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Today’s organization tip is one that really works for me but may not work for you. I wanted to share it with you anyway, though, in case it could help get you more organized.  I have had people ask me how I keep up with all the things I am involved in and all of my entrepreneurial endeavors. I have a ton of things going on all the time, so organization is the key to keeping it all straight.   I showed you a few weeks ago how I uses lists on my phone for everything from groceries to a to do list. Those lists help keep me on track, but I cannot keep everything in my phone.  When I am at a meeting or doing training, it is harder for me to take notes and stuff on my phone, and I don’t want to carry my computer with me everywhere.  I am really more of a paper/pencil kind of person anyway.  I learn best from the act of writing it down.  For some reason writing it and seeing it on paper helps me to remember things better.  My solution to keeping up with everything is small journal type notebooks that are spiral bound.  I don’t really like regular spiral bound notebooks like my kids use for school for several reasons.  The first reason is that they are much larger and harder to travel with.  I like the journal ones because they are usually small enough to throw in my purse.  Second, I don’t feel like they are as sturdy as the journal books.  The journals tend to have thicker paper and a sturdier cover. Third, they just aren’t as nice looking or professional looking when I pull one out at a meeting. I also really prefer the spiral bound journals to the ones that aren’t because they are easier to manipulate when you can just fold them over.  I typically get mine at Target or Amazon, but you can find them at many different office supply type places.  I especially love the ones that have inspirational quotes on them. There are really so many pretty ones out there that cost a little more, but you can also find ones that are inexpensive that work just as well.  I will admit that I kind of have an obsession with them and tend to buy way more than I need.  My thought is that I never know when I will need to start a new one so why not grab it when I see one I love?

 I have one for everything.  For example, I have one for the blog where I keep ideas that come to me, ways to improve the overall look of my site, and more.  I have another notebook for my job as the Vice President of the parents club for my daughter’s gymnastics team.  I take it with me when I go to meetings to jot down notes, and I log any phone calls or other things that I do for that position.  I have one for each of my businesses.  I use them to take notes on trainings, ideas, and other important information that I may need.  I have one that I keep in my Bible case where I jot down sermon notes.  I even have one that I call my personal development notebook.  In it, I jot down notes from self-help books I read, notes from podcasts that I listen too, and things that I find motivational.  

Now, I know that you are thinking that it is a lot to keep up with, and it is.  That is why I mentioned at the beginning that this method will not be for everyone.  It is just what I use and what works best for me.  I keep all of these notebooks near me at all times when I am working at home so I can grab the one I need easily.  Then when I go to a meeting or training somewhere outside of my home, I just grab the one I need, throw it in my purse, and head out.  I do not label my notebooks, I just know which one goes for which thing by the cover, but you can easily label them if that is easier for you.  I just know that the purple stripes is for my Trades of Hope business, the pastel one is for gymnastics, the flower one is my personal development, and so on. This method really works for me.  It helps to keep me organized, and I don’t easily loose things that are important.  When you have a crazy life like mine (and most moms) where you have a lot of different things going on that you need to keep track of, it is really imperative that you find a system that works for you. The key is finding something that fits into your lifestyle and that is easy for you.  Your system is likely totally different than mine, and that is ok. Find what works for you and go with it. 

Here are a few of the journals I have and some others I really like from Target and Amazon. The links are in the captions.

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