It’s Moving Time

Well you guys, moving week has arrived.  We are heading into this week full force and ready to move.  We kicked things into high gear on Friday and tried our best to get all of the renovations finished.  We didn’t quite make it, but we are so close. Hopefully, we will finish up all of the painting today and will be ready to move in fully throughout the rest of the week.  Because I have to take time to focus on the move so that we can get it all done, this will be my only blog post this week.  I will be back to my regular blogging schedule next Monday.  My parents are here to help so it will be all hands on deck, and we have to take advantage of the help while we have it. I have to say that we are all starting the week already exhausted, but I hope we can muster up enough energy to tackle this big task ahead of us.  I will admit that I think my husband and I are both a little overwhelmed at the moment and frustrations and tensions are at an all time high.  We probably aren’t the two most pleasant people to be around right now. There is just so much to do.  

After painting non-stop for the past 3 days, my fingers are achy and swollen, and my arms and shoulders are sore.  It is just more proof that I am out of shape and getting older.  Motrin has been my nightly friend along with my heating pad. I know it is only going to get worse as the week goes on and I am carrying heavy things around.  We are really second guessing buying a house with so many steps!  LOL! They certainly make moving much more difficult! In addition to all of my aches and pains, I have to scrub the paint off of my hands and arms every morning when I take a shower. I am totally surprised that I haven’t gotten it in my hair, yet. Oh, and I think I have broken almost every single one of my nails down as low as they can go.  So much for the cute purple polish I put on last week!  That sure didn’t last long. On top of that, I have been wearing the same pair of pants for several days because they are already covered in paint, and I don’t want to ruin any others. Although my clothes may be dirty, I promise you that I have showered every single day! If you see me post on Facebook or Instagram with updates and I am wearing the same thing every day, that is why! I am a hot mess these days! That is for sure! 

On a happy note, we have already met several of our new neighbors and everyone seems to be great so far.  The kids were even out playing with a ton of other kids throughout the day yesterday.  There is a little girl who is a year younger than my youngest that lives across the street and a girl the same age as my oldest that lives next door.  I think we are really going to like living there.  We have barely spoken to any of the neighbors here at the rental in the past 9 months, so this is a nice change.   I love when the kids can get out of the house and off of electronics for a change and interact with other kids their ages.  Hopefully, they will make some new, lifelong friends. 

Well, I have to run and get to work.  I sure will miss writing this week, but I really do have to take the time to get stuff done.  I will be so glad when it is all over and we can breath for a bit.  Only then will the aches and pains subside (I hope) and will be truly be able to rest.  I cannot wait for that day to come.  Soon! It will be soon! I see a very small sliver of light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully that light will be big and bright by the time I see you back here next week.  Wish me luck and send lots of prayers for my sanity! 


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