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Today I took on the task of organizing and purging the linen closet in my bathroom. Honestly, it was already fairly organized. Everything had it’s place, but there were a lot of things in there that I really just needed to get rid of, clean out, or throw away.  First, let’s talk about what is currently in my linen closet.  Of course I keep the obvious things in there, but there are a few other things that I store there as well.  Check out this list of all the things that were in there prior to the purge.

Towels, Washcloths, Hand Towels

You might find this surprising, but I am not so fancy that I have all matching towels and stuff.  I tend to change the colors of my bathroom each time we move so we just have a hodgepodge of colors.  I even still have some of the towels that I was given for college over 20 years ago! They were some of the best towels and they are still in amazing shape. Somehow, my husband and I have internally decided which towels belong to each other.  I have my few that I always use and he has his own few that he always uses.  It wasn’t planned that way, it just sort of happened.  


A great tip for storing sheets that I use is that once they are all neatly folded, I store them inside one of the pillowcases so they all stay together as a set.  When I am ready to change the sheets, it is easy to grab and whole set and go.

Extra Pillows

My husband and I both are pretty particular about our pillows.  We will buy one and sleep on it for a bit and then decide we don’t like it, and then we have to buy a new one.  Once we find one we like, we stick with it for a while.  We may use it for a year or two and then decided it’s time for a new one.  We end up with a million pillows because we are constantly changing them.  Thankfully when we moved to this house, I got rid of a lot of them so there are only a couple left. 

Throw blankets

We are a throw blanket kind of family. If any of us are watching tv or sitting on the couch, we have a blanket across our legs.  As I sit here and write, I have a blanket on me.  Even in the summer, I will have a blanket on me if I am sitting. I don’t know if it is a comfort/soothing thing or what.  I feel like I would be someone that would really like a weighted blanket.

Disney Bag

We are also a Disney-loving family. I cannot even count the number of times that we have been, especially when we lived in South Georgia and it was only 3 hours away.  The point is that we go often enough that we have a little bag that always goes with us to Disney and pretty much stays packed.  It includes things like change for the penny pressing machines, those cooling towels for the HOT days, sharpies for character signatures, first aid kit, Mickey ears, and so much more. Maybe I’ll do a Disney tips and tricks post one of these days.

Travel-size items

I actually had THREE plastic containers of travel stuff (toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, disposable razors, deodorant, shaving cream, etc.).  

Foot Spa

I wanted one of these so bad at one point in my life, but I think I have actually used it maybe 5 times.  I mean who realistically has time to sit with their feet soaking in a tub for any length of time? Not me!


This gets slid out and used daily by both my husband and me, and we regularly use is to keep track of my youngest daughter’s weight. It has to be easily accessible.


Yes, there were hot curlers and Velcro curlers in there from the 90’s! Why I have held on to them all these years, I have no idea!


I love candles. I love burning them while I am getting ready in the mornings. Something about it is soothing to me. I also use a wax burner sometimes too.

Necessities: bars of soap, toilet paper, Clorox wipes

This is pretty self-explanatory, I think.

Iron and Ironing Board

This will probably make you think I’m nuts, but I iron clothes every single morning. I cannot even throw on an old t-shirt without ironing it first. I think this goes back to my OCD tendencies. I cannot get dressed without ironing my clothes every day, so keeping this in my bathroom is essential for me.

It may not look like a lot in the before picture, but there was a lot of stuff in there. The very first thing I did was pull it all out.  The bathroom floor was covered with stuff everywhere. Then I went through all of the towels including the ones that were newly washed and not folded yet.  As I mentioned my husband and I have our sets of towels that we both use, but there are a ton of towels that neither of us ever use. I decided to pull all of those out and added them to the growing donate pile.  I got these really nice baskets at Target to keep things organized. There was a pack of several smaller ones and then large ones were sold separately. They come in other sizes and colors, too. I actually need to grab a couple more. I folded all of the towels so that I could roll them up and stand them up in the baskets.  I made two baskets of towels and separated them into his and hers.  Then I designated baskets for wash clothes, hand towels, and sheets. I love how it looks so nice and neat in there now.

Bug spray is BAD! Stay away!

Next, I cleaned out the Disney bag. Let me tell you what I found!!! It was all in a Thirty-One bag. There was a can of bug spray in there that was inside of a zip lock bag. Apparently, the bug spray had leaked out.  You guys! That stuff is dangerous! I am so glad I only use the bug spray that I make with my essential oils now. The stuff had completely eaten through not only the zip lock bag, but it had also eaten through the bottom of the Thirty-one bag, and had eaten up the plastic around the wire shelf it was sitting on! I cannot even think about all of the times that we sprayed that stuff on our bodies! Anyway, I had to create a new Disney bag and throw the old one away.

Yes, that is a bag of fake hair on the floor! It’s from my daughter’s dance recital one year.

Then, I went through the 3 boxes of travel supplies and first aid stuff.  I ended up throwing away so many things that were expired, almost empty, and things that we just don’t use.  I got it all down to only one box of travel stuff and one small box of first aid stuff! Yay, me! You may ask why I keep a box of travel stuff. Well, the answer is because we travel a lot, and we don’t want to carry full sized bottles with us so I always have stuff on hand in travel-size whenever we need it. 

Finally, I just decided to purge.  I am getting rid of the foot spa, curlers, towels, and some of the blankets.  It feels so good to let that stuff go.  I really don’t know why I have been holding on to some of it for so long.  I mean the hot curlers? Really? Velcro curlers? Seriously? What was I thinking? If you don’t know what those things are, I’m sorry.  They were things I used on my hair back in the nineties. I’m old, I know! Do I even donate those things? Do people still use them? Should I just trash them?

Now my closet is even more organized than it was, and it is full of only the things we use! Letting go of stuff is way easier than I thought it would be. It is so freeing. I still have to do the girls’ linen closets, but they should be pretty easy. I haven’t decided what is next on my list of things to do for next week.  It may be books or the kitchen.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Hey Allison,
    Love your blog – totally relatable. Love the closet cleaning transformation. I need to do this as well. I wanted to ask where you got your bins from? They are super cute!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much! I got them at Target. They have several colors other than the turquoise. I think it was pink, grey, black, and white too. I just loved the pop of the turquoise, though.

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