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Main Entrance Before and After

To say that I am over the renovations is an understatement.  I am so ready to be done and moved in.  This whole move has been anticipated for so long, and we are all just ready to get there.  The hardwood floors are finally finished including the staircase and all of the handrails. It looks AMAZING! I am so happy with how it turned out.  This picture does not do it justice! It really changes the whole look of the house.  The kitchen cabinets are almost done.  The cabinets themselves are done, so we just have to finish with the final coat on all of the doors and drawers and rehang them.  My youngest has surprisingly been a huge help in the cabinet renovation.  She may be little and only 11 years old, but she sure knows how to work a paint roller. Those of you that know her may be shocked that she has the focus and willpower to actually do that, but it is true. If you give her a job so that she feels like a part of things and you give her lots of praise, she really can do good things.  That’s the kind of stuff that she thrives on.  The past two nights, I have painted the trim, and she has rolled the backsides of every single cabinet door. I must say that it looks really good. She has really been pushing back about the move because change is really hard for her. Having her take part in making the house our own is really helping calm her anxiety. 

The carpet was installed in my new basement office yesterday, and it looks so good. Even with no furniture in there, it has already helped with the sound in the room.  When it was just a concrete floor, it was very echo-y in there. I know some of you are wondering why I went with carpet instead of wood or laminate floors.  The answer to that is that when I am crafting or doing projects for my vinyl business, I sit on the floor. That’s just how I work best.  I wanted something cushy to sit on.  Plus, being in the basement means that it is typically a little cooler down there than it is in the rest of the house, so I didn’t want to be sitting on a cold floor. There is still a lot left to do in that room, but it is going to be a long-term project.  The previous owner had used the space as a woodworking shop.  There are large wooden shelves bolted to the walls, which will eventually have to come down. Then the walls will have to be repaired where the bolts were, along with another hole that is in another wall.  Once all of the walls are repaired, we will paint them. I am thinking about a nice warm grey color.  My dream is to have some built-ins for books and storage along one wall and a counter top with cabinets along another wall to use as workspace for my vinyl cutting machine and heat press.  I also have to get a desk for myself.  I have one already picked out from Ikea, but we just haven’t gotten it yet. We have a nice executive desk that will go in the office on the main level. That will be my husband’s office and a space where he stores all of his Navy plaques and memorabilia.  I have never had my own office so I cannot wait for it all to come together. 

Next up is painting the girls’ rooms and the guest room.  Those are the only rooms we are painting for now.  I am hoping that we can get all three done before we start the move-in process on Sunday, but my husband doesn’t think it’s going to happen. I am certainly going to do my best to get it done. It will be so much easier to paint all three rooms with no furniture in them.  My youngest has picked out her color (a light pinky coral) to match her new bedding that she got for her birthday.  My oldest has chosen three different shades of teal for her room.  She wants the main wall in her room to be painted all three colors in an ombre’ effect. That should be interesting since none of us have ever done that before.  I was shocked when my husband agreed to give it a try! I am already picturing in my head how badly this is going to go!  The rest of the walls will be just one of the colors.  We haven’t decided if we are going to use the lightest color or the medium color, yet. The guest room will likely be the same grey that the rest of the house is painted in.  It is pretty neutral.  It isn’t my first choice of greys as it is more of a cool grey and I like warm greys, but it will have to do. 

The only other project that I am really pushing for that my husband thinks we can wait on is the fireplace. I think I have told you all before that I hate it.  It has marble around it and a marble slab on the floor in front of it.  I have nothing against marble in general, but I can’t stand this one because it is an ugly green color.  It totally clashes with my décor.  I would love to add some stacked stones or white tiles. I also would like to get rid of the gold pieces as well. What I would really love and know is never going to happen is to cover that wall that the fireplace is on with shiplap. I think it would look so good!  I guess I am going to have to live with the green marble monster for a while, but I certainly am not going to be happy about it! 

We have been working so hard to get this new house the way we want it.  We are all tired and ready to be done.  I know it is miserable now, but I also know that it will all be totally worth it once we are moved in and living in it every day.  It will soon be our home.  I cannot wait! 


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