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If you live under a rock like I do, you may not have realized yet that Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. That day tends to always sneak up on me.  I guess a lot of things are usually going on around this time of year, particularly the end of the school year and start of summer vacation, that I just loose track of the date.  When I was teaching, you better believe I always knew what day of the week it was and what the date was all the time.  The moment summer vacation began, though, it all went out the window and I had no clue what day it was.  Now that I am not teaching, this blog actually helps me to keep up with the date. Otherwise, I would be totally lost. Anyway, if Father’s Day has snuck up on you, I am here to help.  I have some last minute gifts for that dad in your life that just might put a smile on his face this year.  Many of these items are available on Amazon Prime, so you still have time to get them here in time for the big day with 2-day shipping.  The others may require you to pay extra for faster shipping or and IOU note. 

1. Wireless Ear Buds

I am not sure that there are many men out there that wouldn’t enjoy these, especially if he is someone that likes to work out or listen to music while working. Most people would go for the Apple AirPods (Best Buy), but my husband really loves his Bose Sound Sport Wireless Headphones (Amazon). There are many less expensive options as well on Amazon. 

2. Grilling Tools

We all know that it is usually the men in our lives that do the grilling, right? Well, what man wouldn’t think it was cool to be able to brand his steaks when he is out cooking on the grill? Check out this branding iron (Amazon) that allows him to change it up to say whatever he wants! If you have a dad that loves to grill and also loves to golf, this stainless steel grilling set (Amazon) with a golfing twist is just the thing for him.

3. Messenger Bag

The Alden Messenger Bag from Trades of Hope is perfect for the guy that goes to the office everyday to carry all of his important papers.  He can look stylish while also supporting women in India who are rising up out of poverty.  It pairs perfectly with the Leather Travel Wallet that is also handcrafted by women in India. 

4. Smart Gadgets

My husband is obsessed with smart gadgets that he can control with his phone.  Things like these ecobee4 Smart Thermostats (Amazon) and this Kwikset Smart Lock (Amazon) are among his favorites. 

5. Outdoor Games

For that dad that loves to hang out and play games outside with his kids or friends, these yard games are a great option. Cornhole is a great outdoor game. Choose his favorite NFL team (Amazon), his favorite College Team (Amazon), or this less expensive portable version (Amazon). This Giant Jenga Game (Amazon), this Bocce Ball Set (Amazon), and this Ropoda Yard Pong Set (Amazon) are also great options.

6. Under Armor T-Shirt

These Under Armour shirts (Amazon) are great for the dad that likes to work out or for lounging around the house.  

7. Watch

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a nice watch as a gift.  This one by Michael Kors (Amazon) is very sleek and modern.  For a sportier, water resistant option, check out this Casio G-Shock Watch (Amazon). 

8. Drone

Let’s think about it. Is there any man on this planet that wouldn’t think a drone was a cool gift? Boys and their toys! This Snaptain Wifi Drone (Amazon) is said to be great for beginners. 

9. Neck Massage Pillow

I don’t think this really needs much explanation.  Maybe that special dad in your life would even let you use this Massage Pillow (Amazon) every now and then! <wink, wink>

10. Gift Card

If you are still struggling with the perfect gift, you can never go wrong with a gift card to his favorite store. These are really great stuffed inside a handmade card.

I hope you can find that perfect gift for that special dad in your life. Happy shopping!


*This post contains commissioned links. Should you choose to purchase items through these links, I may earn a small commission. 

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