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What a crazy day I am going to have today and tomorrow! My kids are out of school AGAIN today so that’s always fun! No, really, I am kidding. I barely even saw my kids yesterday. They stayed locked up in their rooms or in the basement for the majority of the day. They only came out when I forced them to come and eat lunch.  If I don’t tell my kids to eat, neither of them will.  I’m not kidding.  They don’t realize on their own that it is lunchtime and that they should eat.  How is that possible? They will be home alone while I’m out doing something.  When I get home I will ask my youngest what she had for lunch (you know I have to keep track of what she eats) and she will say that she hasn’t eaten anything.  When I ask her why, she literally says to me, ”You never told me to.” Are you serious? She’s 11 years old.  Isn’t that old enough to know that you need to eat lunch? The sad thing is that my almost 15 year old is exactly the same, and they both do this ALL THE TIME. Does anyone else have kids that do the same thing? Tell me I’m not the only parent whose kids don’t know when they should eat. It’s insane!

Sorry for the side track there! My days are going to be crazy because my oldest and I are flying to Florida today for a gymnastics meet in the morning and then are flying back home as soon as it is over tomorrow afternoon.  On top of all that, I am fighting a mild case of the flu! Fun for me! It’s really the weirdest flu ever. I had the aches, chills, and fever for less than 24 hours and then have just had a cough (no congestion/sinus issues) and a scratchy throat since. I actually feel fine other than being a little tired and the tight throat, but my voice is all jacked up so I sound like I have the plague. I don’t know if it was because I had a flu shot or that I got Tamiflu the day I got sick or a combination of the two, but this is certainly the mildest and strangest flu I have ever had. 

Because we are only going to Florida for less than 24 hours, we are planning to just take a carry on bag. Now, those of you that know me personally know that I do not pack lightly.  In fact, I pack insanely.  I usually have at least 3 small bags or a giant suitcase that I can barely lift when I travel.  You can imagine that it is difficult for me to pack my daughter and me both into one carry-on bag.  I am very proud to say that I did it.  I am not even taking my hairdryer! <gasp> I know! It was hard, but I have still been sticking to not washing my hair everyday, so I don’t need it.  I am going on 5 months of washing my hair every 3-4 days! I washed and dried it this morning so that I wouldn’t have to wash it tomorrow.  That cuts out shampoo, conditioner, and other products I use when I wash my hair. I only packed one outfit, which was very hard for me.  I typically pack one outfit for every day I will be gone plus at least 1 (sometimes 2) extra outfit. That is all huge for me! The only thing that I am concerned about is the darn liquid rule! I NEED my R+F products and so does my daughter!  Thankfully, I have a travel size that we can share, but the major issue is that I need mousse for her hair for the competition, and I cannot find a travel size of that anywhere! She has so many short baby hairs that fly all over the place and curl up when she is hot that have to be slicked down for competition, and there is a certain kind of mousse that is the only thing that works. I guess we may be “Ubering” to a store when we get there tonight to get some and then throw it away for the trip back.  It’s such a waste! I am heading out in a few to brave the icy roads to look in a couple more places, but my hopes aren’t very high. Wish me luck! Other than that, I think I managed to get all of the other liquids between us into one quart bag each.  I really am proud of myself for getting everything we need into one small suit case. Of course, she will also carry on her backpack with all of her stuff, and I will be carrying my favorite Trades of Hope bag (see below) with my computer and stuff as my purse. With the blog and my small businesses, I really need my laptop with me all the time. Thankfully, it is a small, compact laptop.  I am dreading going through the airport security already.  Having to pull out my laptop, bag of liquid, shoes, and everything else should be interesting.  When my daughter flew to Texas with my husband a couple of weeks ago, security patted her down and she was super uncomfortable with it. I hope that doesn’t happen to either of us this time. I love going to places and we travel a lot in this family, but I really don’t like the actual act of traveling.  I wish I could just blink my eyes and be there in an instant. The packing, the security, the stuffy plane full of germs, the motion sickness, the cramped seats, trying to find the right gate…all of that is just not fun for me. Unfortunately, that all comes with it and we are stuck doing it today and tomorrow. 

Well, that is about all that I have going on here for the next two days. I am going to try really hard to write my post for tomorrow about our February Book Club book, Left Neglect, because I really can’t wait to share my thoughts on it with you. It really stirred some things in me and made me think. Hopefully, I will have time to get it done. Until then…

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