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Last week I showed you how I organize my “junk drawer” which is not a junk drawer! This week, I am going to show you how I use some of the same little containers to organize my jewelry in a drawer.  You all know that I love to shop, and I love all things fashion and that includes jewelry. You guessed it! I have a lot of jewelry just like I have a lot of clothes.  The problem is that I never get rid of any of it.  I think that I maybe actually wear about 10% of it on a daily basis. There are some pieces that I never wear anymore and other pieces that I wear maybe a handful of times a year. Some pieces were bought to go with one specific outfit or for one specific occasion.  For some reason, jewelry is just hard for me to part with. I am pretty good about de-cluttering most things.  Jewelry is not one of them, and I can’t really tell you why. Planning this post, though, has made me realized that I really do need to go through it all and get rid of the things that I no longer wear.  I am still holding on to jewelry that I wore in middle and high school that is totally out of style and I will likely never wear again. It’s definitely time to purge. I’ll let you know how that goes! LOL!

I have 2 jewelry boxes. One is a tall stand up one (similar at Things Remembered) that sits on my dresser, and the other one is a small square box (similar at Things Remembered) that also sits on my dresser. Both of these nice boxes were gifts, and they can be on the pricier side.  You can find some on Amazon that are a little cheaper that would work just as well. Do I really need both of these jewelry boxes? The answer is no. I can totally fit what is in the square one in the big one.  The square one is just a sentimental gift that I don’t want to part with, so I keep and use it. The tall stand up one holds all of my short necklaces, some really old pieces, and a few old pairs of earrings that I never wear. The square one holds most of my rings and my cuff bracelets and the bracelets that I wear the most. Then I also have a hanging thing of hooks (similar at Target) on the back of my closet door that holds all of my long necklaces. This is a very easy and inexpensive way to hang your necklaces so that they won’t get tangled, and they are easy to access.  Finally, I have a very shallow but wide drawer in the top of my dresser that you can’t really put clothes in, so I use it as a jewelry drawer.  It contains most of my earrings, the bracelets that I don’t really wear much and a few rings that I don’t wear often.  These (Target) little containers from Target are the perfect size for this drawer and make keeping things organized pretty easy. Here is a tip. Did you know that chalk can help keep your jewelry from tarnishing? I cannot remember where I learned this or how it works, but it does.  I keep a small piece of chalk in each of these containers and in both jewelry boxes just for that reason. 

Tall Standing Jewelry Box

Small Square Jewelry Box

Jewelry Drawer

Hanger for Long Necklaces

I hope this will inspire you with different ideas and ways to organize your jewelry.  It is pretty easy to do. 

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