Holiday Dresses Under $50

I cannot believe that Christmas is only two weeks away.  The time is flying by.  I think it is going fast for us because we have been so busy.  Between both girls, we had 3 competitions last week, and we have two more this week and a chorus performance.  Being busy seems to always make the time go faster.  I wish it would slow down.  I wish we could take the time to enjoy it all more.

I don’t know about you, but in the past I have always had a Christmas party or two to attend throughout the holiday season, either through my job, my husband’s job, or just with friends. I think it is always fun to dress up for a holiday party.  Whenever I have to attend one, I always end up standing in my closet staring at my dresses wondering what in the world I am going to wear.  I often find that I have more summer/spring type dresses than fall/winter dresses.  I guess I don’t really wear a lot of dresses in the winter because it is too cold. When I think about the kind of dress I want for the holidays, I always think of jewel-toned colors like emerald, sapphire, ruby, and amethyst.  I also think about sparkly silver and gold as great options for a holiday dress, especially for a New Year’s Eve party. I always have a picture in my head of what I want to wear, and that picture is never in my closet. I find myself in the dilemma of what to wear each year.  I certainly don’t want to wear the same dress that I wore to the holiday party the year before, but I don’t want to go out and spend a ton of money on a dress that I am probably not going to wear very often.  If you find yourself in the same dilemma with a party to attend and nothing to wear, you are in luck.  I have done all of the work for you.  I have found some really cute dress options for you all that won’t break the bank. In fact, every dress that I have found for you is under $50.  Some of the dresses are a little more formal than others because I wanted to give you a variety depending on the type of party you are attending.  Many of the dressed can be dressed up with a statement necklace and heels or dressed down with flats and a scarf. Most of these dresses also come in a variety of colors so click the link to see all of your options. If you aren’t big into colors, you can never go wrong with the perfect little black dress.  If you are wondering what you are going to wear to an upcoming holiday party, check out these adorable dresses.

The first three dresses are all Jennifer Lopez dresses from Kohl’s that are so cute. The first two are a more trendy style, while the third one is a more classic style.  I think the third dress is probably my favorite of all the ones I found.  It is very elegant. All three of these dresses come in other colors as well.

  1. Dolman Ribbed Sweater Dress
  2. Cold Shoulder Sweater Dress
  3. Boucle Sheath Dress

The next options all come from Target.  They range in style and color.  I even threw in a few patterned ones that I think are adorable. There are some that are a little more formal than others as well.  There are just so many options.  Find one that fits your individual style. Don’t forget to click the link to see all of the color options for each dress.

The first three dresses are a little more formal than the others and would make great Christmas or New Year’s dresses.

  1. Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Lace Dress
  2. Long Sleeve Tie Wrap Dress
  3. Elegant Lace Dress

The next three are patterned dresses that add a little bit of a fun touch to the dress.  I especially love the plaid one.  I think it would be so cute with a statement necklace or a red scarf.  I know that they leopard dress isn’t your typical holiday dress, but I couldn’t resist because it is so cute. I thought it was a fun option for a New Year’s party.

  1. Leopard Shift Dress
  2. Plaid Bell Sleeve Sweater Dress
  3. Floral Bell Sleeve Dress

Up next are three dresses that are a little bit longer in length and so pretty. I love the color of the second dress.  It is a very classic style but the color just pumps it up a little more.  I will add that the third dress also comes in a gorgeous yellow and black floral print that I absolutely love. I just didn’t think it was holiday appropriate, but you should definitely check it out. It is beautiful.

  1. Ruffle Sleeve Wrap Dress
  2. Bubble Sleeve Tie Dress
  3. Bell Sleeve Dress

The last three Target dresses are just fun.  They have a little detail to them that just adds a bit of character to the dress.  They are so adorable.

  1. Bow Detail Dress
  2. Leather Hem Ruffle Dress
  3. Ruffle Sleeve Dress

Our final set of dresses come from Old Navy. They also come is a variety of styles and colors and many of them are currently on sale.

The first three dresses have polka-dots. I absolutely love polka-dots and these three dresses are so adorable.  I especially love the teal one.  So cute! If you are not in to polka dots but love the style, all of these dresses come in solid colors or other patterns as well.

  1. Crepe Shift Dress
  2. Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress
  3. Fit and Flare Crepe Dress

The final dressed range from more casual to a little more dressy. I especially like the velvet one.  It think it is so fun.  They did have it in a green color that would have been even more perfect for the holidays, but it sold out. I also really love the classic look of the fifth dress.

  1. Ruffle Trim Ponte-Knit Dress
  2. Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress
  3. Fit and Flare Dress
  4. Velvet Swing Dress
  5. Ruffle Sleeve Ponte Sheath Dress
  6. Textured Marled Sheath Dress

I hope that you see one or even two of these dresses that you like that you can wear to an upcoming holiday party, and I hope that you can enjoy yourself at the party knowing that you look amazing in your new dress! Go out there and rock it!



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