miss those carefree days with no responsibility.

“I can’t wait until I graduate from high school and get away from this place.”

Now my memories of that time are fading, and I can never get them back. 

“I can’t wait until my baby sleeps through the night.”

Now I miss all those sleepless nights when we just cuddled and she looked up into my eyes as I held her until she fell asleep.

“I can’t wait until the terrible twos and trying threes are over.”  

Now I miss those chunky little toddlers and their grubby little hands all over the place.  

“I can’t wait until summer vacation is here and school is out.”

Now I long for the structure of the school year.  

 “I can’t wait until my children are out of my hair and back at school.”  

Now I miss the days of binge watching shows together on the couch all day long. 

“I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to take care of themselves.”  

Now I miss them needing me and now I barely see them. 

“I can’t wait until I can quit this job or retire.”

Now I miss every single person I worked with who made my job bearable and worth the heartache. 

I can’t wait until (you fill in the blank). 

I am trying to make a change in my life.  I am trying to not rush things and long for them to be over.  I am trying to be present in the moment, to savor it.  Life is so short.  It can be gone in an instant.  Tomorrow is not promised, today could end abruptly, and yesterday is gone forever.   Memories fade, age takes over, and people grow and change and go away.  Life is so precious.  We are lucky to have it and are blessed to live it.  Don’t take it for granted. It is that old cliché of stop and smell the roses. It’s true. We should all live that way. Find joy in the mundane, peace in the trials, and love in those around you. Don’t wish it all away because it will be gone forever.  You will long to have it back.  Slow down.  Don’t rush through life.  Remind yourself every day when you wake to savor it all.  Take it all in, and don’t blink because you ARE going to miss this. You are going to miss this time in your life. You are going to wish it wasn’t over. You are going to want it back. Don’t let it go by fast.


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