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All my life I have been told by my grandmother that I needed to always wear lipstick because you never know who might see you, so that is what I have always tried to do.  Everyday I get up, shower, put on make-up, and add the lipstick last.  I have tried so many brands of lipsticks, lip stains, liquid lipsticks, and whatever new thing that has come on the market over the years. I have never been happy with any of them. There are two problems that I always have.  The first is related to my addiction to Carmex (lip balm).  I admit that I have a problem. Anyone that knows me really well, knows about this addiction.  I have to have it with me wherever I go, or I start to feel like my lips will fall off without it.  I am not kidding.  I have them all over the house.  I even have one stuffed down in the cushion of the chair I always sit in so it is there when I need it.  When I taught, I had at least one in my desk at all times and usually one in my pocket. The addiction is serious! I know that I shouldn’t use it constantly like I have for years.  I know that it prevents my lips from producing moisture naturally. I know all of these things, but I’ve always had a hard time giving it up.  Most of the time, I put on lipstick and then put Carmex on top of it.  Well, if you know anything about most lip stains, this makes it break down and not actually stay on your lips, or it causes regular lipstick to clump.  Most lip stains also cause your lips to dry out, thus requiring more Carmex for me.  It’s not a pretty sight.  My second problem with all of the lip products I have tried is that they don’t last.  After about an hour, or often less, they are gone, either because I have licked them off, put on too much Carmex, or because I have been eating or drinking and it has rubbed off.  This has been a dilemma since I started wearing make-up at age 13, but I am here to tell you that this is not a problem anymore, AND my addiction to Carmex is soooooo much better! I found the perfect solution about a year ago, and I haven’t looked back!

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I discovered Mabelline Super Stay Matte Ink through someone’s Instagram (I don’t even remember who). I remember that she just casually mentioned it and said it was “the stuff to get.” Well, knowing that I had tried about everything else, I figured I would give it a try.  What did I have to loose?  You guys, it is AWESOME! This little tube is filled with a super pigmented lip ink that doesn’t dry out my lips. Most of the time, I don’t even feel the need to put Carmex over it, but if I do, it doesn’t cause the stain to break down or clump on my lips! YAY!!! I am finally breaking free of my addiction! I still have my Carmex with me all the time just in case, but I rarely use it anymore during the day! Not only does this ink not dry out my lips, but it also lasts ALL DAY! I apply it once in the morning and it is still vibrant on my lips at the end of the day.  Did I mention how AWESOME it is???


I love the applicator that it comes with.  It is super soft and is easy to apply.  The pointed tip makes it easier to line your lips while the fuller end allows you to fill in your whole lip with one swipe, unless you have much fuller lips than I do.  As you can see, I barely have a top lip! I also like that it has a hole in the middle. This allows more product to be on the brush at one time which again allows you to cover your whole lip in one swipe. A lot of liquid lipsticks I have used in the past have an applicator with bristles and those tend to get clumpy and messy.  That doesn’t happen with this applicator.


Another big plus for the Mabelline Super Stay Matte Ink is that it is non-transferable.  It will not come off on your cups or you little’s cheeks when you give them a kiss.  It is a little sticky when you first put it on because it is designed to lock moisture in, so it takes several minutes for it to dry.  Be patient and let it dry all the way. No need to blot it! Once it is dry, though, it will not rub off! It will last you all day.  The color will last through eating, drinking, and even being outside all day on a hot, sweaty day for your daughter’s field trip in the mud! I don’t think I have ever had to reapply it during the day. They actually say on their website that “it won’t wear out for up to 16 hours.” Isn’t that what we all want?

See how it won’t rub off or smudge even when rubbed vigorously? I love it!


Now because the liquid lip ink is non-transferrable and it doesn’t wipe off easily, it is not going to just come off with soap and water without some major scrubbing which can hurt your lips and cause them to looked aged.  Instead you can use a waterless make-up remover to take it off it at night, or you can get the Maybelline Super Stay eraser.  It is like a lipstick tube of lip balm, except it’s not.  It’s an eraser! All you have to do is to roll it on your lips and then press and rub your lips together a few times and the lip ink will wipe right off with just a tissue.  I use the Super Stay Eraser along with Rodan+ Field’s Make-up Remover Wipes, and it comes right off with no problems.


Now, I know you are all wondering about the colors.  They have a great variety of colors and shades.  I believe there are 30 different shades now.  They started with only 10 shades when the product was first released, and they keep adding more and more shades.  In fact there are 10 new shades that are listed on their website called the City Edition that I haven’t seen in stores yet.  How do you find the perfect shade (or shades) for you? There are two options to help you figure it out.

At places like Ulta, you can go and test the colors on your hand or arm like I did above with their testers.  That way you can chose the colors that go best with your skin tones and colors that you like.  I personally don’t like really bright colors on me or colors that are out of the norm like purples, blues, and blacks.  I prefer the more neutral colors.  The good news is that there are so many options that I am sure you will find one that you love.  What I have on my hand above are just a sampling of the color choices available.

The second way that you can choose your perfect color is by going to Maybelline’s website.  They have a virtual experience where you can upload a photo or actually take a photo of yourself and then be able to “try on” the colors.  I honestly prefer to actually put the colors on my skin but this is a great option if you are unable to get to a store that has testers.

The great thing is that there are so many colors to choose from. They range from light neutrals to bold and bright. Above is just a sample of the color choices. There are a few that I probably won’t actually ever wear again like Romantic and Philosopher, but I wanted to get some different color options for you to see.  That is just my personal preference, and they would look great on many of you I am sure!  My absolute favorite color is Suductress, which is the color I wear most days.  My other favorites are probably Driver, Lover, and Dreamer, but I really love a lot of them. One last positive for the Madeline Super Stay Matte Ink is that it is affordable.  You can get them for around $10 with tax.  Ultra actually has buy one get one half off right now in stores.  Go check it out and let me know what color you choose!





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