An Eeyore Kind of Day


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Do you ever have those days when everything just goes wrong and you can’t seem to catch a break? I had one of those days yesterday. I felt like Eeorye from Winnie the Pooh where everything bad happens all in one day. It was like there was a storm cloud over my head and I just kept loosing my tail just like Eeyore. Nothing went right for me all day long. It started when I woke up in the morning and tried to get my post up for the day. None of my videos would load onto my website. I spent hours upon hours trying to fix it to get them loaded for you guys. No matter what I did it wouldn’t work, and I had no idea what the problem was (still don’t). What should have taken me about 30 minutes to do (because I was all prepared) took me all day long. I was so frustrated! When I went to make dinner last night I got it halfway done and I realized I was out of mozzarella cheese. I can’t make baked spaghetti without the mozzarella cheese. Again, so frustrating! Oh, and I tried to upload all of our Disney photos from our trip back in July from my phone onto my computer. Guess what? It wouldn’t work and the pictures kept disappearing. I was freaking out! Precious memories were being lost. At least it seemed like they were. Thankfully, I was able to recover all of them, but it added an hour more to my day of unplanned activities. There were more little things that kept happening, but I will spare you the details of all of those. It was like a snowball effect…one thing after the other.


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Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know why I make a schedule for the day. It never seems to work out the way I planned. When these frustrating things add on extra time that I haven’t planned for, I get super flustered. You guys know, and I’ve said it a million times before, that I have OCD tendencies. When my schedule doesn’t go as planned it ruins my whole day. I can’t stop thinking about all of the things that I had planned to do that are not getting done because of the extra, unplanned time I am spending on the things that are going wrong. Does anyone else feel that way or is it just me?



Why do we have these days where nothing seems to go our way? What sets us up for failure in that way? I think, for me, that when the first unexpected kink in the chain occurs, it changes my mindset and automatically sets me up for having a bad day.  It’s almost like I am looking for the next bad thing to happen, like I am expecting it.  When you have that attitude, of course you are going to be more in tune with the negatives of the day instead of all the positive things.  Maybe the day isn’t as bad as I make it seem in my mind because I am only focusing on the negatives.  I struggle with this a lot.  I have this issue with being able to let things go. It consumes me, and some days are just hard. For me it seems like Mondays are hard lately. Last week it was a missed appointment and yesterday it was a domino effect of things going wrong. It puts me in the worst mood. Why do I let these things get to me? Why do I let it affect my entire day? How can I get past it? How can I just shrug it off and keep going?

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Last week I talked about two of my goals for the month of November. One was to extend grace to myself and not be so hard on myself, and the other was to choose to be at peace with my flaws. Today, I am going to let you in on my third goal for the month of November, and that is to look for things to be grateful for every day. What better month than to do that in November when we are reminded to be thankful anyway? When you choose to look for things to be thankful for, you start to focus on the positives of the day instead of always looking for the negatives. When my videos wouldn’t load and I’m started to get frustrated, I should have stopped and asked myself right there in that moment what I was grateful for.  You know what? I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to stay home to be able to actually write this little blog. I’m grateful for the readers that keep coming back. I’m grateful that I have a nice phone and computer to even be able to record and post videos when so many don’t. I am grateful! When I didn’t have the cheese I needed for dinner, I should have stopped and asked myself what I was thankful for right in that moment. You know what? I’m thankful to even have food to feed my family. I’m thankful that I have an awesome husband to come to my rescue and can get some cheese for me on his way home. I am thankful! When my Disney pictures disappeared, I should have stopped and asked myself in that very moment what I was grateful for. You know what? I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Disney in the first place. I am grateful to have had that time to spend with my family and to see the joy on the face of my little nephew as he experienced it all. I am grateful! When you stop the negative thoughts and feelings and turn it around to focus on the good in your life, your day will turn around. As soon as I begin thinking of the many things I have to be grateful for, I feel better. In the words of my friend Eeorye, “Could be worse. Not sure how, but could be.” Yes, it may be bad at that moment but thinking about what makes you grateful makes it all seem insignificant because it could be so much worse. While Eeyore may always loose his tail and always have a rain cloud over his head, he at least realizes that it could be worse and the rain will stop, eventually.  Look for the sunshine in the midst of the rain and go play in the puddles! Look for the small things to be grateful for.

Anchored and Grateful,


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