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I hope everyone is enjoying the day off today like I am.  We had a busy weekend with practices, competitions, a home remodeling expo, and a little time for shopping. I am certainly enjoying just hanging at the house today doing laundry and relaxing.  I don’t think we will venture out except to do our usual practice drop off this afternoon.  It is super cold and crazy windy here today.  The wind chill is -2 degrees right now with a temp of 14 degrees. I like the cold but that’s a bit too cold for even me.  I am happy to stay in my warm, cozy house while it sounds like the walls will cave in any minute from the wind.  

In between practice drop off and leaving to head to the cheer competition, I was able to squeeze in a little trip to Target to check out their new inventory after the holiday clearance.  Of course the first thing I saw when I walked in the door was what you see above…a ton of bathing suits! No thank you! I am not ready for those while there is literally snow on the ground outside. Maybe my friends down south would be interested in those, but you will just have to go to the store yourself because I will not be modeling any swimwear for you, probably ever! That’s one line I highly doubt I will ever cross.  I just walked right past that section without stopping. I had my shopping cart with me as I strolled through all the clothes.  By the time I finished, I had quite the buggy full of clothes to try on. The one thing I hate about trying on clothes is that you can’t take them all in with you at once so you have to find a place to leave your cart that won’t be in the way and that won’t get stolen. Once I found a spot, I grabbed my 6 items and started trying on. When I was done with those 6, I had to put my clothes back on and go back to my buggy to grab 6 more.  Let’s just say that I did this 3 or 4 times because there were so many pieces that grabbed my eye.  Not all that I tried on was something that I loved, so I picked a few of my favorites to show you.  No, I did not buy all of these, but they were definitely things that I considered.

Blue Polka Dot Sweatshirt

This top is super cute. The sleeves are more of a bubble sleeve which gives is a dressier look than just a plain old sweatshirt. My only drawback with it and why I didn’t purchase it is that it is cropped a little. I felt that it was a little too short for my long torso and my comfort level. Just for reference, I usually wear a medium, but I sized up in this to a large for a better fit and a little more length.

Grey Cardigan

I LOVE this cardigan. First of all, it is crazy soft, which is always a plus.  Second, it is a great neutral color that can go with so many things. It even comes in a lighter shade of grey online. The best part of all, though, is that it has POCKETS! I love anything with pockets.  This is the item that I may regret not buying, but I really tried to exhibit some self-restraint.

Stripped Hoodie

You guys know that I love stripes and this hoodie was totally calling my name.  I think it was the first thing I threw in the cart to try on. It’s cute and comfortable. Can you really go wrong with a hoodie? This is another item that I may regret not purchasing because it was so my style.

Cream PulloverPink Skinny Jeans

This outfit was super cute. The top is crazy soft.  I am wearing a small, which is a little too small for me (excuse my rolls), but they didn’t have a medium. I really wanted to try it on, though, because it is so soft. This top also comes in grey with cream stripes, but I didn’t like it as much as the cream. Online, it shows it also in burgundy and charcoal grey. I like this cream one paired with these pink jeans a lot.  If it had fit, I probably would have purchased this outfit.

Floral Blouse

I don’t typically wear a lot of red or florals, but I was drawn to this top for some reason.  It is a silky material and would pair great with a pair of black pants for a nice work outfit. If I were still teaching, I may have purchased this piece.

Star Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is beyond soft.  It has sort of a vintage feel to it and I could not resist it.  This is one of the ones that I had to have.  In the picture I am wearing a medium but I sized up and got a large in this one for a more relaxed fit since it a juniors cut. It is so cute!

Stripped Romper

I was really on the fence about this romper.  Part of me loved it and part of me hated it.  I liked how the stripes made me look tall and thin, but I also felt clownish in the stripes.  What do you think? 

Black SweaterLeopard Pants

This is the one outfit that I did end up purchasing.  I loved it so much.  These pants feel like leggings but they aren’t. They are also ankle length on me. This sweater pairs perfectly with them.  I will totally rock this outfit with my heeled ankle boots and will be date night ready.

Polka Dot Utility JacketBlack T-Shirt

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I love polka dots just about as much as I love stripes, if that is even possible. I LOVE this jacket so much.  I really wanted it, but I didn’t end up buying it. They only had it in a large in the store, and I felt like it was a little too big for me.  I just may have to order it, though, because it so adorable.  It even has a button so you can roll up the sleeves if you wanted to.  I just cannot tell you how much I love this jacket.  It was definitely my favorite of all the things I tried on.

Polka Dot Purse

Remember how I just said that I love polka dots? As I was heading to the checkout line, I passed this adorable polka dot purse.  I mean, come on! How cute is it? I had some restraint and did not purchase it, but I couldn’t resist showing it to you all.  I love how cute and dainty it looks.  It would be a great purse for spring.  

Tangerine Purse

This was just another purse that was next to the polka dot one that caught my eye as a super fun color.  This would be another purse that is great for spring or just to add a pop of color to your outfit now. It doesn’t look like this particular color is avaible online right now, but this same purse is available in other colors online including a pretty berry pink.

I love trying on clothes and finding cute pieces.  I will tell you that there were many more pieces that I tried on that were also really great, but these were my favorites.  Head on over to your Target for a little me time and some retail therapy! Happy shopping!


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