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Do you have a pet peeve? I think I have a million of them.  There are so many things that drive me nuts.  Maybe it is a personality flaw, but there really are a lot of things that just send me over the edge or make me very uncomfortable.  I started thinking about pet peeves after some random post I saw on Facebook last night.  It was this whole video about things that are common pet peeves for people. There were things like loud phone talkers, people who constantly interrupt, gum smacking, loud chewers, pen or pencil tapping, slow walkers, people who talk with food in their mouths, and more.  Just about everything that they were showing was something I could say was one of my pet peeves.  Then I started thinking about other things that drive me nuts and realized that maybe I have a problem.  Why do so many things irritate me? Am I impatient, overly sensitive, too type A, too obsessive-compulsive, or what? I don’t know if it is normal or not.  I’m thinking not. 

Here are some of the things that really annoy me and that I guess you could consider pet peeves.  

4-Way Stops

There are several 4-way stops around where I live that I have to drive through all the time.  They are all at major intersections too.  I hate them.  People don’t know the rules for 4 way stops and just go whenever they feel like it even if it isn’t their turn.  They are very aggressive drivers. There are so many accidents at those intersections because of it.  Come on people! If it is a heavy traffic area where all four lanes are several cars deep all the time, why don’t we just put in a red light? It would be much safer for everyone!

Cup Holders

Yes, this is a strange but huge pet peeve that I didn’t know existed until we purchased my current car a couple of years ago.  I drink a lot of water in a day, and I prefer the large Yeti Tumblers.  I carry one with me everywhere.  My cups will not fit in the cup holders in my car, and it makes me crazy.  They would fit in my old car, which is the same car but an older version, and they fit in my husband’s little car. They just won’t fit in my car.  I gripe about it just about every time I get in the car and attempt to wedge my cup in there.  This is one pet peeve that really pushes me over the edge!  Who knew I needed to check the cup holders before purchasing the car? You better believe I will next time around. 

Headlights When Raining

The law in most states requires that you turn your headlights on in your car when it is raining. Many people do not follow this law at all.  Some think that because their car has daytime running lights that they don’t need to turn their lights on when it is raining.  This is WRONG! You still need to turn your lights on.  When you have just your daytime running lights on, there are no lights on in the back of your car.  You have to turn on the headlights so that the back lights come on.  Those are just as important, if not more important than the headlights.  When it is raining heavily, you need to be able to see the car in front of you and the back lights help with that.  Turn your lights on people!

Door to Door Salesmen

This happened just this week. Someone was walking through the neighborhood going door to door trying to sell pest control services.  I swear we get at least one of these a week…pest control, home security, driveway repair, roofing, and the list can go on and on. If I need your services, I will look you up and call you. Don’t come knocking on my door and then try to talk me out of it when I say “no thank you.” Don’t tell me my neighbor so and so is doing it as a way to convince me I should do it.  I don’t care who is using your services. If I need you, I will call you.  Don’t just show up at my house. Oh, and for goodness sakes, don’t ask me for a bottle of water because you are too hot from walking door to door all day.  Get back into you car and go back to your air-conditioned office and wait for me to call you when I need you!  

Loud Chewers

I wrote a whole post on just this not too long ago. You can check it out here.  I do think this is more a disorder than a pet peeve because more than just chewing noises bother me, but I guess it could be considered as one.  It really makes my skin crawl. 

I could keep going, but I will spare you.  These are just some of the recent things that annoy me.  What are your pet peeves? 

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