The Energizer Bunny

Today is one of those crazy busy days. It started right away this morning getting the girls up and ready for school. My oldest had to be at school early this morning to do some makeup work she missed while we were at the cheer competition. Of course, that threw off our normal morning routine. After dropping her off, I came back home to finish drying my hair and getting ready. Then I sat down to write this post for today. Well, my computer started acting funny yesterday and was doing it again this morning, so I decided to shut it down and reboot it. That was a mistake! It has already been like 15 minutes and it’s still rebooting. It says it has 22 more minutes left! I’m currently typing this on my phone as I anxiously wait for it to finish. I don’t have a whole lot of time to spare this morning. My youngest has an appointment with the endocrinologist at 12:00, and my oldest has an appointment with the audiologist and ENT at 2:30. I absolutely hate taking them out of school again since they just missed 3 days, but I really have no choice.  It is so hard to get these appointments with specialists even though we are established patients.  I don’t understand why the wait is so long to get appointments. I tried to call and reschedule the endocrinologist appointment, and they didn’t have any availability until the end of August.  Oh and let’s not even forget that you can’t possibly get appointments in the evenings where you don’t have to pull the kids out of school.  I just can’t imagine that there are that many kids that need an endocrinologist that they are that booked solid for months ahead. It is the same with the neurologist, gastroenterologist, and allergist. Let’s not even get into the availability at the EOE clinic. They only see patients one day a month.  It’s insane! Kids who are really sick can’t get in to see a specialist for months! It just doesn’t make sense to me.  It has been this way everywhere we have lived, and I hear my friends talking about it all the time.  There has to be a better system.  

We have to do the ENT appointment today. It cannot wait.  If you remember from a couple of weeks ago, I talked about my oldest daughter’s ear issues.  She has a very narrow ear canal that curves so her ear doesn’t drain properly on the left side and frequently gets a buildup of wax that has to be cleaned out or gets swimmer’s ear even though she hasn’t been swimming.  We went to the ENT 2 weeks ago (it took over a month to get her in), and they did a culture of the gunk that they sucked out of her ear.  It came back positive for “heavy mold.” That’s right! Her ear is full of mold! It’s so gross!  We have been doing two different drops every morning and night for the past 2 weeks. One is for the pain and inflammation and the other drop is actually for athlete’s foot, but it works to kill the fungus growing in her ear supposedly.  It is kind of weird putting drops in your kid’s ear from a bottle that says “Athlete’s Foot.”  Today we go back to see if it is clearing up (I don’t think it is) and to have her hearing checked.  She often says that her ear feels “plugged” and she can’t hear.  We hope that it is just from the wax buildup and the infection and not that her hearing has been damaged.  She is really worried about it.  She is afraid that she isn’t going to be able to hear the beeps. 

I swear it is always something. There is never a dull moment in this family, especially when it comes to medical issues.  If it is something abnormal, it is going to happen to my kids or me.  It’s just the story of our lives! We are going to keep having to see specialists, and I am going to keep getting annoyed that I can’t get a decent appointment time within a reasonable timeframe.  My kids are going to continue to have to miss school. It is like a never-ending rollercoaster. There is no end at all. It just keeps going and going and going. It’s like the Energizer Bunny for sure!  Sometimes I feel like the Energizer Bunny myself because I just keep pushing. I just keep going. I never stop.  I just wish that I had the ENERGY part of the bunny! LOL! I surely don’t have any energy. I guess something is fueling me, though. Did I mention that I am still sick, too? I’m still hacking up my lungs daily and there is so much drainage in my throat. I’m going on a month of this mess now.  At least I don’t feel bad anymore. It’s just an annoyance that won’t go away.  Oh, well, I guess it is what it is.  If anyone knows of some secret trick to getting specialist appointments sooner and in the evenings, please let me know.  I’m all ears!


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