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I know you have all see the movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone. I love the scene where she is looking for something to wear and she just pushes a button on a remote and her clothes roll by.  Everything is all color coordinated and neat.  It’s amazing! I admit that I am obsessed with closets. I believe that I have mentioned before that I am a shop-a-holic.  I have a serious addiction to shopping.  My husband cringes whenever I mention that I want to go shopping.  I love to shop! It doesn’t matter if it is in a store or online. It doesn’t matter if it is for me or my kids or someone else (although it’s mostly for me) because I love to shop! I know people kid about needing a little retail therapy, but it actually is therapy for me. It really makes me feel better.  With my shop-a-holic tendencies come several problems. The first is obvious…money! I guess this is probably the biggest problem of them all and why my shopping is my husband’s worst nightmare.  In my defense, I do try to shop budget friendly, and I don’t go to super expensive stores.  Target is probably my favorite with Old Navy as a close second. Yes, I am aware that buying many things on sale or at a low price still adds up to the same as one expensive item.  I know! I know it’s not good, but I can’t stop! I have recently made a rule that when I buy something that goes in my closet, I have to get rid of something else in my closet. See, I’m trying!

The second problem comes with where in the world I am going to put all of this stuff that I have bought, especially all of the clothes, shoes, and accessories that I have. Enter my obsession with closets. We have been going to look at houses for sale on the weekends because we plan to buy a house in the next 9 or so months.  There are two deal breakers on a house for me. One is the location of the laundry room and the other one is the closet situation.  We have to have his and her closets.  It will not be pretty if we have to share a closet.  The very first house that we ever bought only had one closet in the master bedroom. It wasn’t even a walk-in. We somehow made it work, but it was not easy. When you opened the door, you had to be careful that nothing fell out on your head.  It was so hard to find what you were looking for because there was no organization to any of it. I couldn’t stand it. I had to pack up my clothes in totes for each season and change out the closet each time the weather changed which took me hours. My husband even had to keep part of his clothes in our daughter’s room. It was not fun.  Now I know that I sound like a spoiled brat who is a little demanding, and know that many of you are stuck in that same closet situation. I promise I am not a spoiled brat (ok, maybe a little). I just like clothes and closets a whole lot!  I would share a closet with my husband if I absolutely had to (thank goodness he doesn’t have many clothes), but if we have the option for something better, why not?

I spend a lot of time in my closet.  I really do. I sometimes go in there the think or to get away from the craziness of my life.  Some people lock themselves in the bathroom for a little break from their kids; I lock myself in my closet.  If no one can find me, it usually means that I am in my closet sitting on the floor doing something.  It is my happy place. I honestly got spoiled with the closet situation when we bought our second house.  It had a ginormous closet.  It was really like a little sitting room off of the master bath that had been converted into a closet.  You guys, it was AMAZING! It was big enough to hold all of my clothes for every season, all of my shoes, all of my accessories, my vanity with all of my hair stuff and makeup, and my crafting table and craft stuff.  I would spend an hour in there every morning getting ready.  It was that big! I practically lived in there.  It even had a window that I would open in the fall to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  I really hated to leave that closet. It was my dream closet.  The third house we bought had his and her closets.  They were walk-in closets but they weren’t huge. It was crammed and sometimes you couldn’t see the floor of mine because I had no where to put everything, but I was able to make it work. I didn’t like it, but I lived with it.  Now we are at a house that we are renting.  It has very nice sized his and her closets.  Mine is big by most people’s standards but not has big as my dream closet was.  It won’t hold my vanity (which is a little sad) like my dream closet, but it holds everything else easily.

Color Coded.jpeg

I will tell you that I spend hours upon hours setting up my closet every time we move, and I periodically spend hours in there rearranging it.  It’s like people that like to rearrange the furniture in their house every now and then.  I just do it with my closet.  It has to be just right.  I have to be able to see everything that I have, and I like for my stuff to be on display.  It’s almost like a shrine! LOL! The OCD part of me has to make it perfect.  What does the perfect closet look like in my eyes? The answer is super organized and easy to see and get to whatever I need.  First, I separate my clothes based on season. Then within each season, I separate my clothes by kind or category. Then within each category, the clothes are separated by color.  Yes, I know I am insane! Here is a chart to show you how I separate them into categories.

Summer/Spring Fall/Winter Dresses Pants
Long Cardigans Button Down Season Shorts
Plain T-Shirts Cardigans Skirts Leggings
Patterned T-Shirts Long Sleeve T-Shirts Sleeveless Capri/Cropped Pants
Stripped Shirts Stripped Shirts Strapless Shorts
Collared Shirts Turtle Necks Short Sleeves Pants
Dressier Tops Dressier Tops Long Sleeves Skinny Jeans
Stripes Cardigans Long Dresses  Bootcut Jeans
Sleeveless Jackets/Blazers Formal Colored Jeans


Once I have all of the clothes arranged how I want them, I typically work on the shoes.  I have a lot of shoes just like I have a lot of clothes. Remember, shop-a-holic?? Again, I like to have my stuff on display so that I can see it all.  My shoes are no different.  I have expandable, stackable shoe racks (Home Depot) that I put all of my shoes on so that I can easily see them all.  My OCD comes in to play here too because I have my shoes separated out by style. All of the flats are together, the wedges are together, the heels are together, the flip-flops are together, and the boots are together.

I love boots, and I have a ton.  I even mentioned to my husband the other night that I needed a new pair of brown boots because my favorite ones got destroyed in the move and my other favorite pair is very scuffed up.  I think he almost had a heart attack! He told me that I needed another pair of boots like I needed a hole in my head! Haha! He’s so funny! I like to display them along the top rack of the closet.  Tip: To get your tall boots to stand up, cut up a pool noodle from the dollar store into pieces the same length as your boots, place them inside of your boots, and they will stand up.

Next, I have to deal with all of my pants, shorts, leggings, and jeans.  I have too many to fit into the drawers of my dresser so I got these wire shelving (Home Depot) units to add to the closet for all of them.  They are also separated out by season and style.  Having things organized like this makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for when you are trying to get dressed in the morning.  I do not keep my jeans on the wire racks, though, since I use them all of the time and they are a little heavier to go on the shelves. I don’t want everything to come crashing down. It has happened before in the middle of the night scaring us to death! I thought I would cry when I saw all of my hard work on a heap on the floor.  Back to the jeans, I keep them in square fabric boxes (Amazon) like you typically use for cube shelving.  They just sit on the floor under one of the racks of clothes for easy access.  I have those boxes divided into skinny jeans, colored jeans, and boot legged jeans.  I also have one of those boxes on the floor filled with all of my hats.


All of my sweaters, sweatshirts, and vests have a home on the top rack of my closet opposite of the boots.  I have them separated by wire dividers (Walmart) that are super easy to add to any wire closet shelving unit.  These dividers are the newest addition to my closet, and I love the look of them. They keep the stacks from toppling over.

Last, come all of my accessories.  My scarves are in two rectangular fabric boxes from Thirty-one but these from Walmart would work as well. I have actually been thinking that I need a better system for these so stay tuned in case I come up with something fabulous.  They are currently on the top shelf with all of my sweaters. My belts are located on the end of one of the shelving units on an over the door belt rack. I just hooked it to the end of the wire shelves that hold my pants, and it works great.  I have all of my long necklaces on a rack (similar) on the back of the closet door for easy access.


Finally, and probably my most favorite organization tip, is my purses.  Again, I like my things to be displayed so that I can easily see them. My purses are hung on a low rack using shower rings.  I love being able to see my favorite purses hanging there, and they are easily accessible whenever I want to change out my purses.  The rest of my purses/bags are located in two white totes underneath the ones that are hanging.

I know that most of you don’t have the luxury of a big walk-in closet all to yourself or the amount of clothes, shoes, and accessories that I have (I know it is obscene); but I am hoping that you can use some of my organization tips to make things easier to find. I know that searching for clothes and shoes in the mornings when you are in a hurry will make your morning hectic and will cause you unnecessary stress. Being organized will prevent you from leaving the house with two different shoes on (I have done that!), and it will make your mornings go much smoother. I’ll try to give you all an update whenever we move and I get my new closet.  Until then, happy organizing!

Anchored and Organized,


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