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Wow! It has been a crazy few weeks for us and it doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon.  From closing on our new house, prepping our current house for showings, scheduling renovations, gymnastics meets, and cheer competitions to everyday life, I am exhausted! I haven’t really had enough time to prep outfits and photograph them for you. Instead, I have done a little digging on Amazon to find some really cute pieces for you.  Now, I know that some of you are skeptical about buying clothes from Amazon, and I will say that some of their clothes are not the best quality. However, I have found that there are some brands that actually come as pictured and described, and I have ended up with some cute pieces from there. My recommendation would be to check the reviews. Most people are usually pretty honest about the quality of the product. I also like to look at ay pictures posted by people that have bought it. Normally, I don’t like to recommend something to you that I haven’t physically tried on myself, but I have done my research and checked all the reviews.  I feel good about these pieces and may end up ordering some of them for myself in the future. Check out what I have found for you today!

Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

This dress has great reviews.  It comes in multiple vibrant colors. I don’t think there is a color option that I don’t like.  They are all so pretty.  In fact, several reviewers actually went back and purchased this dress on other colors because they loved it so much. The best part of this dress, though, is that it has POCKETS! It looks great worn as is, but it also looks great belted or knotted at the bottom with booties or even with a scarf or cute statement necklace. You really can’t go wrong with a basic maxi dress.

Long Sleeve Lace Detail Tunic

This top in the long sleeve version has great reviews, and I have had my eye on it for a while. However, the short sleeve version does not have good reviews.  Many stated that the short sleeve version was a different, thinner material, so I recommend that you go with the long sleeve version.  I love the look of this top.  It is great paired with leggings or skinny jeans.  It has a high/low hem with it being longer in the back, but both the front and back are long enough to cover all your business! The lace detail adds such a feminine touch to a regular tee.  This one comes in various colors that are all great.

Chiffon High Waist Pleated Skirt

This skirt is adorable and versatile.  Some customers purchased it to wear to a wedding, as a bridesmaid dress, or for family pictures. It can totally be dressed up or down. I think it would look great with a tank for the summer or with a fitted long sleeve t-shirt. It is a thin chiffon material, which makes it very flowy and twirl-tastic! I personally really like high waist skirts to accent the smallest part of my body since I am bigger in the hips.  The reviewers said to size up if you are taller.  The waist is elastic and flexible in sizing, but you need to size up for the length of the skirt if you are tall.  Be sure to check out the pictures in the reviews for some great ideas on how to wear this skirt. 

Striped Cardigan

You guys know that I love my stripes and my cardigans, and I absolutely love the look of this cardigan.  I love the snap detail because it is fun and unusual. I also really like the length of this cardigan.  It’s a bit longer than your typical cardigan but it’s not considered a duster cardigan either. It’s somewhere in the middle of the two. The color options are great too.  Super cute! If you have a larger chest, order a size up.

Fitted Turtleneck

Some people aren’t a fan of turtlenecks, but I absolutely love them. I always have. I especially love fitted ones like this. I like to wear them with a half tuck and a cute leopard belt and boots.  It is such a classic look. This turtleneck is said to have a nice thick fabric. Reviewers also mentioned that the neck holds its shape, which is a critical component. I hate when the neck droops.  If I could, I would probably get this in every single color because that’s how much I love turtlenecks, but black is by far my favorite.  You can do so much with a good black turtleneck as a staple in your wardrobe. Some say to size up in this due to how fitted it is. 

Short Sleeve Sleepwear

These PJs are so cute. They come in several color combinations, and they even have some in stripes, polka dot, plaid, and Christmas patterns. Most reviewers said they were the best pajamas ever and that they were incredibly soft. I typically just wear a t-shirt and pair of shorts or pajama pants to sleep in, but there are those occasions (like a girls trip) where I like to have a nicer set of pajamas to sleep in to look cute.  I might just have to try these out myself!

Under Armour Hoodie

You can’t go wrong with a basic hoodie or a brand like Under Armour. I love wearing a hoodie on those days where I am not going anywhere and am just lounging around the house with noting going on.  Sometimes I will thrown on a hoodie to take my kids to school in the mornings if I haven’t showered yet. This is a fleece hoodie that is pretty plain and simple, yet it is warm and cozy.  I also like that the Under Armour logo is subtle and not in your face like some of their hoodies.  This one comes in several colors and is a great buy.

Large Scarf

I had to put in a scarf for you all.  This one is so good! I love all of the color combinations and the many ways you can wear this particular scarf. For some tips on how to style a scarf different ways, check out this post

There really are some things on Amazon that are cute and fashionable and great quality. Don’t be afraid to try things if you like the look. Just read the reviews. The worst case is that you have to return it, but Amazon returns are fairly easy. You really have nothing to loose.


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