To Decorate or Not to Decorate?

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Well, winter has arrived early at my house and my girls are out of school for the first official snow day of the year.  That’s right! It’s snowing at my house.  They actually made the call about school being closed fairly early last night, and I thought they were being overly cautious. The reports that I was seeing were just calling for a wintery mix, so I was expecting that we would get some rain mixed with a little snow or ice.  I certainly didn’t think there was going to be enough snow to actually stick to the ground.  Boy was I wrong.  I guess being in South Georgia for the last 3 years has made me forget about the unpredictability of the snow up here.

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My girls are so excited about it.  I think they have really missed getting to have snow days.  They were so eager to get out there in it this morning.  Of course, they have grown out of most of their snow clothes since they didn’t need them in Georgia. They decided to just layer as many clothes as they could on their bodies, and are dressed all crazy.  I’m not sure what the knee high socks are all about, though. Thankfully, I had gotten them snow boots when we had a gymnastics meet in New York this past January, and they still fit.  They were out there making snowballs and throwing them at each other. Then they had the brilliant idea to get out the boogie boards and use them to slide down the deck steps while I was upstairs drying my hair. They knew I would have said no if I was down here.  Not the safest idea they have ever had, but they were loving it.  They lasted out there about 25 minutes before they decided they were too cold.  Now they are inside making hot chocolate and driving me bonkers! LOL! I’m having a really hard time focusing on what I am writing!

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I am enjoying this snow day cuddled up with a blanket next to the fire.  It is totally making me sleepy too.  As soon as I finish this post, my plan is to start binging some Hallmark Christmas movies.  They are my absolute favorite.  I don’t know why because they are all so predictable, but I love them anyway.  The movies plus the fire and snow are really putting me in the Christmas mood.  It was so hard when we lived in Georgia to really get in the Christmas spirit because it was still warm outside.  There was one Christmas while we were there that we all wore shorts on Christmas day. That’s just crazy to me.  I know some people love it that way, but not me. I associate Christmas with cold weather.  It’s part of why winter is my second favorite season.  I am ready to bust out the Christmas music too.  I LOVE Christmas music so much.  I may or may not be listening to some as I type. I mean what’s better than a little Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Christmas music? Ha ha! I’m actually in the mood to decorate too, especially seeing so many of my friends with their trees up already on Facebook.  We have always not decorated until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I am really starting to rethink that.  I think every year, except maybe one, we have traveled to be with family over Christmas so we never really get to enjoy the decorations and tree at our house for very long.  I think I would enjoy them better if they were up longer.  I used to totally think it was crazy to decorate this early, but I think maybe I’m changing my mind.  I did hear someone on the radio the other day say that studies have shown that people who decorate early are much happier and enjoy Christmas more.  I can see that being true. I don’t think I am going to be able to convince my husband to put up the tree yet, but maybe I can start with some of the other decorations.  It’s always interesting when we move to a new house and have to figure out where to put all of the Christmas decorations.  I am looking around now wondering where I am going to put my favorite Willow Tree Nativity scene.  It takes up a good bit of space and is my favorite of all my decorations except maybe the tree.  I may have to create some kind of stand to put it on this year.  What are your thoughts on how early is too early to decorate for Christmas? To decorate or not to decorate? That is the question. I mean it is the most wonderful time of the year, right?

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Just in case you were ever wondering, Amazon Prime will still deliver on schedule in the snow! LOL! The poor guy looked miserable!

Anchored in the Christmas Spirit,


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