Final House Renovations

We have officially had two nights in the new house, and I can’t tell you enough what a relief that is. Yes, we are still living out of boxes and stuff is everywhere, but I am trying to focus on one room at a time and not kill myself.  We are slowly getting there, but it is going to take some time to find a home for everything.  The kitchen and dining room are finished.  The master bedroom is done except the closets and putting things back into drawers. The guest room is completely finished.  The formal living room was done, but now it is currently housing everything that goes in my husband’s office. The rest of the rooms are still works in progress in various stages.  I know it will all get done, and I am surprisingly not stressed about it.  I think I am still so exhausted from the actual move and renovations, that I am just happy to be here.  I am sure my OCD will kick in over the next couple of days, and I will be back in panic mode to get it all done.  Anyway, I promised you all an update on the renovations completed with pictures, so here it is! I know that you have seen some already, but I wanted to put them all here in one place to show the completed projects. All of the before pictures were from the original house listing by a professional photographer. Clearly my after pictures are not taken by a professional!


As I have mentioned before, I really wanted darker floors than what was in the house originally.  I just felt like the color that they were to begin with was a little outdated and not as warm as I would have liked.  While the whole process what a disaster with all of the dust and mess it caused all over the house, the end product is well worth it. I am so in love with the floors. They turned out just like I wanted.  You can read more about the floor renovations here.

Main Staircase

I know that I have already shown you the stairs, but in case you missed it, here they are again. As you can see in the before picture, these stairs had a carpet runner and the wood was stained a light shade.  I really wanted darker floors and my husband really wanted the carpet gone.  I am so happy with how well they turned out. 


When we looked at this house from the very beginning, the one major thing that I disliked was the kitchen.  I didn’t like the color of the cabinets in conjunction with the floor.  I also didn’t like the color of the countertops or the backsplash.  It just didn’t go together to me.  I really wanted to do a full kitchen remodel, but my husband and budget didn’t allow that. Once the floors were darkened, the cabinets really didn’t match.  I hated it. Rather than buying and installing new cabinets, my husband and I compromised and agreed to paint them white. We were both a little nervous about painting them ourselves, but we decided to give it a try anyway.  You guys, with the cabinets painted white and the floors darkened, it looks like a totally different kitchen.  While I still don’t love the counter tops and backsplash, they both look a million times better with the white cabinets.  I can live with them for a couple of years! I am just so excited about how it all turned out.  I think it looks amazing, and I love it so much!


Two of the bedrooms HAD to be painted because they were painted bright colors that just weren’t our style. One had a wallpaper border and the other had sponge painted flowers and butterflies on it. My youngest daughter picked out new bedding for her birthday present and was allowed to choose the color she wanted her room painted.  She chose a coral-pink color to match her bedding.  It would not have been my first choice for bedding or paint color, but we felt like it would help her with the transition if she was involved in choosing what she wanted.  We painted the other room a warm grey which I love.  Then we allowed my oldest to choose the color she wanted in her room. Of course the child that is interested in interior design and architecture chose three different shades of teal.  She wanted her room to be ombré! Her father shockingly agreed to this. Guess what, though? He wasn’t the one who was doing the painting! It was all on me! I convinced her to only do one wall in the three colors and she chose the middle shade for the rest of the walls.  I ended up watching several videos on Pinterest and YouTube to figure out how to do an ombré wall.  Let me tell you…NEVER try to do it yourself! I think I painted the dumb wall like 9 times trying to make it work right using 9 different techniques.  I wish I would have taken pictures of each attempt because it was so bad, but I only ended up capturing the last attempt which was the best looking of all the attempts.  It still looked HORRIBLE, though! The picture even makes it look better than it was in reality. I finally gave up and convinced my daughter that I couldn’t do it, so I ended up just painting three stripes. I actually think that the stripes look good.  I think she is happy with it despite it not being exactly what she wanted.  At least she knows better than to complain to me about it after I worked on it for three days straight!


I did a whole post about how we turned an awkward sitting room into my dream closet with help from Closet America.  You can check it out here.  I just wanted to show you a picture of what it looks like at the moment while I figure out how I want it organized. It’s a mess!  Clothes were hung with no rhyme or reason. You all know that I like things color coded by style so that will definitely have to be fixed. My antique vanity hasn’t even made it in there yet because there is too much stuff in the way.  I cannot wait to get it all organized just the way I envisioned it! 


Unfortunately, I did not get a before picture of the mud room. It originally had a nook of wire baskets on one side and a low down coat rack on another wall. The walls were painted white but had scuffs and marks all over them. It almost looked like someone had colored on the walls with crayon. Anyway, we had the baskets taken town and the coat rack removed. Then we painted the walls a light grey and had Closet America install a storage bench with shelves and hooks when they installed my closet. I plan to add a cushion on the bench and put baskets on the shelves for storage. It is an awkward space that we turned into something useful.


The pantry had some great storage in it already and was very spacious. However, something had been spilled all over the walls that wouldn’t wipe clean. We ended up taking all the shelving out and painting the walls the same light grey color as the rest of the kitchen. Then we put all of the shelving back in, and I added my basket organization system. Some of the baskets still need labels since I was able to add more with the larger pantry, but I am very happy with how it is organized. You can read more about my pantry organization system here.


The final renovation that we did was adding carpet to the room in the basement that will eventually be my office.  The previous owner had used it as a woodworking shop and the floor was just concrete. I like to sit on the floor when I am crafting so I wanted soft carpet.  I know it’s not the typical office floor, but I don’t think it is going to be your typical office.  This room still has more renovations to go, including repairing drywall and painting. Unfortunately, they will have to wait a little bit.  

Well, that is all of the renovations in a nut shell. I really love how every project that we did turned out, and I cannot wait to get started on the next set of renovations once we save up some money.  I will keep you all posted when we start something new. Right now, the focus is just getting things unpacked and put away.  Then I will be back to sharing organization posts with you. I would love to hear what you think about what we have done so far.  


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