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When I was working full time, I dressed up every single day except some Fridays when we were allowed to wear jeans and a school t-shirt with tennis shoes.  I wore dresses, skirts, dress pants, and nice tops every day.  When the weekends would roll around, I would still dress nicely.  It may have been a nice top with jeans and cute shoes, but it was never really what I call “crummy clothes” unless I was sick or cleaning all day and not leaving the house. My oldest will tell you that I am always fussing at her for wearing “crummy” clothes all the time. She lives in athletic clothes or a t-shirt and jeans or shorts all the time, even to go out to dinner or out with friends. It drives me nuts. My youngest is more like me and wears dresses just to hang around the house. You never know what is going to go on in a day or who you are going to run in to. Don’t you want to look your best?

I have always had the mindset of dressing up. You guys know that I am a little obsessed (okay, a lot obsessed) with clothes.  I have all of these nice clothes, so why not wear them? I have also always had the mindset that a person should always try to look their best no matter what is going on.  Looking cute just makes you feel better and more productive.  I don’t know about you but when I dress “crummy,” I feel lazier and just want to sit around and do nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like those days every now and then, but for the most part, I get up, shower, put on makeup, and get dressed almost every day of the year.  I was the girl that was in labor that showered, put on makeup, and dressed cute before leaving to go to the hospital.  Then while I was still in the hospital, I made myself get up and shower and get dressed just to sit in the hospital bed.  Even now that I am not working and I am home most of the day, I still get up and get dressed every day. I have dropped my daughter off at gymnastics wearing a dress and people have ask me if I was going somewhere that day to be all dressed up.  The answer was usually no. I just wanted to look good. I don’t see it as getting dressed up or looking fancy. I see is as just wanting to look good and feel good about myself. It is just part of my nature.  I truly believe that how you dress yourself daily is a reflection of the person you are and a reflection of your drive and ambition.  I could totally sit around in sweats and hoodies or yoga pants all day or even stay in my pajama pants, but that’s not who I am.  I can still be comfortable and look cute.  It is possible.  I have decided that a couple of times a month, I will just show you what I wore during that week so you can see what I wear on a daily basis.

Here is what I wore this past week. You can see that some outfits are very casual, but they are still cute. They don’t look or make me feel “crummy.” They make me feel confident and ready to face the day.








As you can see, several of the outfits are pretty casual, but they are still cute. It is so important to feel good about yourself.  The perfect outfit can always give you a boost of confidence.  Always be dressed for success no matter what is going on in your life.  Now, go get up and get dressed.


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