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By now you have all learned that I am all about being organized, but I am also all about function. It is great to be cute and organized. However, if it isn’t really functional for you, it just won’t work long term.  Your system has to be organized AND functional for your lifestyle and day-to-day routines.  I have had a couple of messages asking about makeup storage.  I will tell you that it took me a while to find a system that is functional and organized, but I finally found what works for me. Keep in mind, though, that my system may not be a system that is organized and functional for you.  It is important to find something that works for your lifestyle.  I will share with you some of the different systems I have used over the years.  One of them may appeal to you more than another.  I will also share with you what worked about each system and what didn’t. 

In my early makeup wearing days (middle school), I kept my makeup in a big makeup bag.  I know that this is what a lot of people do. At the time it was somewhat functional because I could just throw it in an overnight bag and carry it with me when I went over to a friend’s house or traveled for sporting events or something like that. I was always on the go back then.  It wasn’t so functional for me in that I could never find anything quickly.  It was just a jumbled mess. It wasn’t organized at all.  I also hated that makeup would get on everything in there and I just felt like it was dirty all the time.  While this system was somewhat functional, it wasn’t organized. Check out these cute makeup bags below if this is a system that you think can work for you. Links are in the captions.

Then I moved on to the trusty old Caboodle.  This system kept my makeup more organized.  Everything had its own place.  It wasn’t nearly as messy, and I didn’t feel like there was makeup all over everything like in the bag. Caboodles made a comeback a few years ago and you can still find them at Walmart, Target, or on Amazon. They now call them “vintage.” My youngest has one that she keeps her play makeup in.  The problem with this system for me was that it wasn’t functional.  It was too big.  It wasn’t easy to carry it in my overnight bag because it wouldn’t fit or it took up too much room.  While I felt cool and cute, it just wasn’t the perfect solution for me.  It was organized, but it wasn’t functional. I eventually went back to the makeup bag.

Years down the road, I started keeping my makeup in the drawer of my vanity.  I organized it using these little trays from Target. This method was very organized and pretty functional.  I had things separated by categories.  I had eye shadows together, brushes together, lip sticks together, etc. This system worked well for me for years.  Then one day I got tired of having the drawer open and having to lean over it to use the mirror to apply my makeup.  I thought that there had to be a more functional system.  That is when I came up with the system that I use now.  I have a basket that is divided into sections that sits on top of my vanity (similar-Amazon). This clear plastic option from Amazon work work the same way.  Mine contains the makeup items that I use daily as well as the hair care products I use and my perfume.  This prevents me from having the drawer open all the time.  I still use the drawer with the trays.  They now contain the makeup that I wear less often and tools such as my eyelash curler and nail tools.  I keep all of my brushes in a cup that I got from my favorite Broadway show, Wicked.  It just add a personal touch to the top of my vanity. All of my stuff is organized, and it is functional.  It is easy to see what I have, and it easy to grab what I want and apply it.  This system really works for me. Now, when it is time to travel, I do have to pack my stuff.  It isn’t quite as easy as just throwing the cosmetic bag into a suitcase like before, but I am ok with that.  When I travel, I use a hanging organizer that I got from Thirty-one, but you can find them in many places.  I like this because it has pockets and sections to keep things separated and easy to locate, and I like being able to hang it up in the hotel bathroom for easy access.  Check out these cute hanging bags below.

You can see how I have evolved my system to one that is the most functional and organized for me now. Let me know what you use. I am always open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

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