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How many of you are completely done with all of your holiday shopping? If you are, good for you. That’s awesome!  If you aren’t, join the club.  I would bet that most of you still have that one or two things left on your list. Christmas is a week away! There isn’t much time left to do your shopping. Do you know what the best thing in the world is for all of us procrastinators? Amazon Prime! If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, you should be.  It is completely worth it.  Free, two day shipping is hard to come by anywhere else.  If you order something from another site right now, you are going to have to pay a fortune in shipping costs to get it here in time for Christmas day. This is where Amazon and I come to your rescue.  I have found a few cute last minute items that you can grab and have delivered to your door within 2 days! Do you want to know what is even better? Every single one of these items is less than $30 AND you don’t have to leave your house and fight with all of the other crazy procrastinators that are running around the stores looking like chickens with their heads cut off. I have done all of the work for you, and Amazon will get it to you on time! Do you want to be known as the best gift giver ever, all without spending a fortune? Check these out!

1. Harper Crossbody

2. C.C. Beanie

3. Dearcase T-Shirt Dress

4. Nine West Tassel Necklace

5. C.C. Infinity Scarf

6. Kate Spade Rose Gold Earrings

7. ArcEnCiel Tote Bag

8. Borlai Fleece Pullover

9. Kuzima Slippers

10. Alex and Ani Wrap Bracelet

11. Fayebox Cable Knit Boot Cuffs

12. Blanket Scarf

13. Feryshe Dress with Pockets

14. Gashen Convertible Mini Backpack

16. Vegan Bath Bombs

17. Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket

18. Lecxci Wristlet

All of these items would make great gifts for any female in your life…a coworker, a friend, a sister, a mom. I know that I would love to have any of them for myself. Happy shopping! Get it done!

Anchored and Procrastinating,

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