If you followed me last week, you know that I had a rough week.  Things were going wrong for me right and left.  It all started with the whole Facebook and Instagram drama of removing all posts containing a link to this blog and not letting me post a link anymore. Then things just went down hill from there because I couldn’t let it go. It was affecting my view of everything else that was going on last week and causing me to see everything negatively.  It was like Satan came in full force trying to knock me off my game, and I will admit that it worked.  It got to me.  I let little things that were so dumb steal my joy.  I let it affect everything in my life last week.  I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t pleasant to be around. All of my focus was on the negative and not on the good things that happened last week, and there was a lot of good.  I have mentioned before that my mantra for 2019 is to choose joy: to choose to seek joy, see joy, and be joyous in all situations.  That went out the window last week.  I slipped back into old habits of negative self-talk in my head. I let the stupid thing with Facebook convince me that maybe I wasn’t meant to write this blog.  Maybe I got God’s message wrong.  Maybe this isn’t what I am supposed to be doing. My purpose for creating this blog was to support other women and help them become the best versions of themselves, but what do I know about that?  I’m a mess so how can anyone learn anything from me? I’m not a good writer. No one cares about what I have to say.  I’m not good enough. I am not enough. All of these things and more were running through my head.  I was letting Satan win.

It wasn’t until the end of the week that I realized what I was doing, what was happening.  I realized that I was letting the negativity slip in and run through my veins.  It was like God suddenly slapped me in the face and told me to wake up. I remembered my mantra. I remembered that I wanted to choose joy.  I realized that I needed to stop, be still, and let it all go.  I had to give it all to God and let him take control.  The whole social media thing was completely out of my control, and, in hindsight, I know it was so dumb to let that get to me and ruin my entire week.  I heard God loud and clear.  This is what he wants me to do.  People don’t care about my grammatical errors, and those that do can just move along. I am meant to do this.  Even if only one person gets something from what I have to say and it brightens their day or makes them take a good look at their life and make changes for the better, that is the reason I am doing this. Even if it’s just someone that finds their own style or an outfit that makes them feel good, I’m doing what I am supposed to do. God is in control, not me and certainly not Satan.  I have to trust him.  He tells me that I am enough. It doesn’t matter what Facebook, Instagram, or anyone else thinks. I AM ENOUGH! I AM WORTHY! I AM WHERE I AM MEANT TO BE!

If you are struggling with letting the negativity in to steal your joy, I want you to stop. I want you to be still.  I want you to let it go.  Trust God. Don’t let that negative self-talk bring you down.  You are enough. You are good enough.  Stand in front of the mirror with your feet apart, your hands on your hips, your head held high, and look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself that you are enough. I mean it.  Do it! It is called the power pose.  Do it every day if you have to until you start to believe it. You will feel empowered. Then I want you to choose joy. See joy in all situations good or bad.  I promise you it will turn your mood around. It will turn your outlook around. It will remove the negativity and fill your veins with joy. 

You know what happened last week? I had record number of views on the blog every single day last week. I had 77 new likes on my Facebook page. I had people reach out to me and tell me to keep going, to keep pushing. I had a party that did phenomenal and helped women out of poverty.  I was able to provide 5 fruit trees to a family in Africa.  I had a sweet friend connect with me and pray for me and remind me that I am doing what God wants me to do. I let stupid things overshadow all that good, but no more! I am choosing to celebrate all of that TODAY! I am choosing JOY because I am ENOUGH! Will you join me? Let me celebrate you.  Tell me a way you are choosing JOY TODAY in the comments.

Anchored and ENOUGH,

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