Scarves, Scarves, and More Scarves

I think I have mentioned a few times now how much I like scarves.  I wear them year round.  You can wear the heavier materials in the fall/winter and the lightweight materials in the spring/summer without feeling too hot. When the springtime comes around, I will show you how to wear scarves in warmer weather.  Many people are afraid of scarves because they don’t know how to wear them. I am going to show you a few different ways to wear scarves that are pretty easy and will add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe.  Now I know that scarves come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.  The ones that I am going to show you today can be styled in more than one way.  I will show you my 3 favorite types of scarves. If you have a scarf that is a different shape and size than what I am showing you, it is very easy to get ideas on how to style it by doing a simple search on Pinterest.  I have also included a few ways on my Pinterest board that you can check out here.

The Infinity Scarf

The trusty infinity scarf is probably the easiest for people to style.  An infinity scarf is one that has the ends sewn together to form a circle with the scarf.  Infinity scarves come in all different sizes and materials.  I will show you a few different ones and how to style them. Don’t get stuck in the rut of only wearing the infinity scarf one way. I love how versatile they can be.

First up is a silky, voluminous infinity scarf in my favorite animal pattern.  This scarf has made an appearance on the blog before because I love it so much. There are several ways to wear it. This particular scarf is fairly long which makes it easier to style in multiple ways. Check out this videos to see three ways to wear it.

Super easy, right? You can do it!

This is another infinity scarf.  This particular one is made from felt and is super soft.  It is not as voluminous as the leopard one, but it can be worn in some of the same ways.  For the first look, I actually wrapped the scarf around three times instead of the typical two times for a tighter, warmer look.  The second look is the same pull-through method as I did with the leopard scarf above.

This infinity scarf is what I would call a tube infinity scarf.  It has a much smaller hole in the center and, therefore, doesn’t work well to twist it over your head more than once.  It looks more like a tube shape than a circle. This is a super stretchy, fringe scarf.  It can be worn as a typical scarf once around your neck or as a shawl with it pulled further down on your shoulders.


Finally for our infinity scarves, I have another tube infinity scarf.  It has a very small hole in the center and is short in length so it is tighter to your neck. It is super warm and fuzzy. In fact, I wore this scarf yesterday and I was pulling fuzzier out of my mouth all day! There is really only one way to wear this scarf and that is just once around your neck. This is the kind of scarf that you want to wear when it’s really cold outside and you want to be warm. It is made from a soft knit material and is so comfy.

The Square Blanket Scarf

This is a scarf that is typically larger in size and is in the shape of a square when opened all the way up. It is going to be a bit bigger and bulkier than most infinity scarves, and it will keep you pretty warm depending on the material.  There are multiple ways that you can wear this type of scarf as it is very versatile.

This square blanket scarf is a favorite because it is the classic black and white scarf that can be paired with almost anything.  Any color top would look great with this scarf. Check out the videos below to see how I achieved these looks.

This is just a sampling of ways that you can wear this type of scarf.  The possibilities are endless.  Just use your imagination or find more ways on Pinterest!

Blanket 2

Here is just an example of a another square blanket scarf with a little more color.  I love these colors for fall.

The Rectangle or Oblong Blanket Scarf

This one is probably my favorite because the ways you can wear it are limitless.  It is a very versatile scarf.  This scarf is in the shape of a rectangle and is very long which makes it easier to style and allows you to have more options.

This particular scarf that I am wearing is thick and a little heavier material with fringe at the ends.  It will definitely keep you warm, and I love the vibrant colors. Check out this video to see how I achieved these looks.

I bet you never knew that you could wear one scarf in so many different ways! I think my favorite is turning it into a vest.


This scarf is also a rectangle, but it is a little more lightweight and not as thick and warm as the one above. The colors in this one are a little more muted, but it still adds a dash of color to your outfit. I am wearing this one with a belt, but I could also wear it all of the other ways that I’ve show above.

Time to Shop

There are so many scarves that are available for purchase and so many ways to style them.  My best advice is to stand in front of a mirror and play around with it.  Who knows?  You may come up with a new cool way to style your scarves. There really is no right or wrong way to style them.  It is up to your personality and what makes you feel good. I have linked a few scarves that I love below, but you can really find scarves anywhere, especially this time of the year. Go out and shop! Remember if you see a really cute lightweight scarf out there now, grab it with spring and summer in mind.

Old Navy has some really cutes scarves right now on sale for 40% off with the code STYLE.  These infinity scarves come in a variety of colors and look so comfy. Here are some really cute blanket scarves as well. Go check these out and more!

Target is a great place to find scarves and is where several of mine above came from in past seasons. I actually got the white and black one there a month ago in the dollar spot (You know, that trap of cuteness right when you walk in the door?). You can shop here for all of their scarves or go in the store and try them out.  I don’t know about you, but I like to know what they feel like before I buy them.  I don’t want anything scratchy around my neck! I like the subtle sparkle to this infinity scarf. I also really like the vibrant colors of this square blanket scarf. This is a great oblong scarf if you like more muted colors.

Amazon is another place to find tons scarves in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. There are endless amounts of blanket scarves on there.  This is one of my favorite oversized blanket scarves that comes in a variety of colors. Here are some super cute infinity scarves that come in solid colors and prints. This is a great option for a rectangle/oblong scarf in a variety of colors.

Let me see what you come up with. You can post pics in the comments here or over on my Facebook page. I would love to see!



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