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I cannot believe that it is December and that 2018 is soon coming to an end.   Wow! The time has flown.  We had a very busy start to the month this past weekend at my house. Competition season has officially begun for both of my girls.  My youngest had her first official cheerleading showcase yesterday and did an amazing job! I couldn’t be prouder of her.  I even got tears in my eyes watching her while thinking how far she has come.  It was really neat for several reasons. First, it was our very first experience in the cheer world, and I must say it is very different from the gymnastics world we are used to.  Second, we had not been allowed to see the team’s routine prior to the showcase yesterday, so we had no idea what my daughter could do.  We were amazed, and the team totally rocked it.  Third, it was insane to see my daughter in the full makeup and hair.  Wow! She looked like a totally different kid.  She certainly looked more grownup than she ever has before.  My oldest has her first high school meet on Wednesday, which is another new world we are entering, as it is slightly different from the club gymnastics world.  I am very excited to see how it all runs. Then, she has her first club gymnastics meet with her new team on Saturday. I think we are booked from now until April for just about every weekend between both girls and holidays. Things just got crazy!

Christmas is just around the corner.  I have pretty much finished all of my Christmas shopping except one or two things that I need to still pick up. My girls have always given me long lists of things that they want for Christmas sometime before Thanksgiving.  They look forward to getting the Target and Walmart toy books in the mail. They sure missed getting the Toys R Us one this year now that all of the stores are closed.  It is still hard to believe that store is no more. Anyway, I usually end up having to get extra copies of the toy books so that they each have their own. They go through and circle all of the things that they want and create their lists from there.  Over the past couple of years this has slightly changed for my oldest now that she is older and not so much in to toys.  She usually makes her list from Amazon these days. I typically have their lists way in advance and am able to plan out what they are going to get and pass it on to relatives as needed.  I don’t know about you, but I have never really made a list for myself (except when I was a kid).  My husband and I do not really exchange gifts on Christmas.  We typically just plan to get something big that we need or want together.  It just works that way for us.  Plus, my husband is the type that just buys it when he wants it, and I guess I do the same. It is really hard for us to shop for each other.  My mom usually buys gifts for my sister and I while we are out Black Friday shopping, and we just pick out what we want as we go. The point is, I never make a Christmas list for myself.  This year, however, since I didn’t get to go Black Friday shopping with my mom, she insisted that I send her a list of things I wanted.  I will say that it was hard for me to come up with a list initially, but then I realized that it was kind of fun to look for and think about the things I would like to have.  I know that there are things on my list that I will not get and I didn’t send those to my mom, but it was kind of cool to dream! For fun, I thought I would share with you some of the things that are on my Christmas list since the majority of it is clothes and accessories.


Fossil Crossbody
Image grabbed from Fossil

Fossil Crossbody Purse (25% off with code HOLIYAY25 through 12/9/18)

Amazon Beanie
Image grabbed from Amazon

Plum Feathers Cable Knit Beanie-Amazon (comes in multiple colors)

Amazon Gloves
Image grabbed from Amazon

CC Cable Knit Texting Gloves-Amazon (come in multiple colors)

Target Bauble Bar
Image grabbed from Target

Sugarfix by Bauble Bar Crystal Statement Necklace-Target

Etsy Unboundstory Bracelet
Image grabbed from the Etsy shop, Unboundstory

Rachel Hollis Inspired Made For More Bracelet-Etsy from Unboundstory

Target Boots
Image grabbed from Target

Charlene Stitch Fashion Boots-Target (available in grey, green, or black)


Aeire Sweatshirt
Image grabbed from Aerie

Aerie Cozy City Sweatshirt (currently 40% off, no code needed)

Old Navy Jeans
Image grabbed from Old Navy

Mid-Rise Curvy Skinny Jeans-Old Navy

Target Striped Top
Image grabbed from Target

Boucle Striped Pullover-Target (available in black and burgundy)

Target Balloon Sleeves
Image grabbed from Target

Cable Sleeve Pullover-Target (available in blue and olive)

Target Velvet Pants
Image grabbed from

High-Rise Velvet Skinny Jeans-Target (available in several colors)

Walmart Leopard Vest
Image grabbed from Walmart

Leopard Print Hooded Vest-Walmart

Amazon Shawl
Image grabbed form Amazon

Striped Fringed Shawl-Amazon (multiple colors available)


Lange Soleil_dryer_blush
Image grabbed from Lange

Lange Soleil Blowdryer (currently on sale for $100 off)

Beauty Counter
Image grabbed from Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter Peppermint Lip Conditioner

Etsy Peck-n-Scratch Mirror
Image grabbed from Etsy shop Peck-n-Scratch

Large Wooden Floor Mirror-Etsy (available in various sizes)

What is on your Christmas list?  I hope Santa is good to you and you get everything you dreamed of!



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