Vacation Does NOT Equal Relaxation

My kids are on spring break this week.  They are not very thrilled with us because it turned into the week that we moved so we haven’t really done anything exciting according to them.  We have only been packing and unpacking the whole week.  We honestly did not intentionally plan the move during spring break.  It just sort of happened.  Many of their friends around here went away for the week, and the girls are getting jealous seeing everyone’s posts from all these cool places.  I don’t really know why they expected us to go somewhere.  We have never traveled anywhere for spring break except to our hometown in South Carolina for Easter.  I guess it has never really occurred to us to go anywhere this week before.  When I was a teacher, I longed to make it to spring break because it was a much needed break after the long winter months.  I used this week as a time to rest and recoup.  I know a lot of people think that going somewhere cool is a time to relax and chill, but vacations have never been a time of relaxation for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel and go to cool places, but it just isn’t relaxing for me.  The planning that leads up to a trip, all of the packing, the scheduling of things to do while we are away, and trying to cram everything we can into that short trip are all things that are often stressful for me. I guess part of it is because I don’t do down time well.  I feel like there is something that I should be doing all the time.  I rarely take the time to just enjoy the moment.  It is always about the next thing we are going to do when we are on vacation.  I am a planner by nature, so our family vacations are often fully planned out ahead of time. I like schedules.  My husband is the same way.  We both have a hard time relaxing and he likes schedules and plans too. You can imagine that two uptight schedulers are probably not going to be able to just chill.  It’s just not in us.  I can assure you that I wish that I was able to relax.  I wish I was able to take it all in and stop and smell the roses. I just can’t.  It is something that I am working on for sure, but I’m just not there.  

Speaking of vacations, we are heading to Disney World in a couple of weeks for a cheer competition. Disney is one of our all time favorite places to go as a family.  I have always loved Disney.  One of my very favorite vacation memories was when my husband and I went to Disney back when we were newly married.  We had so much fun.  I’m not sure I can count how many times we have been to Disney over the years.  No matter how many times we have gone, every time is better than the last.  We just love it so much.  While we won’t get to do a whole lot of park hopping while we are there this time because this trip is all about cheer, I am still very much looking forward to going back. Just being there is magical.  Even though we have pretty much done it all at Disney, I still don’t relax when we are there. There is just so much to do and see. It is always go, go, go!

We are currently still debating on what we want to do for our real vacation this summer. Originally we had planned to go to Europe, but with the move and all that we have going on, we decided to postpone that trip for a year.  Now we are debating about whether to do a cruise, go back to Disney, or do something totally different.  The girls and I have never been on a cruise before. I know! How is that possible? I think maybe it is because I am a little scared to go on a cruise.  Both my youngest and I get motion sickness, and I am so afraid of being nauseous for days and being totally miserable with no way to escape. We were initially leaning towards a cruise. The debate with that was whether or not to do a Disney cruise or a regular cruise. However, I think that maybe we aren’t going to do a cruise now.  We actually haven’t even had the chance to get the girls their passports, and we haven’t booked anything.  Who knows what we will end up doing? It is all up in the air at this point. Disney is familiar and easy since we’ve done it a million times, but I think it would be nice to do something new.  I have no idea what that is.  Whatever it may be, I am sure we will a great time.  It won’t be relaxing, but it will be fun!


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