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Can we talk for a few minutes about the new obsession that kids have had over the past couple of years with decorating their lockers? You guys, if you have younger kids and don’t know about this, apparently it is a thing once they hit middle school.  Back in the dark ages when I was in school and had a locker, we taped up a few pictures inside and maybe a sticker or two but that was it.  The new craze is to really glam up your locker.  I’m talking about rugs and chandeliers for your locker. I have even heard that they make “wallpaper” for your locker.  I mean, really? Is that necessary? Whoever created these dumb things should be strangled! Seriously! Why someone would ever think that these things are a good idea is beyond me.  It is just another way to make parents loose their minds.  

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It has become such a craze that my kid is having a “decorate your locker day” on Friday at her new middle school.  It is part of the 6th grade orientation week.  She has been bugging me all week to take her to the store to buy stuff.  What a waste of money!  I swear that I am not buying a locker rug or chandelier.  I refuse.  I will buy a mirror or a pencil holder thingy and maybe some magnets, but that’s about it. I am sure I am going to be called names for saying these things, but I just think it is ridiculous.  I can just imagine all of the things that my child is going to try to talk me into when we go shopping.  I can see her now getting very upset with me when I refuse.  

I honestly don’t get it. I mean I guess it’s cute, but it’s totally unnecessary.  What is the point? What about all of those kids whose parents can’t afford to glam up their child’s locker? I guess the teacher in me thinks it’s just not a good idea. I’m actually surprised that the schools even allow this.  I would think that it could be a distraction and that there could be some stealing or vandalism involved on occasion.  I get that getting a locker is a rite of passage, but decorating it to this extreme is insane to me. I just don’t get it.  

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I looked and there are even Pinterest boards dedicated to this topic.  That’s where I found all of these crazy pictures.  I can’t be the only person that thinks this is nuts. It’s not like they spend any length of time at their lockers.  Plus, I know my kid.  She is unorganized and will destroy it all when she just shoves everything she can in there.  I can almost assure you that if she had a locker rug, it would be full of tiny crumbs of Goldfish or Cheeze It crackers.  If she had a chandelier it would get crushed by all of the things that she piles a mile high in there.  It is just a total waste of money, and I refuse to buy into the hype. If you are all about this with your child, then I say go for it. It is cute. I just won’t be joining you on this one.

Update: We went shopping before I published this.  Surprisingly, my child did not go for all the fancy things.  I didn’t even have to tell her no or listen to her complain even thought the rugs and things were right there in all their glory. She got a pencil cup, a hook, a dry erase board (the one splurge I allowed), and some magnets. I was very proud of her! 


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