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For pretty much my entire life I have never been a person that paints their fingernails until now. I have always had really strong, long nails that looked great unpainted. The real reason I never painted them, though, was because I have a condition called hyperhidrosis. It was a condition that I was born with. Basically it has something to do with my central nervous system, and it causes me to sweat excessively, specifically on my hands and my feet. My mom used to say that when I was a baby, I would just be laying on the floor she would see beads of water on my hands and my feet.  Again, it’s something that I’ve had and struggled with my entire life. It was so bad that when I started school, my mother had to go in at the beginning of every school year to talk to my teachers. I would have to fold up a piece of paper to put under my hand when I was taking tests so that the paper wouldn’t get soaked.  My mom didn’t want them to see the paper and think I was cheating on the test. As I got older the sweating also increased in my armpits.  Gross, I know! I would ruin clothes, and sleeves shirts and dresses were out.  It seriously has affected me my entire life.  Imagine having to carry a paper towel or handkerchief with you everywhere you go while trying to keep people from noticing that sweat is literally dripping from you hands. It’s horrible. I will spare you all of the many ways that it negatively affected me over the years and the number of medications that doctors have experimented on me that didn’t work.  The point is that I never went to have my nails done at a salon because it was so embarrassing. Just the thought of someone at a salon touching my hands would send them into a cycle of dripping sweat. When I got married I went to have a manicure done (it may have been my first one ever) because, as you know, everybody wants their nails to look good to show off their new rings when they’re getting married. I knew in the back of my head that it would be a disaster, but I went anyway. Well, when I got them done, of course, my hands were all sweaty; and I was totally embarrassed. My nails looked beautiful when they were done, but by that evening they looked horrible. The nail polish wouldn’t adhere well to my nails because my hands were so wet.  I actually had to go and have them touched up right before my wedding because they looked so bad.


Fast forward to about seven or eight years ago, and I started having really bad headaches. I have always had headaches throughout my life, but they increased in intensity and frequency after my youngest daughter was born. It was starting to affect my ability to do my job at work, so I went to see my doctor who referred me to a neurologist.  After having multiple tests done to rule out any significant reason for the headaches, I was diagnosed with sev migraines.  Every time that I went to see my neurologist my hands would be dripping sweat.  It is always worse when I am nervous or upset. I was nervous because I was always afraid that he was going to tell me that I had a tumor or something really bad. There actually was a real scare after a CT scan that got me sent to a neurosurgeon, but it turned out to be nothing, thankfully. Anyway, my neurologist had noticed my hands, and we talked about how it had affected me my whole life. Let me tell you that I will forever be grateful for that man! He decided to put me on an older medication that actually was designed to treat depression but had been proven effective for migraines as well.  The reason that he wanted to try this particular medication was because one of the common side effects of it is drying out your skin.  You guys, it worked! Not only did it help with my migraines, but it also STOPPED the sweating.  That’s right, it didn’t just decrease it, it actually stopped the excessive sweating from happening.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much that helped my confidence and my overall quality of life.  The only negative to the medication is that it also gives me a very dry mouth, but I will take that any day over the sweating. So…to make a long story short, I finally was able to go to a nail salon.  I had always painted my toenails myself but never my nails, now I was able to get a pedicure without being totally embarrassed.  Boy, I had been missing out all those years! I was still too nervous to get a manicure for fear that the sweating would come back as my hands were always the worst.  I did end up getting my fingernails done one or two times at a salon but it wasn’t many.  I just wasn’t used to color on my nails so I didn’t really like it.

savingPNG 2

A couple of months ago, I went with my youngest daughter to get our nails done.  We usually just get pedicures together, but this time was special.  She had been a nail biter/picker for years and had finally stopped and let her nails grow. I had promised her that if she stopped biting them, I would take her to get a manicure. We got them together that day.  I somehow picked a color that I ended up being totally in love with when they put in on. From that day forward, I have been painting my fingernails.  I actually paint them like once a week, and I am kind of obsessed with it now. The whole point of this crazy post is to tell you about my new obsession with nail colors. I can’t go to the store without looking at new colors.  I have compiled for you my top 5 OPI colors and my top 5 Essie colors for fall/winter. I have also included the one color by China Glaze that began this obsession in the nail salon that day. Of course, I had to come home and buy it for myself right away.  I will tell you that I am slowly getting more daring with colors and styles.  I actually picked a glitter color that I love.  I know, gasp! LOL! Those of you that know me know that I detest glitter! I absolutely cannot stand it.  The good thing about glitter nail polish is that it doesn’t come off and get all over you and everything else! It’s a kind of glitter that I can handle.  You can find all of these colors and more in most drug stores, Walmart, Target, Ulta, Amazon, and many other places.  I have linked them all to the company websites (except for the couple I could only find on Amazon) to make it easier to find the exact color if you see one that you love. Check out my favorites below!


  1. Floweriest
  2. Kimono-over
  3. Merino Cool
  4. For the Twill of It
  5. Ladylike

OPI Nail Lacquer:

  1. Malaga Wine
  2. Tickle Me France-y (Amazon)
  3. It’s Frosty Outside (similar)
  4. Meet Me on the Star Ferry (Amazon)
  5. Worth a Pretty Penny

JPEG image-00AA83D47818-1

China Glaze:

  1. Below Deck (Amazon)

Which is your favorite? Mine is definitely Below Deck. Go out and get some new colors and express your personality.  Don’t be afraid to go for a dark or bold color! I am learning that myself and have found that I really like the darker colors, especially for fall.  I used to only wear light, neutral colors. Remember if you totally hate it, you can always take it right off.



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