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I was beginning to have Target withdrawals because I haven’t been in a few weeks.  I’ve been too busy to get over there.  Anyway, I made it over to check out what new things they have. They still have their bathing suit section out, but they are beginning to get in a few fall pieces as well.  I have a variety of things to show you that I loved and a couple that I didn’t love that much on me but thought some of you might like.  One thing that I did discover is that animal print is still in, which is happy news for me since I love it so much.  It was everywhere in shoes, clothes, and accessories.  Last year it was all about the leopard print.  While that is still super popular, I also saw a lot of snakeskin, zebra, cheetah, and tortoise shell prints.  I will write about other fall trends I am seeing in the coming weeks.  For some reason, many of these pieces are not available online, but they are available in the stores. Sorry about that! Here is what’s new at Target. Please disregard the choice of shoes with these outfits. Obviously I chose the wrong ones to wear for trying clothes on. 


This super comfortable tank dress was a winner for me simply because it has pockets.  I wanted to show you one way that you could subtly add in a little animal print with this dress just by switching out the belt with a leopard printed one.  

Dress (available only in stores)

While I didn’t love this style of dress on me, I know that I have some readers that would love this more conservative way of adding in animal print.  


Dress (available only in stores)

I really didn’t think I was going to like this simple dress when I picked it up, but I actually ended up loving it when I got it on.  

Dress (available only in stores)

This is another one that I did not love on me, but I know that some of you love a good shirt dress. It’s cute, but it’s just not my style. I would probably consider it if I was still teaching and needed to dress up every day. I just don’t think I would wear it now.   I may even change up the belt with a solid black one to give it some more contrast and to tone down the print.

Top (available only in stores)

Jump Suit (only available in stores)

I am absolutely in love with this jumper! It is so cute!


This cute little dress can be worn now and in the fall with the simple addition of a jean jacket or cardigan. 


Sweatshirt/Jeans (only available in stores)


I’m obsessed with this boat-neck top!


There was just so much goodness and so much animal print! I had a hard time resisting it all! Head over to Target, get your shop on, and maybe unlock your inner animal.


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